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  1. corgicoconut

    July 1 Support Thread

    Day 2! Day 1 went well for me, but I was super tired at work in the evening. I def didn't get enough carbs in at dinner....I simply don't have enough time to eat during my break (30 minutes), by the time I run to the bathroom, get to the break room, and pop my meal in the microwave. Can anyone recommend me something that's quick to eat? Whenever I've had this happen I'm usually eating something as simple as meat and veggies (yesterday it was two burgers with green beans and ghee over the whole thing). Hope you guys have a great Day 2!
  2. corgicoconut


    If you've signed up for the Whole30 Daily, there's a great bit on Day 15 about rewarding yourself along the way. (:
  3. corgicoconut

    July 1 Support Thread

    Hey, guys! I'm starting a Whole45 today. Day 46 will see my cousin getting married, and I would like to feel my best for the celebration and for my skin to look good for the pictures! I've done a few Whole30s over the past couple of years, and recently tried for a Whole60 which didn't work out. /: But I'm back at it again after falling off the wagon pretty hardcore. I'm 27, do CrossFit on occasion, enjoy walking my dog and horseback riding. I struggle with depression but have seen a positive change in that since incorporating a lot of Whole9 factors into my life. (:
  4. corgicoconut

    3 meals on a short day

    I woke up with a very similar question! But wasn't sure what category to post it in until I saw this. lol Sometimes I'll sleep too late and need to get to work within three or four hours. Is it better to cram in two small meals before work (then one at work around six or seven in the evening), or have one large meal before work and one large meal at work?
  5. corgicoconut

    Phone Apps?

    This app is handy with finding local seasonal produce. (:
  6. corgicoconut

    Birth control question

    daiquiry, Have you seen this?
  7. corgicoconut

    The Total Junk-eaters Have Been Reformed!

    This is awesome!! Congrats, Cassie C and boyfriend!
  8. corgicoconut

    Strange Behavior from a Vegetarian Friend

    MJam - Took at look at your blog... Love eet!
  9. corgicoconut

    Strange Behavior from a Vegetarian Friend

    MJam - Took at look at your blog... Love eet!
  10. corgicoconut

    Strange Behavior from a Vegetarian Friend

    Thank you, guys! All of your responses were really helpful. (^ ^)
  11. I was a vegetarian for over 11 years, but since the spring have been eating paleo. I have been having trouble with a vegetarian friend's behavior recently and could use some advice. This friend and I have known each other at least a year now, maybe even two. We met at our CrossFit gym and had an initial connection because we were both vegetarians at the time and love animals. We have been friends on Facebook for quite some time, until a few months ago. Before ever switching to paleo, I had been posting paleo articles on my personal Facebook page and on my Facebook health and wellness page. For over a year, before switching, I did research on the paleo diet. Our box did its first paleo challenge this time last year and before that, my family had been experimenting with paleo (with great results!) Some time in the fall, this friend replied to a paleo-related post on my personal Facebook page asking if I had started eating paleo too. I replied that after researching it for over a year, I had switched to paleo, but that I only eat animals who have been humanely raised. Shortly after this I noticed that we were no longer friends on Facebook. I sent her a friend request (as I know sometimes people accidentally unfriend others, I've done it myself!). For at least two months, she did not respond to my request. Finally, about a month ago, I resent the request and she accepted it. Yesterday, I noticed that she was no longer a fan of my health and wellness Facebook page, so I invited her to like it. She replied with: "Thanks for the invite Sara, but I must decline. It represents a dietary lifestyle that goes against my moral ethics and value for ALL life." My health and wellness page does not only cover paleo. I encourage postings of various healthy diets. (I respond to her as such.) I also often post about animal welfare and non-diet related topics. I rarely see this friend at the gym anymore so we've not had good lines for communication lately. I appreciate and value all life (the main reason I became a vegetarian). This is also one of my favorite aspects of paleo and Whole9. It teaches you to live your life and respect the lives of others. Before switching to paleo and discovering the Whole9, I struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, and eating and skin disorders. I was on antidepressants, steroid creams for my skin, and was simply not happy. Would it have been better for me to remain a vegetarian and encourage the use of products that surely were tested on animals and developed through their abuse? Or is it better that I now am healthy and happy because I consume healthy animals who lived happy, full (I don't eat baby animals) lives? I think my friend feels betrayed and I can understand, but I don't believe she treats others this way. What should I do (if anything at all)?
  12. corgicoconut

    Day 25 with cravings?

    I'm on day 26 and have been having the worst sugar cravings yet(!) since day 24. It think it's the time of year. Yesterday, Christmas, I felt deprived of cookies and candy (though I wasn't around any all day). My family and I had a Whole30 Christmas dinner which was simply amazing! Yet, ever since Christmas Eve, I've had the worst cravings I've had in months! I read in the Whole30 Daily that near the end of a Whole30, it's possible that your brain gives once last ditch effort to get you to go back to your old (bad) ways of eating. I hope that info helps some of you guys in the future! And I'm glad to know though that I'm not the only one with crazy end-of-Whole30-cravings! (;
  13. corgicoconut

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Paris! Think about how wonderful it would be with your own personal chef? Or a chef friend who knows lots of head chefs at amazing restaurants? He or she could ask them to make their signature dishes Whole30-style for you! I would go for jogs around the city, do a handstand in front of I. M. Pei's pyramids in front of the Louvre, and run up as many Eiffel Tower stairs as possible. I'd go to bed early most nights and get up at dawn to watch the sunrise. C'est parfait! (^ ^)
  14. corgicoconut

    Sparkling Water/Seltzer

    How is it that sparkling water is ok?