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  1. I wanna ride a two wheeler!

    But isn't your personal experience telling you otherwise? Don't you feel that you are doing yourself some good? Isn't that "research" powerful enough? Just some thoughts that popped into my head when I read this! I struggle with eating well, because I know - I KNOW! - the good that it does me, but psychologically, it is a big struggle to eat well anyway, and it is helpful to read yours and others thoughts on this, so thank you!
  2. I like to get out of the office in the afternoons and wander over to Timmy's for coffee, but I always want to add the delicious cream. Tastes great, but not great for my skin. I'm thinking I'll bring a little jar of coconut cream (I refrigerate a can of coconut milk, and separate out the "cream") to the office and add it in my coffee. Delicious and skin friendly right? Just wondering how the cream will hold up for the day (or more) at room temp??? Has anyone tried this? Kellie
  3. Fixed it for you Johnny