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  1. Sarah Liz

    Anyone starting Week of October 8-14, check in!

    Hi Julia! So far it's going ok. I think the part that's going to be tough is learning new go-to meals. It's almost like learning to cook all over again in a different way. But I feel pretty normal so far.
  2. This thread is for anyone starting this week. I'm hoping we can use this thread throughout the 30 days to check in with others who are starting at the same time. Here's some basic info we can get from everyone to start it off and get to know each other: Name (or Alias): Sarah Location: USA, Illinois specifically Age: 27 Married? Kids?: I'm engaged, will be married in March, no kids Job: Financial Analyst Start Date of Whole 30: October 9th Good luck to everyone!
  3. What's the difference between 'resetting' and just going right back to the Whole 30 after that one meal? My plan was just to have that one meal (dinner) be off-plan and then just resume immediately afterward.
  4. Sarah Liz

    What kinds of tea can I have?

    I'm starting my Whole 30 tomorrow and going shopping tonight. I really like tea and would like to have a cup in the mornings. Is just herbal tea ok? Other types? [sidenote: I tried searching the forum but it doesn't let you have a search term that is under 4 characters.]
  5. Sarah Liz

    Having a hard time finding Bacon without sugar

    Replying to an old thread here. I just read through the entire thread and I was wondering what the ideal ingredients for a bacon that is compliant with the Whole 30. It is mentioned no sugar is allowed but other than that, what else should I look for?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm starting my Whole30 tomorrow. I finished reading It Starts with Food yesterday. After work I'm going grocery shopping. To be honest, I feel very intimidated right now. I do love meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables so I'm not worried about eating more of these foods. It's the cooking part that I'm a little wary of. Hopefully the cooking part will get easier and easier the more I do it. Here are my reasons for doing this: 1) General health. Bottom line, I want to be healthy. Right now, I'm a poster child for "skinny fat". (I'm 5'4" and about 130-135 lbs.) I'm not overweight but I suspect my body composition is terrible. With clothes on, I look like any normal person at this weight. When my shirt's off, all there is is flab. I want to be healthy and get all the perks that come with living a healthy lifestyle. 2) Interstitial Cystitis. I got IC in March of 2009 and was finally diagnosed in January of 2010. That year before the diagnosis was so horrible, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. My bladder pain was out of control until I was put on medication and armed with the "IC diet". (Consequently, I'm no stranger to an elimination diet.) After that, things improved dramatically but I still get pain to varying degrees daily. I suspect that processed foods are a big culprit and I want to test that theory. 3) Wedding. I know, I know, a wedding is maybe a bad reason to start something like this, but still! I'm getting married March 2013 and I'd love to be my best self for our wedding. Roadblock: I know there is one day in the coming month that I won't be able to eat 100% whole/paleo. Next Wednesday is the food tasting for my wedding. I know with the Whole30 there are 'no cheats allowed' but this will be one meal that I have to. Honestly, I'm in this for the long term and I don't think it's productive to put off starting this for another week and a half just because of one meal. I'm looking forward to meeting people here and taking the journey along with you! If there's a friending mechanism on here, please do so, especially if you have IC! <3 Sarah