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  1. We did our first Whole30 in 2015, and another in 2016. Finding compliant bacon and sausage was hard! The only options were at Whole Foods which required a weekly round trip of 1 1/2 hours, not to mention the prices, or the pricey farmers market. WOW, things have changed for the better! I’m in the mid-Atlantic, is was so happy to find so much locally at my Harris Teeter: Pederson’s and Niman bacon, Pederson’s sugar free kielbasa, and Teton Waters Ranch grass fed beef andouille. Wegmans has their own brand of compliant bacon, a a variety of chorizos and Italian sausages. And nationally available Jones Dairy Farm now has several compliant items including pork, chicken and turkey links, roll pork sausage and sugar free Canadian bacon. Whole30 just got a Whole lot easier!
  2. Caseymc

    Start date 9/24. I completed Day 2!

    DebiluD. WTG! Keep it up.
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    Starting September 20!

    Hey LucyLovely, Glad it’s going well for you! I’ll have take a peek at that banger recipe. Sorry you had a reaction to the mustard! I’ve never understood the dry mustard mayo recipe. Traditionally, mayo is made with Dijon, so that’s always what I’ve used. The immersion blender method is also problematic for me, so I use my mini food processor. I’ve found that if you add the egg, mustard, lemon juice and salt, give it a whir, and let it sit for 30 minutes before SLOWLY adding the oil, it never fails. The acidity of the lemon juice has a chemical reaction with the egg, so it tends not to break, and comes out really fluffy. Let me know what you think. Love me pumpkin spice everything! Nutpods has a shelf stable pumpkin spice creamer out! No, it isn’t a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte by any stretch, but it’s nice a couple days a week. Trader Joe’s also has a lovely “pumpkin spice” spice mix that is delicious with sweet potatoes and winter squash (and you can use the nutpods for these too)! Yummy. Try adding some artichokes for lots of fiber. I have diverticulitis, and can’t chance constipation, so I have them everyday. I found a really good brand at HomeGoods of all places (maybe Marshall’s too since it’s the same parent company). They’re from Spain, are in a tall clear glass jar with a white lid, and aren’t super acidic like most canned brands or tough like frozen ones. It’s 8 bucks for a 26.27 oz jar which isn’t too bad. They also have some bangin’ Olives at HomeGoods! Yesterday, I actually felt pretty good for the first time (except for that pesky headache). The day before, I hated all food, my husband, my son, the weather, and was so nauseous. This too has passed. We’re on Day 7! One week in. Go us! River30 hows about checking in?
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    Starting September 20!

    How’s it going Team Sept 20? We’re on day four. I was re-reading the timeline yesterday, and had a dream about wanting to murder my husband of 36 years. I woke up, and was only slightly more than mildly annoyed at his face. Then he immediately asked what was for breakfast, and I wanted him to disappear....permanently. Oh, and headache still here, but I’m refusing to take anything. Thanks to a lot of prep work, meals haven’t been too hard to prepare, and are satisfying. Getting enough fat the first couple days was a challenge because it took the avocados I bought a full 7 days to ripen. Bummer because I adore avocados. Plenty now! Yay hope you guys are faring well. Let me know!
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    Starting September 20!

    Me three. And it’s also my third Whole30. I always pick a random day because, psychologically, it doesn’t have the pressure of the beginning of a week, month or year. Just another day.... Oh, and my head is killing me. Grrrrrrr
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    Starting 9/19/18

    Hey Mikey. We started our third Whole30 the 20th. The one thing I’ve learned is to have a lot of prepped food so cooking isn’t so time consuming. For me, the first week is always hard because I can’t get to sleep, so I’m adjusting AND sleep deprived. The bus will pass...I promise.
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    Fresh sausage

    Jones brand is is widely available and has several compliant options. We really like the roll and uncooked pork sausage varieties. They also have chicken and turkey options as well as sugar free Canadian bacon. Don’t get the pre-cooked stuff; it’s not compliant and I find the texture unappealing. It’s usually found in the frozen meat section of your grocery store.