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    We did our first Whole30 in 2015, and another in 2016.  Finding compliant bacon and sausage was hard! The only options were at Whole Foods which required a weekly round trip of 1 1/2 hours, not to mention the prices, or the pricey farmers market. WOW, things have changed for the better! I’m in the mid-Atlantic, is was so happy to find so much locally at my Harris Teeter: Pederson’s and Niman bacon, Pederson’s sugar free kielbasa, and Teton Waters Ranch grass fed beef andouille. Wegmans has their own brand of compliant bacon, a a variety of chorizos and Italian sausages. And nationally available  Jones Dairy Farm now has several compliant items including pork, chicken and turkey links, roll pork sausage and sugar free Canadian bacon.  Whole30 just got a Whole lot easier!
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    I'm not sure it totally fits here but I also wanted to share a story...
    I follow Melissa Hartwig on Instagram. The Whole30 program has recently been working to improve inclusion and diversity. As part of that effort, they started a Whole30 coaching scholarship, seeking to target individuals who would help the Whole30 program reach under-represented populations. One of the women who won a scholarship (and there were many), planned to help people who live below the poverty line figure out how to participate in and successfully complete a Whole30. I remember the passion and pride with which Melissa Hartwig shared this news on her Instagram feed. I felt pride too. 
    How could that be possible if it was a requirement to eat only organic, grass-fed, or local? How could this program help those who are less fortunate learn to develop better eating habits and improve their relationship with food if it was unnecessarily expensive? Is it ideal? Perhaps not. But is it really, really good anyway? Absolutely. 
    So yeah, structuring the rules to maximize the number of people you can reach is most definitely a good thing. 
    *stepping off my soap box now; sorry if that seemed preachy or rude*
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    Jones brand is is widely available and has several compliant options. We really like the roll and uncooked pork sausage varieties. They also have chicken and turkey options as well as sugar free Canadian bacon. Don’t get the pre-cooked stuff; it’s not compliant and I find the texture unappealing. It’s usually found in the frozen meat section of your grocery store.