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    I love avocados but I can imagine the texture can be an issue for some.  I also love spicy foods, so adding compliant hot sauce (like Cholula) and sea salt makes the avocados and eggs even better.
    My other main problem is that I don't like to cook.  I did buy the Whole30 Fast and Easy Cookbook for this round.  And I also have an instant pot now so I'm hoping to use those in conjunction more this month.
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    Hi @anamchara1317 - The second time is generally harder and there's an article about why that may be.
    As for doing 20 instead of 30 - it's your choice but the very fact that you are struggling may be an indicator that there is something going on that you need to work on and the full 30 days is going to pressure you to figure it out. 
    Can you elaborate on foods that you started to really like? Are you referring to your tastes changing for certain veggies etc? 
    Eliminating cravings is as much about meal timing and composition as anything else. If you make sure you're eating within an hour of waking and every 4-5 hours for meal spacing, that helps. Make sure you have a good fat source and enough protein and veggies that can get you 4-5 hours. Avoid using fruit or nuts to assuage cravings as it only makes it worse. The dried fruit/nut bars are the literal worst for trying to get rid of cravings. If you absolutely have to eat between meals, that's totally fine, but focus on protein + fat or protein + veggies.
    For your encouragement: you totally CAN do this. You've done it before, you have reasons for doing it again and you matter to you! Go for ingredient meals rather than recipes to help cut down on cooking. Batch cook larger quantities of proteins and roasted veggies etc and use them later on.
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    I warm 2 sliced hard boiled eggs and add 1/2 an avocado. Stir and mash a bit and you have an egg salad type meal. That’s my meal 1 most days. 
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    Hi! My name is Jessie. I’m a first timer with the whole30 and this forum thing, but I thought I would start by reaching out to someone who started the whole30 on April 1st like I have. Hope your start is going well. My biggest food weakness is bread and sugar so I’m sure I’ll eventually have cravings for that stuff, but surprising so far so good. I woke up with a headache, but I’m glad to have read that that is normal. We’re on day 3! 
    My other weakness is that I grew up being a picky eater. Back when I was younger I basically lived off of chicken fingers and french fries, Mac and cheese, and bread. Only a few years ago I just started trying a bunch of new foods. So I’m not a fan of avocados- it’s the texture that doesn’t sit right with me. I should probably try them again but I’m so nervous to! I know they’re super nutritious and I would like to somehow get avocados into my daily meals- thoughts???!