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    19 weeks and 5 days pregnant and started my third Whole30 (this time with hubby!) yesterday
    I have been following a paleo diet template for the past 16 months but throughout my first trimester sugars slipped their sneaky hands back into our lives, more and more paleo-treats and a hard candy or two off my coworkers desk. I even chewed gum for almost a month!!!
    On day 2 now and feeling the pull for "treats" with my morning coffee and the urge to snack at night, despite being full to the top of my now-much-higher-in-my-abdomen stomach!
    Feeling a lot less cranky without the sugar though! WHEW! The crankiness and general "down" fog hubby and I were in is our main reasons for restarting the Whole30 and detoxing out the sugars and poor habits.
    It's also important to note, I am continuing to consume full fat dairy this time as I know from my first two Whole30's that I do not have any issues with full fat dairy once or twice a day (heavy cream in my coffee and some all natural plain yogurt)