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    Luci got a reaction from Noelle in How do you heal the mind??   
    Amy S.'s reply really resonated with me-in fact, I printed it to keep for reference! I finished a very successful Whole 30 and reintroduction period. I felt extremely proud of myself. My mood was so much better-happier overall, less aches and pains. I know I have a major sugar addiction and needed to slay the sugar dragon. I had one day post Whole 30 where I allowed sugar in my diet. I went right back to Whole 30 eating the next day. The following day I decided to weigh myself-bad decision-as it completely derailed me! I have been having a non-stop sugar dragon party ever since to "comfort" myself over that number on the scale. I know I need to get rid of the scale, but why is it so difficult to do?  I will put it away, out of sight, but I know myself well enough to know I won't throw it away.  I am aware that the sugar, etc. makes me happy in the moment but so sad in the long run so why do I overdose on it? It seems like I can't eat just one when it comes to sugar! Are there people who just can't eat sugar laden "treats" at all?   I am starting to think this may be necessary for me to stay in control of that dragon. But on the other hand, I don't think depriving myself is a great idea either. Your thoughts? Do I need to just do another Whole 30 to work on managing my sugar addiction?
    Other questions on a different note-I did not ever experience the "Tiger Blood" while doing the Whole 30, I had low energy, very tired, throughout. Any ideas on why? Also, the most difficult part of the Whole 30 for me was the protein. I am not a big "meat" eater. I eat ground beef, turkey, chicken, eggs and seafood. I know this seems like a variety but I found that I was struggling with meal ideas, let alone if I needed a snack between meals, and getting tired of my choices (and I own many Paleo cookbooks!) Suggestions?
    Final question-is there a way to know when someone responds to your post on the forum?
    Thank you in advance for your responses!
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    Luci reacted to GFChris in How do you heal the mind??   
    Choose My Settings and then Notification Options under your profile to select how you want to be notified.
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    Luci reacted to GFChris in W30 during the week/chill on weekends?   
    Another approach to consider is eating predominantly (or completely) Whole30 at home, and selectively/consciously eat off-plan food while dining out or at someone's home, independent of whatever day of the week it is. This has worked well for me since completing my first Whole 30 in 2013.  Aside from occasional red wine and quality dark chocolate at home, this is how I roll. In both instances I keep 100% gluten-free, as it's never worth it for me to do otherwise.
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    Luci reacted to ladyshanny in Gluten Free and Weight Loss   
    PS, the addition of that gluten free bread for me for a week breathed life into my sugar dragon and it came roaring back stronger than ever.  Fortunately for me, Whole30 is a dragon-slayer and in a couple days things were right again!
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    Luci reacted to MrsStick in How do you heal the mind??   
    Luci - what were your non-scale victories? Did you sleep better? Even if you didn't experience Tiger Blood, was your skin clearer or your digestion better?
    It has taken me years but finally I'm to the point where sugary treats make me feel ill. I'd say it's all because of my pregnancy but it was happening before we started trying. If I wanted a cookie I'd have to pair it with something salty to make sure it wasn't too sweet for me. My husband teased me mercilessly for having to put peanut butter on store-bought GF peanut butter cookies because they were too sweet (he bought them at the store because they were on clearance...which never has GF stuff).
    Regarding your meat question, what kind of foods do you like? There are plenty of paleo chicken recipes running around; you can pretty much sub turkey for chicken there too. Lots of ground beef ideas (taco soup for one is an easy one off the top of my head). Nom Nom Paleo, Stupid Easy Paleo, and The Clothes Make the Girl are my go-to recipe idea blogs for during Whole 30s. They clearly label when something is compliant and, if it isn't, will usually tell you how to make it compliant if it's possible.
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    Luci reacted to GFChris in Order of Reintroduction   
    I just took a quick look at the ingredients online.  Based on my glance, it looks like it contains brown rice and various sweeteners.
    This isn't an ideal thing to reintroduce first because it contains both a non-gluten grain and sweeteners (if you reacted in some way, you wouldn't know if the rice or sweeteners were the culprit).  You'd want to at least reintroduce non-gluten grains to see if/how they affect you, wait a couple days, and then reintroduce something like this.
    Does that make sense?
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    Luci got a reaction from ladyshanny in Scotch Eggs   
    Thank you for the great response ladyshanny!