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    Farming, housewifing, and raising 4 boys!

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  1. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Caroline's Whole 30

    Hi Mary, they're 7, 6, 6, and 4.
  2. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Caroline's Whole 30

    Hello! I am looking for support an accountability as I rashly decide to do a whole30. I did one 6 years ago and it was bliss, and I haven't been able to replicate the success of my initial round! I'm going through a rough patch as a mom of 4 wild hyper boys. Most days I just do not want to do my life. I remember in my first whole30 i felt so mentally fantastic, I thought maybe I should try it again. My husband thinks I should just cut out flour and alcohol. I guess I better get clear on how deep i'm going to go in this before I start!
  3. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Starting Today!!!

    Hi everyone! I'm on Day EIGHT! Feeling good. Saturday and Sunday I had parties. In hindsight, I should have pre-cooked more food to come home to. I was soooo hungry at Sunday's party because the only thing I could eat was fruit. So as we go into the holidays, remember to eat a FULL meal before going and have a full meal waiting for you! Haven't felt the amazing energy I felt from my first whole30 (but that kicked in on day 20ish). Looking forward to it, and feeling impatient. I've been taking alleve and tylenol for my headaches that were either low-carb flu or a precursor to getting sick. Medicine is ok, right?! Kudos to you for being strong! Yeah, that was my thought too. Why pound all that bad food and damage my body? Good luck!! Keep us posted!
  4. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Starting Today!!!

    Day 5! I feel great! My skin is clearing up. Late last night before bed I still had energy to clean up after my baby. Excited for a new life.
  5. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Starting Today!!!

    Day 4 y'all!!! Feeling great! Well mentally. Physically I actually feel awful. Not sure if it's a low-carb flu or if I'm actually getting sick. Not too worried it'll pass, and I'm way excited to feel great around Day 21!
  6. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!

    ooh, this sounds fun! I want to play! I'll go back and read the beginning of this thread to see what it's all about.
  7. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st

    I bake as many sweet potatoes and/or potatoes as I can fit in the oven. Then when I need breakfast I slice them and smash the slices into a pan of hot oil and let 'em fry up crispy on the bottom. Serve eggs on top. You can reheat the potatoes for when you need a quick starch for any meal.
  8. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Mike79 Starting today 12/11/2016

    Day 1 on December 12th! So Day 3 today. We've got a little support group here! Yeah for the nighttime thing, I just go to bed. It's hard. I do it because my kid who nurses to sleep cosleeping gets cranky and I kind of have to. Also my husband gets tired and wants me to go to bed. If i didn't have those two constraints, I'd totally be up late. But I will say that I never ever regret going to bed early! Go team!
  9. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Starting Today!!!

    Hi Disciplined and Empowered, yeah I guess to each their own. For me, it's hard for me to go low-carb, especially at first. Eating plenty of potatoes and sweet potatoes helps me stay on track.
  10. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    5-year-old daughter attending a b-day party on Day 7 of W30...

    Here in Mexico kids love fruit salad. They serve it with chili powder, salt, and lime juice drizzled over it. The seasoning makes a huge difference.
  11. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Day 2 of Whole30

    Yeah! After all the holidays are about people, not food! Well they're about food too, but there's plenty of good food to choose from.
  12. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Starting Today!!!

    Hey @mbg17! I'm a mom to four young boys (5 and under). Only PT working mom though. Oh to be a SAHM sounds pretty nice now. I prep while they're at school, but I don't know how you'd do it! I hear a lot of people do prep on the weekends for the whole week. Keep me posted!
  13. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    55 and feelin' Alive!

    Thanks for the inspiration! I'm on day2, can't wait to join you.
  14. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Day 29 -- Newbies hang in there!

    Love this! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm on day 2 of my second.
  15. CarolineatMyCasaCaoba

    Day 2 of Whole30

    Hi! I'm on Day 1, and this is my second whole 30. Did one 4 years ago and haven't been able to get through a repeat... until now of course! Good luck!