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  1. I will definitely monitor the nightshades--thanks for your responses. It's good to know that sensitivities to them can take a while to calm down after a possible incident! I'll update this thread as I continue my journey!
  2. also--the week that ths pain started, I was eating a TON of nightshades. Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant and potatoes nearly every meal. Not sure if there is a correlation.
  3. I have been eating the followig foods (mainly) the past 10-14 days which is when the knee inflammation started: Proteins: Ground Beef Chicken Salmon & Monkfish Ground Turkey Eggs (nearly daily) Nuts (not often, but some raw almonds, cashews, etc.) Vegetables: Spaghetti & Summer Squash Zucchini Spring Mix Kale Asparagus Fruit and other: Berries (blue, black, raspberries, strawberries) Clementines Apples Garlic Raw Coconut Coconut Aminos I think the weird thing is just that while I am/was very out of shape and eating a fast food sort of diet, I never felt any joint pain at all. Suddenly, on week 2 of the whole 30, that arises and I am completely baffled and stressed out. I am still going to finish my whole 30, and THEN some, but I would lvoe some sort of explanation for this. Reading about Gout makes me think I was a prime candidate based on diet and lifestyle prior to the whole 30. Would going from one extreme to another (the whole 30) cause any sort of issues?
  4. So, I began my whole 30 23 days ago. Week one was easy (minus the cravings for a couple of days) and I felt good. I have noticed weight loss, and looser clothes. However, since midway through week 2, my knees have become very inflammed, stiff, and it is hard to walk after I have been sitting or laying for more than a couple of minutes. My elbows are also a little stiff I even eliminated nightshades from my diet once this began, and that was over a week or 10 days ago, and still the pain and immobility is here. Background: I am 29, male, and have never had any knee issues, joint pain of any kind. My diet was exceptionally bad for an extended period of time before beginning the whole 30, so I just assumed that this was my body reacting. Along w/ the sore knees, every morning when I get up (since week 2), my arms will be broken out and splotchy as well. I'm not really sure what to do. I began taking Fish Oil Capsules 3 days ago, and my knees are a little better than they were at their worst (about 7 days ago). Any thoughts on what could be happening and why, and how to help this go away would be AMAZING! Signed, A confused newbie trying to stay the course.