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  1. Thanks. I'll try that tomorrow.
  2. Yes, I felt good until my next meal, about 4.25 hours later. The tracker was just because I was curious about the fat. I haven't been using it. I've enjoyed the challenge of trying to read my body on my own, but clearly have been off track.
  3. Thanks! I will make some adjustments and see how it goes. Couple questions, though: 1) There isn't much fat left in the pan after cooking the sweet potato hash I had this morning, so I imagine most of that fat counts, but does the fat in eggs count, too? This post seems to suggest otherwise, but when I plugged today's meal one into MyFitnessPal, it said it was 58% fat, 17% protein, 25% carbs: (216 g sweet potato fried in 20g ghee, 4 jumbo eggs fried in 5g ghee, 91 grams roasted carrots, 50g avocado (1/2 a small one)). So did I need to add the avocado to this meal? I'm confused about the pre and post wo meals, given that I typically ride my bike to and from work 2 days a week which involves about 75 minute of moderately high level of exercise each way. I leave very early in the morning, and I get home at a time typical for meal 3. So how many meals should I have on those days and when? Would my pre-wo meal in the morning essentially be my meal 1? There's not any extra time to do 2 meals. If so, would that pre-wo meal be smaller than a usual meal 1? Assuming I add a post-wo meal after I get to work, then a meal 2, then do I add another pre-wo meal before the ride home. I get home around dinner time, so does my post-wo meal become meal 3. If not, how much do I space out the evening post-wo meal and meal 3?
  4. I'm 46, male, 5'10, a cyclist, and weighed 160 lb at the start of my Whole30 (152 on day 40). I hit an energy wall on day 14, after low intensity playing outside with my son. I just wanted to go inside and rest. I assumed that was "normal" for that stage, so didn't make any changes. But this type of reaction has persisted, so I decided to extend my Whole40 to see if I would get through this. A few more recent examples: Day 35: Went bowling with 2 others and bowled 2 games. I was exhausted from bowling! Day 38: Did 1 set of 50 push-ups before meal 1 (probably took 75-90 seconds). After the meal, was starting my PT exercises and wanted to go back to bed! Am I doing something wrong, or do I just need to keep going a while longer until I get my energy back? On the cycling side, I have only been doing short rides (60-90 minutes) during my Whole30, partly because I didn't want to overdo it, but also because I'm recovering from an injury. I've noticed that on some of the rides, I feel like a slug for at least half the ride, but feel fine for the final part of the ride. Day 39 was one such ride, where there was a slight headwind on my way out, and I felt like I was going to die. My times were the worst ever. When I would push it hard for 15-20 strokes to make it through a stale green light, it felt like I could hardly keep going after that. After I turned around, though, at around the 35-38 minute mark, I started feeling better and had best or second-best times in many sections on the way back. I wouldn't say that I had gobs of energy, but I was able to ride at a higher sustained pace. I haven't tracked my food daily over these last 40 days, but I can give you what I've had for the last 2+ days, plus a sampling of foods I've had the rest of the time. Most of my food has come from the Well Fed and Well Fed 2 recipes. Day 38 Meal 3 Large helping Well Fed 2 Italian Pork Roast 1 C Cauliflower "Rice" Pilaf (no actual rice in there) sm serving fruit salad Day 39 Meal 1 (finished maybe 15 minutes pre-ride): 1/3 of a large sweet potato, julienned and cooked in gobs of ghee (2-3T?) 2 eggs, fried in ghee 1 med banana Meal 2 LARGE helping Italian Pork Roast (LOTS of fat in there) 3/4 C Roasted Carrots 3/4 C Cauliflower Rice Pilaf Snack 1/4 C Pork Roast 1 C mixed blackberries and blueberries 9-10 raw almonds Meal 3 Large helping Well Fed Chicken Nanking (chicken, green beans, sweet potato)Late Snack 1/2 C Pork Roast handful of almonds handful of pistachios handful of dried cranberries (GAH! These had added sugar! My first slip.) Day 40 Meal 1 2 C Pork roast 1 C Spaghetti Squash 3/4 of a banana 1 large strawberry Meal 2 3 1/2 C Chicken Nanking (chicken, green beans, sweet potato) 1 large banana Snack 7 StrawberriesMeal 3 Two 1" pork meatballs Well Fed Country captain chicken (3/4 of an extra large chicken breast; 3/4 C veggies and sauce (bell peppers, onion, green onion, chicken broth, sm amt of raisins, sugar free bacon, almonds, coconut oil) 1.5 C spinach salad with chicken, egg, cashews, avocado, onion, dressed with olive oil, lemon juice Over the rest of the 38 days, I've eaten a variety of pork, beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, and veggies like roasted carrots and cauliflower, spaghetti squash, spinach salads, lettuce salads, lettuce wraps, onion, and lots of avocado. Cooking (and roasting) is mostly with coconut oil or ghee.