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    Starting September 20!

    Hi Lucy! Joining in on this too. Not sure why I picked today either, but it seemed as good a day as any. Why wait until a Sunday or a Monday to start something anyway?? This is my THIRD W30, and it gets better every time. Haven't done one of these in over a year, and my body is craving it. Keep posting on this forum and I will be your buddy
  2. River30

    Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?

    Happy to help, Laura. And @kirkor, it's really the fact that in this recipe, cashew cream is masquerading as cheese, trying to be something it's not. That's definitely the iffy part. If it was just veggies and tomato sauce, like a ratatouille, that would be fine though!
  3. River30

    Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?

    I'm no moderator (or expert), but I personally wouldn't make something like this. It seems to fall heartily into the "SWYPO" category -- replicating something using W30 ingredients that could trigger an emotional / psychological response. It's just like they say with off-limits paleo pancakes that are just egg and banana, right? It seems to be the same concept, just coming at it from a savory instead of sweet angle. Similarly.. what if you did something like create a savory "pizza crust" out of just cauliflower (something I've seen pop up a lot) or plantain or whatnot, and cover that with tomato sauce, cashew cream, and basil, and put it under the broiler until it looks like pizza... I personally wouldn't do that. I I think there's a real value in preparing and looking at whole foods on your plate, and not trying to replicate non-W30 dishes. AND YET ... I use cauliflower "rice" and zucchini "noodles" all the time, so is there really a difference? All this to say I don't have an answer...I'd only GUESS that probably there should be some personal reflection before making a compliant "trigger" food like this, if that's a problem for anyone.