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    AtlantaJJ reacted to eldandning in Help! Akward topic...diarrhea   
    I´m no expert at this, but I can also have fast bowel sometimes, (especially in the morning and that´s the time that body "clean" itself) and maybe the diarrhea is a sign of the diet changing and completely normal but when you say the color I´ve read and learned that yellowish can be a sign of problem with breaking down fat. Maybe you didn't eat that much fat before? And I know for sure from a lot of people that fat can be used for getting the bowel going - if it´s too fast =diarrhea. (especially coconut-oil can be laxative)
    So maybe take less fat and let your bowel get used to it! Just take very little coconut-oil to start with. Maybe you can find good-bacteria supplement, I have ones that slows down the bowel, and you can also find enzymes and HCL supplements that can help break down fat.
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    AtlantaJJ reacted to Tina R in Help! Akward topic...diarrhea   
    When your body detoxes it dumps the junk from your cells into your intestines. Some people get constipated some get diarrhea. Better out than in. Stay hydrated and it should get better soon.
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    AtlantaJJ reacted to Tanya K in Help! Akward topic...diarrhea   
    I am paleo for the past 10 weeks. Although I must mention that I am only on day 2 of the whole 30, but pretty much no difference with the exception now I am not allowing treats say like coconut cream and strawberries. Anyway, for 6 weeks out the first 10 my bowel movements were a disgrace! It is only now that everything is normal! I didn't stop eating anything at all I just waited until it passed. Although if it had gone on any longer than 8 weeks I would have had to address it I think. But my feeling is don't worry! Drink loads of water perhaps there are s backlog of toxins there or something?
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    AtlantaJJ reacted to katelynb708 in Help! Akward topic...diarrhea   
    I am on Day 29 (!!!) of my first Whole30, and I have to say that I've never felt better in my life. I have so much energy, I sleep better, my muscles don't hurt, my mood is stable, all of that great stuff. The only complaint I have is this: I've had either diarrhea or generally messy stool for the last 15 days. More TMI to follow, sorry.
    It is mushy, doesn't come out clean, smells very bad and is off-color (yellowish, sometimes greenish). At the start of this issue 15 days ago I had pseudodiarrhea 5 or 6 times a day; this lasted about a week. Bowel movements have slowed down to 2-3 times, but has never fully gotten back to normal. Has this happened to anyone else??
    Before my Whole30 I suffered from stomach & abdominal discomfort, gas & nausea almost constantly. All of that stopped once my body got on board with the diet change, but the diarrhea is still around. I don't know why or what I might be doing wrong. I thought at first I was eating too much fruit (summertime fruit is too hard to resist!), so I've cut back on that significantly. I probably have two servings a day at this point. For breakfast I usually have either a banana with almond butter, or more often 4 eggs hard boiled or scrambled. Lunch I'll have a salad with chicken or fish, or leftover dinner. I try to get as much variety in my dinner as possible and try new veggie combos every night. For protein I mainly use fish, chicken, beef or turkey. Snacks consist of cashews, pistachios and raisins. I cook mostly with coconut or olive oil, and dress salads with balsamic.
    Any thoughts on why this might be happening?