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  1. SPerigny

    The crazy things people say

    -Have you lost weight, with your paleo thing? -Scale hasn't moved yet but (being interrupted here) -I knew it! (end of conversation) Scale not moving could not possibly be due to the fact that I'm doing crossfit twice a week and that I'm adding about 5-10 pounds per week to my weightlifting? That I used to be unable to do a single chin-up, even with rubber bands but that I now can? Continue eating your white bread and beans and not do exercise. We'll see who outlasts who, in the end.
  2. ... when they drop all the non-paleo food they had in the cupboards/fridge/freezer at their mom's, who suddenly has enough food for a full week without grocery shopping. And when mom says: "What, you're no longer eating?"
  3. SPerigny

    The crazy things people say

    My mom's GF: "It's just a fad like so many other diets that came around and that nobody remembers anymore" Me: "Well, yeah, I guess you're right. T'was a "fad" for 2,5 million years straight."