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  1. SPerigny

    The crazy things people say

    -Have you lost weight, with your paleo thing? -Scale hasn't moved yet but (being interrupted here) -I knew it! (end of conversation) Scale not moving could not possibly be due to the fact that I'm doing crossfit twice a week and that I'm adding about 5-10 pounds per week to my weightlifting? That I used to be unable to do a single chin-up, even with rubber bands but that I now can? Continue eating your white bread and beans and not do exercise. We'll see who outlasts who, in the end.
  2. SPerigny

    The crazy things people say

    My mom's GF: "It's just a fad like so many other diets that came around and that nobody remembers anymore" Me: "Well, yeah, I guess you're right. T'was a "fad" for 2,5 million years straight."