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    Espie reacted to Britishgal in The crazy things people say   
    In contrast to whole30...where yesterday when I'd planned on introducing goats dairy I craved butternut squash chips (fries?) and homemade mayo so ate them with steak and put it off
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    Espie reacted to jeannebean in The crazy things people say   
    I was wondering what would de-throne the Maple Syrup/Lemon Juice/Cayenne diet...
    Now I know!  
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    Espie reacted to theheywhohaa in The crazy things people say   
    My teenage daughter last night after dinner-
    "I really don't think those cave people had salt. You are totally cheating".
    I have done something wrong here if my child thinks salt is a non-natural substance. I pointed out that we have a couple or ten oceans of the stuff and she had the sense to feel ashamed. Also, what's with this cave people stuff? I never said anything about neanderthal cuisine. Yeesh.
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    Espie reacted to MrsStick in The crazy things people say   
    Yeah, my hubby is just starting to understand that I *can* say no to sweets because I 100% really, truly don't want them. In the last week, I've turned down peanut butter M&Ms twice, Brookstone chocolates once, and actually didn't want them. I'm not on a W30, but my body seriously does not want sweets. Part of that might be that I bike to and from work twice a day (20 minutes to, 10 back - hooray hills!) and it's in the upper 70s here. We haven't turned our AC on yet, either, so the sweetest things I want are fruit and/or sparkling juice (100% juice + sparkling water, no added sugars).
    Did anyone else get SUPER pissed when watching the Nightline clip on the W30 where the certified dietician or whoever she was said how unhealthy it was to cut out whole food groups like dairy or grains or legumes? I just wanted to scream at her - you don't think it's crazy for someone with lactose intolerance to cut out dairy, do you? So why is it that I can't cut it out to see if I am intolerant? Or to find out that I have Celiac's (which I did thanks to W30)? I will say, they did let Melissa say that you don't miss any nutrition on a W30...but I wish they could've shown the side-by-side day out of ISWF. You know, where it has the whole rundown of how you get MORE nutrition from W30 than the SAD?
    Edited to add:
    Vent time!
    Dear person who joked with my boss about seeing me "walk my bike instead of riding it,"
    I am recovering from my 2nd shoulder surgery in a year. I bike everywhere, everyday. That hill I walk my bike up? It SUCKS. It sucks to walk up, let alone push my 39 lb commuter bike up. So please, when you're driving your air-conditioned car up a hill that causes cars to bottom out on, think for a second about me working every day to get one inch closer to the top before having to walk. Or the fact that I arrive at work, every time, disgustingly sweaty and out of breath. My entire bike commute (15-20 minutes) is uphill, and that last segment is straight up. As in leaning forward while walking up it. It's terrifying to bike down, and I've already had to get my brakes inspected because I have to granny brake the whole way down to not die. Oh, and I've worked here for a month and a half.
    My coworkers are supportive, they ask if I set any new records to get closer to the top. Even my boss has told me that one day he'll see me bike up the hill, and he is certainly not the nicest guy (a bit of a jerk, really). I downshift 6 times just to make it halfway up the hill. So thanks for not treating me like a person. I'm sorry I don't fit your definition of what I should look like or be able to do. No, wait, I'm not sorry. Screw you!
    I know the rant isn't technically related, but I don't care. I'm seething today.
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    Espie reacted to Peg541 in The crazy things people say   
    Honestly I don't give people that much information about what I'm doing. No explanations. I eat what I eat period. I'm trying to save my own life I don't care if I make converts. I just do it.
    That cuts the comments down drastically. Even my daughter has quieted down. That's amazing.
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    Espie reacted to ABS32013 in The crazy things people say   
    I'm so sorry about this.  Please try not to be upset.  I get it, though.  Last time we showed up at my in-law's house, my FIL said something to the effect that I was disappearing before their eyes.  I had no idea what to say.  Is that supposed to be a compliment, an insult, something else?  I think that when these statements are made, what it really comes down to is that the speakers are projecting their own insecurities onto us and/or internalizing our efforts to better ourselves and viewing them as condemnations of the speakers' own life choices.  There are other issues, as well, where people want to keep others in the little boxes where they've categorized them (i.e, heavy people, thin people, rich people, poor people, etc.) because they have certain ways of relating to and dealing with those categories.   
    All that is to say that other people like to put their $&%^ onto others.  Does it stink?  Yes.  Should we perpetuate these issues?  Perhaps not, but I have to admit, my preferred method is to avoid getting into discussions about how much I've lost or how much I'd like to lose.  I keep that kind of detail to myself.  I think you're right to be focused on feeling strong and healthy, and maybe that's how you leave it when people ask you about your weight loss.  Just my 2 cents.
    Mainly, I just wanted you to know that your post spoke to me.  I feel sad that you were made to feel bad or defensive about your choices.  I've read many of your posts and you're such a great contributor. 
    Take care!
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    Espie reacted to LisaLulu in The crazy things people say   
    My husband's coworker handed my then 2 year old a frosting covered strawberry 'cereal bar' full of artificial sweeteners without asking me and said 'don't worry, it's healthy'. 
    My mother: You need to drink milk
    Me: I'm lactose intolerant. Besides I don't drink coffee but the coffee you drink is stripping all the calcium and magnesium from your bones.
    (a while later she's diagnosed with osteoperosis after a lifetime of eating piles of yogurt, milk and cheese)
    Me: See, eating all that dairy doesn't help
    Her: It runs in the family, you better start drinking milk.
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    Espie reacted to DanielleM in The crazy things people say   
    So my boyfriend and I are pretty much paleo at home- I am far more strict about it than he is (cheese and creamer in his coffee are the big things he can't let go...and beer. he likes his beer.) Anyway, he brings his lunch to work, which is usually leftovers from whatever paleo meal we had the night before. 
    I made a paleo Shepard's pie with mashed cauliflower on top. Apparently it was pretty fragrant when reheated- and people in his office complained. They sniffed around until they found his cubicle. "Oh, of course, it's Erik the foodie. What are you eating, broccoli? Ewww." (it wasn't broccoli at all, btw. I think they just don't know what real food smells like!)
    He then proceeded to come home and look through all of our paleo cookbooks to find the most fragrantly annoying foods he could.  
    In December, his work was doing a Secret Santa thing. He knew the girl who was his Secret Santa liked to eat- so he put a note on her desk saying she wasn't to bring lunch all week leading up to the "gift exchange day" and that she should leave a note with anything she couldn't have or didn't like. 
    He then brought her a Paleo lunch every day that week. She was so excited at how delicious everything was, and told everyone that she had the BEST Secret Santa ever. And, of course, everyone was jealous and tried to find out who it was. (We even had to buy a different color set of tupperware so she wouldn't see Erik's lunch and figure it out... AND he made sure he didn't bring the same thing he brought for her each day...)
    Well, when they finally revealed themselves, everyone knew it was my boyfriend "The foodie." He gave her all the recipes he made so she would have them for later. 
    And half of the people in his department asked if they could borrow our cookbooks to try. At least one is now a convert. And a few of them have bought paleo cookbooks of their own.
    My not-so-paleo boyfriend, converting people to paleo so subtly they don't even realize it. 
    And his same co-workers call me "the girlfriend with the crazy diet...."   
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    Espie reacted to kitmao in The crazy things people say   
    "Quitting whole food groups is extreme and unhealthy." - said to me while they were literally eating a Little Debbie snack cake.
    "Oh, I quit sugar by using xylitol and stevia instead. Plus, xylitol is really good for your teeth."
    Oh, and the person who said the first quote also once said to me that "they" know hunter-gatherers ate wheat. When I started trying to explaining that grains off a wheat plant from thousands of years ago and bread are very different things, they said that of course they didn't just eat the individual grains. They collected them to bake bread.
    Yes, our pre-agricultural ancestors were building foil ovens and baking bread in the Savannah. Probably with the fresh butter they churned. 
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    Espie reacted to missmary in The crazy things people say   
    recounting frustrating coop story to a newer coworker about how they never have lamb liver anymore and that I found out it is because they can only get 1.5 lbs per week (that's all the liver from the two lambs they break down and sell for meat) and somebody has been reserving the whole lot FOR A DOG! So I'm complaining that it is not fair and I should find that dog and negotiate for a 1/4 lb and he looks at me totally straight-faced and says:
    "what's it for, your cat?"
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    Espie reacted to kerry54lee in The crazy things people say   
    Ha ha ha - best forum post ever!!!
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    Espie reacted to Chocoholic382 in The crazy things people say   
    Just found this thread--I have so much to contribute!! At the handful of events where I sat, complaint-free, with my glass of water because all food was non-compliant, here are a few of the many comments I've received:
    The How's-That-Deprivation-Treating-You line of comments:
    "Are you sure you can have the water here? I'm not sure they imported it from Swiss mountaintops." "Enjoying the air over there? I know you're not enjoying anything else!" "Here, you wanna smell it?" "How many days until you can have real food again?"  
    The Healthy-Eating-Makes-You-An-Alien line of comments:
    "I feel like we shouldn't look at Chocoholic while we're eating. Like we should avoid eye contact the way I do when my dog's near the table." "Aww, is there no weird stuff for you here?"  
    The You're-Ruining-Life-Itself line of comments:
    "That's no way to live."  "You only live once." "I'd rather die happy than live on lettuce."  
    The I-Can't-Wrap-My-Mind-Around-This line of comments:
    "You can't have WINE? It's healthy!" "So what's even left to eat?" "How's the diet?...Oh right, detox. Cleanse?" "But you don't need to lose weight, so why are you doing this?"  
    I swear I'm not making up a single one.
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    Espie reacted to MeadowLily in The crazy things people say   
    "I always thought you could stand to lose some weight"   Did you NOW?!
    "I think people who 'diet' age really quickly in the face"
    There are some people who only want us around to make themselves feel better about  bad eating habits.
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    Espie reacted to MBC in The crazy things people say   
    What is Paleo? Spanish food?
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    Espie reacted to ladyshanny in The crazy things people say   
    With a side order of food dye.
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    Espie reacted to VolChick in The crazy things people say   
    That's from the food group "sugar" right? Lol!
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    Espie reacted to stealthstitcher in The crazy things people say   
    Yup, those meats and vegetables are dangerous. You have to watch out for them. Besides, you're missing all the vital nutrients contained in flour!
    Saw a man leaving 7-11 this morning (around 8:30) with a giant size red slushie. Mmm, breakfast of champions.
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    Espie reacted to stealthstitcher in The crazy things people say   
    These gems from today:
    Coworker: "But if it's just for 30 days, won't you gain all the weight back when it's over?"
    Me: "It's not really about losing weight. Also, I'm planning on continuing to eat better foods even after 30 days."
    Coworker: "You can't do that! Eating like this all the time can't be good for you!"
    (later, same conversation)
    Coworker:"You're not supposed to weigh yourself? Then how will you know if it's working?!"
    Me: "It's not really about losing weight." (Maybe i should get this printed on a t-shirt.)
    And finally:
    "Oh ... so it's basically Atkins."
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    Espie reacted to Derek` in The crazy things people say   
    A co-worker* asked me, "won't you be glad when you're done losing weight and you can eat normally again?"
    *Same person who lost some weight eating Nutrisystem pre-made meals, then gained it all back after going back to eating "normally" 
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    Espie reacted to bnlauren in The crazy things people say   
    "You still eating rabbit food?" ~Friend
    the best yet...."Girl, you better eat some REAL food!" guessed it....~Mom....haha
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    Espie reacted to MrsStick in The crazy things people say   
    That goes perfectly with the "carb free" chocolate cake with raspberries and whipped cream a friend made a while ago...she meant gluten free. *sigh*
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    Espie reacted to Katy LeGrand in The crazy things people say   
    I hate that too. i want to be like, anything you eat is your diet, technically.
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    Espie reacted to Renee Lee in The crazy things people say   
    ...where do you get your protein from???
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    Espie reacted to kirkor in Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule   
    Be sure to take the time to acknowledge your accomplishment thus far. Give yourself the victory, so to speak.
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    Espie reacted to Fenderbender in The crazy things people say   
    Yeah.... It was called the Sauna... Lol.