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    Espie reacted to Nadia B in The crazy things people say   
    Haha did they have a designated sweating area? Oh wait I guess you didn't have a chance to find out.
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    Espie reacted to Sarah Snyder in The crazy things people say   
    OH and this was a doozy...
    My friend's birthday was on my day 3.
    On day 2...
    Me: I'm gonna have to figure out something to eat other than the pizza and cake that's planned...
    My friend: For my birthday present, I want you to eat pizza and cake!
    Me: What kind of bullsh*t request is that? I'm doing this to be healthier and you're basically saying my gift to you is to be less healthy? No.
    BUT...on the flipside...while everybody was eating their cake, he said, "do you want some fruit or something?" So that was nice.
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    Espie reacted to amylynn in The crazy things people say   
    Now that I'm on Day 30 of my Whole30...
    Everyone and their mother: "So are you going back to eating normal tomorrow?"
    I wish people didn't constantly make me feel like they way I'm eating isn't normal.
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    Espie reacted to Nadia B in The crazy things people say   
    Co-worker: "I am going to get food, I am starving". Comes back with a bag of chips. Then he goes: "Look, guys, they have new flavour, guacamole! Wanna try?" I politely refuse. "I thought you said you CAN eat avocado" (very disappointed voice).
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    Espie reacted to Suzy in The crazy things people say   
    HA! "Pizza wheat."
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    Espie reacted to Suzy in The crazy things people say   
    I just love that Whole9 opens up all these new avenues in the mind for day to day problem solving. It takes thinking and creativity to use ginger tea and coconut water when we always used corn syrupy sodas when we were kids. It takes guts to overcome the traditions that are emotionally comforting, but bad for health. After a couple of years of Whole9 living, I'm sure all of this stuff is going to be second nature and will become exciting new traditions that we can share with our families.
    Oh, and I have a new post about the weird GOOD things that people say about Whole9. I have a co-worker who, whenever he sees me with a steak or ribs, says, "I gotta get on that caveman diet. What's for lunch today, brontosaurus ribs that tilt your car over like Fred Flintstone? I could get down like that." Ha! I've got to remember to emphasize the fact that I eat tons of veggies, too.
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    Espie reacted to Snicci in The crazy things people say   
    OY! I don't drink milk either, but if I did, it would be the rawest, fattiest stuff I could get my hands on!
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    Espie reacted to DocIKY in The crazy things people say   
    Friend holding a large bag of twizzlers: Want one?
    Me: No thanks.
    Friend: Why? You don't like them?
    Me: Insert 3 sentence of explanation of why I won't eat candy.
    Friend holding up twizzler: Here have just one.
    Me: No.
    Friend: wow your tough.
    Later in the afternoon. Received a text from the same friend.
    "didn't make to the gym this afternoon. I have the worst headache."
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    Espie reacted to Kirsteen in The crazy things people say   
    Went into an in-store cafe to treat myself to a black coffee. Was served it and then had the following conversation.
    Server : Is that all or can I tempt you with one of our cakes or muffins.
    Me: No thanks, that's fine.
    Server : Oh, ok here then and puts shortbread type cookie on my saucer.
    Me : No thanks, don't waste that. I won't be eating it.
    Server : But it's free!
    Me : (thinking to avoid an argument) It's ok I'm gluten free.
    Server : Oh, no problem I can get you a gluten free one.
    Me : (wishing I'd never brought it up) No thanks, honestly don't bother.
    Server : Oh you people that stick to your new year's diet.
    Me : I'm not actually on a diet.
    Server : What! You're not on a diet and you still don't want this even though it's free??
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    Espie reacted to Derval in The crazy things people say   
    I know where I'd be aiming that snow blower!
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    Espie reacted to NMR in The crazy things people say   
    I'm shocked by some of the facebook posts on the Whole30 page. Before committing to a diet, wouldn't you want to read all about it?
    Someone on the diet posted, "I can have natural peanut butter and rice cakes, right?"
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    Espie reacted to Susan W in The crazy things people say   
    I'm sorry, but I would have wanted to b#tch slap that person.
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    Espie reacted to CBeall in The crazy things people say   
    "So, now that you're pregnant, I guess you will stop that caveman crap"
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    Espie reacted to Fenderbender in The crazy things people say   
    At a New Years party this year...
    " Michael,you must try my mothers humas! "
    I reply..... " sorry I'd love to but I don't eat beans or legumes of any kind".
    ...... " there aren't any beans in humas! My mother will be very hurt you didn't try it!"
    ...... " we'll I would be hurt worse if I did eat it .... My resolution is to be a selfish bastard" !!!!
    ( I wonder why I never get invited a second time anywhere ..... LMAO)
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    Espie reacted to bonnynancy in The crazy things people say   
    "Would you like some ice cream?"
    I reply, "Oh, no thank you. I'm not eating dairy at the moment.
    They reply, "That's too bad. Oh, I know... we have some yogurt you could have instead."
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    Espie reacted to Fenderbender in The crazy things people say   
    Conversation I overheard at the airport:
    " honey I'm getting something to eat....what would you like?"
    " oh something really healthy.... Get me a blueberry muffin and a diet coke".
    Sad thing is several years ago that could have been me...... !!!!!!!
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    Espie reacted to Dominique in The crazy things people say   
    Co worker: So, when the 30 days of your crazy diet is up, are you going to eat normal again?
    Me: No, I won't be integrating sugar, grains or dairy back into my diet because I don't miss them.
    Co worker: Oh, you're going to be one of those people?
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    Espie reacted to Maxine in The crazy things people say   
    That is NOT a healthy breakfast or one that will help you lose weight.
    My boyfriend, staring disapprovingly at my roasted butternut squash and egg hash, fried in coconut oil.
    He was tucking into four English crumpets laden with strawberry jam (jelly, as you guys say!).
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    Espie reacted to djprillaman in The crazy things people say   
    Friend: "Haven't they villified coconut oil as unhealthy?"
    Me: 'they' have villified everything 'they' can't transform into a profit for Monsanto or Drug companies.
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    Espie reacted to Xandra in The crazy things people say   
    Really, it should be the other way around: "Other than real food, what kinds of processed, artificial, homogenized, hydrogenated, chemical-laden, or hormonally imbalanced imitation food products do you consume?*
    *Please attach another sheet if necessary."
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    Espie reacted to MJam in The crazy things people say   
    My husband incredulously as I was heating tallow to make my breakfast
    him: "You are eating pure fat and still getting skinny?"
    me: yes darling
    He's just mad my boobies shrank
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    Espie reacted to Austin in The crazy things people say   
    At a birthday party last weekend:
    My wife's aunt - "So Paleo is working for you huh? I did it for a month and did't lose a single pound"
    Me - "That's strange, I wonder why"
    My wife's aunt - "Do you cheat though? I cheat all the time" (Eating something in a sandwich)
    Me - "Erm................."
    My mother in law - "No it's because you're old, it's hard to lose weight when you're old"
    Me - "...................what?
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    Espie reacted to Renee in The crazy things people say   
    Carla 1#/week is actually a great average, congrats!
    When I talk about the Whole30 program, I often get negative response from people who think it's too restrictive. Their answer to health and weight loss: Everything in moderation.
    I have two problems with this:
    1: Everything: Everything? Really? So a moderate amount of cocaine is alright? How about arsenic? Sure, these are obvious things, but there also are less obvious things. Bread in moderation doesn't work if you're sensitive to gluten. Milk in moderation doesn't work if you're lactose-intolerant. There are also MANY signs of inflamation that are much more subtle than all of this. And you don't know until you self-experiment. Eating everything in moderation won't teach you anything about your body.
    2. Moderation: There are no "guidelines" for moderation. If I eat sushi once a month, most people would say that's moderation. If I go to a restaurant once a month, that's still moderation. Same thing for candies, for baked good, cheeseburger, fries, chocolate, ice cream.. But if I add all these up, it's not moderation anymore. Nobody knows what "moderation" means to their body until they remove some foods from their diet, then reintroduce. Then again, we're back to W30/strict paleo.
    And just by the way, I've never seen anyone improve hormonal response, improve their digestion, their sleep, etc. just by eating everything in moderation. Health is NOT just about weight, people!
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    Espie reacted to Austin in The crazy things people say   
    Keep hearing so many great ones! At a work party last night....
    "I need to give paleo another try. But i'm Jewish and don't you HAVE to eat bacon?"

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    Espie reacted to SPerigny in The crazy things people say   
    -Have you lost weight, with your paleo thing?
    -Scale hasn't moved yet but (being interrupted here)
    -I knew it! (end of conversation)
    Scale not moving could not possibly be due to the fact that I'm doing crossfit twice a week and that I'm adding about 5-10 pounds per week to my weightlifting? That I used to be unable to do a single chin-up, even with rubber bands but that I now can?
    Continue eating your white bread and beans and not do exercise. We'll see who outlasts who, in the end.