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    chezjulie reacted to ladyshanny in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    This morning:
    Diced greek chicken thighs (made with this seasoning and grilled on the bbq last night)
    Diced precooked sweet potato, snow peas, orange pepper & a bunch of baby kale
    Dollop of mayo

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    chezjulie reacted to ShannonM816 in ADHD meds, whole30, self doubt   
    I agree with what missmary and Loulabelle have said. 
    I'd also point out that we seem to have a different standard for meds for psychological issues than for meds for other issues, which is just silly. I've never contemplated not taking my blood pressure medicine just to see if W30 is enough to keep it under control without the medication -- why would you do that with your medication? (This isn't judgment of any kind, believe me -- I used to take antidepressants and while I've been off of them for a few years now and would certainly prefer not to take them anymore because I hope never to feel the way I felt when I finally broke down and asked my doctor about them, I do understand better now than I did back then that needing them was not some kind of moral failing on my part, it was just my brain needing some help to function the way it's supposed to, just like my body needs help now keeping my blood pressure where it's supposed to be.)
    This sentence also stood out for me in your post. I recently read an article in the Wholesome newsletter (a free biweekly Whole30 newsletter) that was written about people altering their W30 to make it harder, but I think it speaks to your point here too.
    Basically, a Whole30 is hard enough without going out of your way to make it harder, and going off a med that is improving your health would be going against the basic premise of a Whole30, which is to improve your health.