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    WholeMama623 reacted to Munkers in The crazy things people say   
    *after repeatedly explaining my gluten issues and that bread, etc. is no bueno*
    Boss: Hey, I made sure there's a cheese pizza since I know you're picky.
    On an entirely separate occasion:
    Boss (to me): What kind of toppings do you want for pizza?
    Me: I can't eat pizza.
    *cue boss has NO idea why I'm declining, I attempt to explain that gluten=flour and pizza is made with flour. She is completely boggled. Like, as if I had just tried to teach her astrophysics.*
    I just love the implication that "hey, I have a food allergy" has translated into 1. I must be a picky eater and/or 2. I'm a vegetarian. Neither is remotely true.