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  1. JenJen1986

    Whole 30...maybe 120

    Well I’ve done multiple Whole 30s and even a whole 60 and am back for more! Starting another one tomorrow hoping it helps!!! I’m pretty used to eating this way but will definitely be needing some support. Right now what’s bringing me is a couple things but primarily my skin. I’ve always had very dry but clear skin, but a few weeks ago I got perioral dermatitis all over my face and am hoping this will help. I also would love to reduce the amount of back pain I have and certainly losing weight would be great!
  2. JenJen1986

    Another Whole 30

    Hi everyone! Well, today is day 1 of the Whole 30 for me. I want to feel better, maybe lose some weight, and improve my overall health. I have done multiple Whole 30's as well as a Whole 60 previously. Hoping this time around will be relatively smooth sailing for me. M1: sausage, eggs, spinich M2: sausage, peach, bell pepper M3: trip tip and salad
  3. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Hi Everyone! So this is it, whole 30 day 1. Hoping to use this forum more consistently this time around for accountability. I've done multiple whole 30's previously and always feel so much better when I'm eating this way. Plan: M1: eggs, chicken sausage, spinich and salsa M2: hotdogs and bell pepper M3: Hamburgers and side salad?
  4. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Day 15 Half way there!!! Excema is already so so much better and I'm feeling good!! Now the real trick will be doing proper reintroductions when this is all over so I know what's bothering my skin. Also realizing it was likely stress related. Yikes.
  5. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Day 13 Feeling good happy to be on day 13. To be honest this has been the longest I've made it in a whole 30 attempt in a while even though I've done multiple whole 30s and a whole 60 previously.
  6. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Day 10 done and today is day 11!! Cravings seem to be ramping up but staying on track so far! Any suggestions for craving combating??
  7. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Day 8 done today is day 9! Doing pretty well sorry about the lack of love info I'm finding I'm enjoying just eating the food without logging it. My excema is already better and I'm feeling smaller! I really feel good and am already thinking about continuing after the 30 days.
  8. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Day 7!! M1: sausage, bell pepper, raspberries and almond butter M2: sausage and a banana M3: meatballs with a little steak and salad
  9. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Sorry for the lack of posts day 5 and 6 done!
  10. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Day 4! Feeling good happy to have made it to day for during such a stressful week! Meal plan for today; M1: sausage bell peppers butternut squash M2: meatballs and salad M3: hamburgers with lots of veggies
  11. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Day 3 done!! Made it through the day but only one meal...stressful week last week of job this week and transitioning into full time private practice. Will post food tomorrow!
  12. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Happy to report made it through day 2!
  13. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Day 2 and feeling good!! Here's the plan for today: -M1: eggs, spinach, bell pepper and turkey with black coffee M2: complaint sausage with bell pepper, butternut squash M3:meatballs salad and compliant marinara
  14. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Day 1 going well so far! On track with bfast and feeling good.
  15. JenJen1986

    Jen's whole 30..maybe more

    Ok everyone... Obviously my last attempt at a whole 30 bombed excema has only gotten worse and I'm feeling miserable and like a crazy person. Ugh so I've gotta try this again because I am miserable. Here we go!! Tomorrow will be my day 1 and food plan for the day I'm thinking will look like this: -M1: eggs spinich and bacon M2: sausages, butternut squash, and salad M3: hamburger, salad