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    Hi  everyone!
    Well, today is day 1 of the Whole 30 for me. I want to feel better, maybe lose some weight, and improve my overall health. I have done multiple Whole 30's as well as a Whole 60 previously. Hoping this time around will be relatively smooth sailing for me. 
    M1: sausage, eggs, spinich
    M2: sausage, peach, bell pepper
    M3: trip tip and salad 
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    Sorry for the lack of posts day 5 and 6 done!
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    @megbeveridge yeah day 3 is usually worse. I typically make it through without meds but we shall see! I know it how bad these few days are tends to be in proportion to how badly I was eating prior to starting. 
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    Hi all,
    I have rather odd timing with starting this so late in the month when so many started on the first, but here we are. I had a pretty concerning doctor's visit recently, (elevated liver enzymes and high cholesterol), and feel like the whole 30 would be a great way to try and heal this body. I also struggle with hip and back pain ( I'm definitely not old enough for that) and have a hard time falling asleep. I also have excema that is bad this time of year and am hypothyroid. I'd love to see all these things improve sooooo starting a whole 30 (maybe longer) tomorrow! Wish me luck! I've done multiple whole 30s as well as a whole 60 but havent done one in quite a while. Hoping I can make it happen again!