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  1. Canned tomato and sauce

  2. Canned tomato and sauce

    Tomato sauce is my speciality on whole30 I buy the expensive whole San Marzano Tomatoes. Follow this recipe for homemade sauce ( Simple and delicious. I modify it while on whole30 and add mushrooms, onions, and meat. Then eat it over a giant plate of roasted eggplant.
  3. Simple enough. Thanks!
  4. I know we are supposed to eat 1-3 cups of vegetables with every meal. However, does that refer to raw or cooked? Or does it matter? When I stir fry or cook down veggies they shrink in size significantly. It seems like 3 cups of broccili will shrink down to a cup when they are steamed. Is that okay? Thanks,
  5. Clarification of meal planning

    Thanks that helps!
  6. Hello Everyone, Question on the meal planning... For optimal results, should I only plan on consuming only 1 fat source per meal? For example, avocado or nuts or oil or mayo or olives? Just one of those things is suggested? Thanks! -Max
  7. Tomorrow starts Day 1!

    Hello, Tomorrow is day 1 for my wife and I and we couldn't be more excited. Hopefully our enthusiasm stays with us! We've already started planning meals and went shopping. Honestly, we are have nearly cut most of it out before starting. The only things left for us are going to be late night sugar cravings and no gluten! I think we'll survive though. It's' only 30 days. Max & Regan