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    The article SugarcubeOD listed is the final word on this. We had a discussion among the moderators with Melissa about this in March or April of this year to clarify exactly what the rule was, since several of us had some questions about this based on our previous understanding, and Melissa's ruling was that we cannot actually know what the label means based on where the sugar is listed in the ingredients list because there are no actual rules governing how the labels were worded, and that it is easiest all the way around to say, if there's sugar on the label, you cannot have it during your Whole30. 
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    Made it to day 7!  Biggest issues:  1) Not weighing myself.  Really is bothering me!  2) Having trouble sleeping.  I hope that wears off.  Right now, I sleep only about 2-3 hours at a stretch and not very well, then I wake up and it takes me time to fall back asleep.  And I'm up at the crack of dawn (that part doesn't bother me).  What are your biggest issues right now?
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    I had a great week up until last night.  I could not sleep!  I felt like I was on a caffeine high. It's weird being tired enough to fall asleep and then not being able to sleep longer than a couple of hours.  Hoping this will all settle down soon...I know it will eventually!  Meanwhile, I'm headed to the store with a manageable grocery list to cook a few things in advance.  Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Started on Monday as well.  So far, so good.  I have done 10 Day Detox/Blood Sugar Solution, but it was extremely restrictive.  I did well on it, though, but just couldn't maintain it forever.  This seems to be more permissive, or at least, you have more control over what you can eat/create to eat.  Excited!