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  1. tierramar

    Bullet Proof Coffee

    Glad I found this! makes my coffee waaaay better! Wish I'd seen this sooner
  2. Baked a bunch of sweet potatoes while cooking dinner last night and it made breakfast a bit easier today. I think having stuff ready to go is crucial for me. Today I had a 1/2 sweet potato mashed with coconut butter, 2 fried eggs and 3 strips of bacon with coffee (and coconut milk) - within 1 hour and 15 minutes of getting up. Going to try and keep inching it closer while working to make sure I've got quick options available. The family keeps eating up all my hard boiled eggs though... Does everyone boil eggs EVERY day??
  3. tierramar

    Compliant deli meat

    Starkist Tuna in EVOO doesn't have the soy, and Trader Joe's has a couple of types of tuna packed in water without the junk in it, some have added salt, half-salt or no salt. Second the Pederson's bacon from Whole Foods, also found a jumbo pack of prosciutto there (Naturalissima - 1lb.) that is way cheaper by weight than the 5-slice pack of Boar's Head W30 compliant prosciutto I was buying.
  4. - you moisturize your hands with the bit of coconut oil left in the spoon when you're cooking - your 9 and 4 year olds ask if stuff at the store is "compliant" - said 9 and 4 year olds know what ghee and coconut aminos are - the 9 year old spelled out "ghee" to the surprise of his teachers playing boggle at school - you can't stop smiling because everything you make tastes GREAT and your non-W30 family is eating it too (willingly) - the grocery store cashier gives you that "smile" because you bought 12 cans of tuna (on sale) and she thinks you're a crazy cat lady - you start polling your neighbors to see who'll split half a grass fed cow with you to save money on the meat side of your grocery bill This thread is great! Thanks for all the laughs. I'm only on Day 12 and am at that sorta bored stage so this definitely helped!
  5. tierramar

    Looking for pork butt roast recipe

    another vote for Nom Nom Paleo's Kalua Pig - it's awesome and the leftovers can be used in a ton of stuff. I also saved the fat at the bottom of the crock pot for cooking other stuff
  6. Thanks for the feedback here. I'm on Day 11 and breakfast is still a struggle for me. I wasn't necessarily a coffee-only breakfaster but I'd only eat breakfast if I was hungry, so sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't. The template breakfast is particularly hard for me because it seems like SO MUCH FOOD. I know it's awful, but yesterday I couldn't bring myself to eat breakfast, the thought of it made me gag. Today I was able to eat a template breakfast but it was 2hrs after I'd gotten up. Is it ok to try and narrow the eating window for me, maybe inching closer to the 1hr window by 15min increments?? Thanks again, all you who've gone before are a huge inspiration and it's wonderful reading about your experiences.
  7. tierramar

    Day 30 - I made it !!!

    way to go! you're inspiring me...
  8. Thanks for sharing your story - you're inspiring! Keep it up, and keep smiling!