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  1. JulieP757

    Suffering for years from "adrenal burnout"

    Hi Jane - that protein powder is not compliant and smoothies are discouraged while on the Whole 30. How about making egg cups or a breakfast casserole that you can just reheat in the morning? Leftovers are also a great option. I know it can be tough to eat real food first thing if you are not a morning person. Do the best you can and, if you can't finish your meal, pack it up and eat it as soon as you are able.
  2. JulieP757

    Can I have GoGoSqueez Applesauce

    You can have it if the ingredients are compliant (you should check for yourself and not rely on information from others). I would make it part of a template meal rather than a snack. You will get better results if you don't snack.
  3. Jay Robb Unflavored Egg White powder - contains only egg whites. I can never find this locally and have to order it on Amazon.
  4. You are still having cravings because you are eating Lara bars and almond butter LOL. Try sticking to the template - 1 to 2 palm sized portions of protein, 1 to 3 cups of veggies, plenty of healthy fat. Lara bars, though technically compliant, are for emergencies and are not part of a template meal. Lots of folks, like myself, have to ditch the nut butters and/or nuts because they can cause cravings or be a food with no brakes. Give yourself a few days without these foods and the cravings should start to subside.
  5. JulieP757

    Olive Oil.... and Balsamic choices

    That one isn't on the sneaky sugars list, but it should be IMO. I googled Whole 30 and caramel color and found a bunch of posts where moderators had weighed in.
  6. JulieP757

    Olive Oil.... and Balsamic choices

    The caramel color is a version of sugar, so not compliant.
  7. Here's a video. Use your recipe with this method. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2011/10/two-minute-mayonnaise.html
  8. JulieP757

    Cajun spices?

    The first one is a no go. Dextrose is sugar and the Monosodium Glutamate is soy. I googled polysorbate 80 and Whole 30 and I believe that one is technically okay. Here's the common additives sheet. http://whole30.com/downloads/additives.pdf And the sneaky sugars list. http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-sugar.pdf
  9. JulieP757

    Starting March 1st

    What's your source of caffeine? Both coffee and tea are allowed.
  10. JulieP757

    Making my own mayonnaise

    I make mine with Chosen Foods avocado oil and it tastes great.
  11. JulieP757

    Do i have to include ghee in my foods?

    I've been making mayo with raw eggs for years without issue. Be sure to keep it refrigerated. I do think there are warnings about eating raw eggs if you are pregnant, so keep that in mind. You can always use pateurized eggs if you are concerned.
  12. JulieP757

    Mongolian BBQ

    And find out what kind of oil they use on the grill.
  13. JulieP757

    Does TJs carry Tamari/Coconut Aminos?

    I have never found coconut aminos in TJs. My whole foods and local health food store carry the Coconut Secret coconut aminos.
  14. JulieP757

    Are Bragg Liquid Aminos= Coconut Aminos

    Oh wow - did not know that. Thanks Shannon.
  15. JulieP757

    Are Bragg Liquid Aminos= Coconut Aminos

    Coconut aminos are compliant. There is nothing in the Bragg's ingredients that is cause for concern: Other Ingredients: Organic Coconut Tree Sap from non-GMO Coconut Trees, Distilled Water, Sea Salt, and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Here is where a moderator weighed in on coconut sap in the aminos: