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    MeGA"gardener" got a reaction from PaleoInMalta in Eating too many nuts   
    Day 8 here too
    I also have a salt dragon
    As I've learned from member MeadowLily
    Nuts should be included only as decorations on a salad etc eaten with meals if at all even tho they've been deemed compliant They can become FWOB for some Same with dried fruits and trail mixes etc
    No snacks in between so if you are eating the template with enough fat you should be satisfied
    Stay hydrated too 1/2 oz water per lb of body weight daily I add lemon it helps with bloat
    You'll be fine
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    MeGA"gardener" got a reaction from cottagequeen in W30 and "morbid obesity"   
    Thank you MeadowLily!!! Xo
    I know SharonKayMoore you will truly benefit by this W30 and its forum We wish you best of luck and yes you've found a home here
    I too have a first cousin younger than I with stomach surgery she was in her 30s at the time lost a significant amount of weight and too maintained with a struggle She went through that got married then divorced then lost her mother, my Aunt So they continue to struggle with the loses and whatever life throws at them
    We have other cousins with the same issues but no surgery
    I pray everything will work out It always does
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    MeGA"gardener" got a reaction from cottagequeen in W30 and "morbid obesity"   
    Sorry find stories on the forum
    Also Cottage Queen,SpinSpin, MeadowLily
    go to life after W30
    Or Community Success Stories (CQ is there)
    Search or Profile find content
    If I find the actual story I'll post the link
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    MeGA"gardener" got a reaction from cottagequeen in W30 and "morbid obesity"   
    You'll love doing a compliant W30
    The changes that naturally happen are beyond expectations keep up the good work It's so worth it
    See members like SpinSpin and MeadowLily
    Check their stories...remarkable!
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    MeGA"gardener" got a reaction from Mitch55 in Recommended Food Processor   
    I've had my Cuisinart for years. I use the attachments for shredded cabbage, carrots , sweet potatoes etc etc. love it
    Many other uses too. Check it out.
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    MeGA"gardener" got a reaction from Mitch55 in Recommended Food Processor   
    I've had my Cuisinart for years. I use the attachments for shredded cabbage, carrots , sweet potatoes etc etc. love it
    Many other uses too. Check it out.
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    MeGA"gardener" got a reaction from Seafarer in Seafarer W30 Log   
    I've never tried it with a dehydrator. My oven has a setting and I've only done herbs. They came great and lasted a long time.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to NY2LA2MONTREAL in Older generation, Paleo believer, Whole30 Newbie starting 8/22/15   
    Yes it is.  Married a Canadian.  He is the I finding my way..we are taking drawing classes and love the.
    I just the Paleo Chocolate Chili -- It was DELISH.   
    Spinach Frittata sounds good for breakfast.  My husband does breakfast in our house.  He has been making it forever and it turns out what he makes is WHOLE 30 compliant.
    FYI, I tried practically every diet out there...but on a "bookstore" date with my husband (we love bookstores) the WHOLE 30 book was on display, and I took a copy upstairs to look at while we had cawfee (you can take the girl out of NY but you'll never take the NY out of the girl ) -- we both looked at the book and found it very interesting and bought it.  we both read it and decided to start on Aug 13th.  We had a luncheon/theatre event on the 12th.  And here we are just finished DAY 9.
    How did you end up doing the WHOLE 30???
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to klassyart in Older generation, Paleo believer, Whole30 Newbie starting 8/22/15   
    Ny2la2montreal is quite a journey. Our birthdays are the same and I am an artist, too. Creativity is a large part of enjoying being in the kitchen. Will make spinach frittata in the morning-a new recipe to try. Wish my DH was onboard, but not so. Day 1 tomorrow.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to NY2LA2MONTREAL in Amazing Non-Scale Victory   
    Fantastic...what a relief that must be.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to Oldehiker in Amazing Non-Scale Victory   
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to w30inri in Joining in!! Start date 8/24   
    Hi all: glad to know that there are others with the same start date as me. This is not my first time to the rodeo and I'm a little worried about doing a Whole 30 without a co-worker or family member to cheer me on. BUT I am excited to get this going and want to encourage those of you who are new to the program! Here's what I have learned:
    1. It's all about the shopping/prep. For real. I usually devote Sundays to getting those things done. Kinda a drag but it's the only way for me to stay compliant.
    2. I benefit from the quick shots of online support to keep me focused. I signed up for the 30 day email on my first round and I would encourage other first-timers to do so. Both fun and educational.
    2. I also coupled this food challenge with an exercise challenge. I started with a one-minute plank this morning and will add 10 seconds every day. My aim is to get to a 3 minute plank (for this old gal, that would be impressive).
    4. While I do go through the physical symptoms explained in the W30 materials, the crappy days are not all that crappy. And I really, really do feel a lot better with this way of eating.
    Look forward to staying in touch with this 8/24 group.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to kirstenj in 7/1/15 - Experiments in Bike Riding   
    Hi Everyone!
    I started my Whole30 a week into July so I just finished, yeah!  I'd like to join your discussion as I work on the reintroduction phase.
    I decided to start with dairy, since it's the food group I miss the most.  I had yogurt with breakfast this morning and plan to have a latte and some cheese later on.  As far as I know, I don't have any sensitivities but I could be wrong.
    In a few days we are leaving for a weeks vacation at a cabin in the Black Hills of North Dakota.  I'm madly trying to organize a menu and get groceries together. I'm the only one in my family who is eating on plan so it's a little challenging.  I'm grateful that I'm the one in charge of the food anyway!  I'm doing some of the cooking ahead of time so I don't have to do it there while on vacation.  After a month of eating this way, I feel like I have a handle on it but it's not automatic.  Trying to plan so far ahead is really stretching me.  
    Needless to say my reintroduction phase is going to be at a "slow roll."  I'll just play it by ear.  Also, I'm hoping my sugar dragon will stay asleep.  My cravings are gone right now, but this will be an immense test to live in such close quarters with my family and eating treats and chips etc.  We leave in 4 days.  Time to get to work!
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to simmie in Coconut secret garlic sauce   
    Tom, the ingredients appear to be the pretty much the same on the Garlic Sauce and the Teriyaki Sauce, yet in the thread below, another Moderator says the Teriyaki is out.  Can you shed some light on this--how are we to know, if the ingredients say the same thing......?

    Ingredients for the Coconut Secret Teriyaki sauce are: Other Ingredients: Organic coconut sap, sea salt, organic ginger, organic onion, organic garlic, organic cayenne pepper.

    And for the Garlic sauce: Other Ingredients: Organic coconut sap, organic garlic, sea salt, organic ginger, organic cayenne pepper.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to Kathikay in Yeah, this kinda sucks   
    I'm done with my whole30 but following this thread because it's just so fun to read! The thing is Denny nobody had the guts to say it sucked....but it's just what everyone was thinking! love your writing. Your the most popular guy on the Whole30 block! You should consider blogging your experience.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to marzipanandshoes in Yeah, this kinda sucks   
    The first week really sucks. The second week less so. Hang on in there!
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to Bojibelle in 7/1/15 - Experiments in Bike Riding   
    Well I had a fall. Someone brought in gluten free cookies but certainly not Paleo. I indulged and regret it. Bloating. But back on regular compliance. I will feel better soon.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to Bojibelle in 7/1/15 - Experiments in Bike Riding   
    @JenX - I did recover from the oatmeal. Glad you are walking but try to build up to your previous mileage.
    Just went back to compliant eating and was fine. Next was champagne because of bridal shower. Headache and achy joints that night. Not bad but could see how if I drank often it would accumulate and not be good for me. Then it was a wee bit of goat cheese on my zoodles and tomato basil mixture. Had a tiny bit of bloat. Again I think it is the accumulation that gets us. Today I was at a luncheon and they served salad with salmon. I brought my own dressing because I can't stand most commercial dressings. It was nice not to worry about how the salmon was cooked. Dessert was cheesecake or sorbet. I had neither and was most satisfied and a bit smug that I didn't eat them.
    Bottom line is that I like how I feel when compliant but miss things on occasion so will allow a treat every so often. I don't feel the need right now to keep testing things since I know how I react to them from previous W30s. Very different for me and my attitude feels healthy.
    Remember I said I hadn't lost weight per the scale - I did lose about 3 pounds which is probably water weight but people keep saying I look great. I guess I will go with the vista instead of the scale. Keep up the good work.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to Shirley1101 in Over 60 and starting first whole30   
    Hi Mavis! I'm 55 and starting my first whole30 today. I'd love to stay connected with you, as well as others on this thread.
    How has your journey been since beginning in Dec? I'm excited about all the additional benefits, besides dropping some lbs.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to rose18mary in Over 60 and starting first whole30   
    Another Newbie
    Having at last managed to navigate this site and have now arrived on this page, I would like to introduce myself.  I am 74 and live on my own in the sub-tropics of South Africa, so it is high summer with us now. I joined Whole 30 with the intention of learning how to re-define my eating habits.  I was a few kilos overweight and I felt I was relying too much on dairy products and blamed this for constipation.  This has not changed in spite of the lack of dairy and the enormous amounts of vegetables that I consume.
    I chose the Auto-Immune shopping list because I have had polymyalgia rheumatica (inflammation of the muscles) for 8 years and wanted to experiment with non-inflammatory foods to see if it made a difference. I must admit it has been VERY difficult to find food to eat because I cannot have eggs, tomatoes, nuts or seeds, ghee, or quite a few vegetables, including white potatoes.
    However, I have developed a pleasant relationship with sweet potatoes if I roast them or take them boiled with a slap of avocado on top and plenty of black pepper.  Little by little I am finding things that are tasty, but I find I need to snack between meals as a 6 hour break is just too long for me to go with nothing to eat.  Consequently I have been eating rather too much fruit (which I love) because I can't think of anything else to snack on in a hungry hurry, but I feel that so much fruit is perhaps a bit out of balance with the rest of the food I eat.
    The good things I notice about myself since I started the programme - I no longer have itchy hands (cutting out gluten has done this), I have better energy and am getting on with doing things I would usually put off for another day.  I also notice the cellulite on my thighs is nearly gone - I have legs like a young woman again!  I reckon the pure foods have accomplished this.
    I'd be interested to be in touch with anyone else of my age group who is on the auto-immune shopping list.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to anneia in Over 60 and starting first whole30   
    I am 62, female, and have struggled with my weight forever but especially in the last 8 years. Was diagnosed with Hashimoto's , and the results of my last blood tests were not great. After some discussion with my doctor, I went off the statin drug for cholesterol (numbers were unchanged, and statins seem to be only favored by the companies making them etc.) Have been gluten-free since late October, and I am on Day 21 of my first Whole 30. My goal is to de-toxify my body, improve my relationship with food, and improve on the results of my next blood tests in April. So far, I am feeling much better overall and feel more energetic. I have noticed less puffiness in my hands and knees. It is challenging to come up with menu ideas to keep some variety, and I have avoided eating out.
    I am so happy to have found this forum!
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to LDC in Over 60 and starting first whole30   
    Hello everyone...
    I'm starting my first Whole 30 today.  Am 61 and it's refreshing to know that I'm not on my own in this age group.  My goal for this program is to see if I can pinpoint some of my food intolerance's and make me feel more energetic again.  First day already I'm struggling with menu plans.  I would rather be told what to eat and when.  Is there a set menu plan, day by day?  Looking forward to chatting to hear how we are all experiencing the program.
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to lcdak in Over 60 and starting first whole30   
    I haven't read through all the pages of this topic but this is AWESOME!!!
    I love seeing the diversity of people taking on the same challenge. I wish all of you the best of luck and KNOW you can do this!
    Much love!
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to cgerard143 in Over 60 and starting first whole30   
    I'll be 66 in July and I want to look more lean by then. I find myself dealing with weight loss as a necessity when my clothes don't fit and I want to wear what I've already paid for. I weigh about 137 pounds and my size 10 petites feel all right, but I bet they would look better on me if I weighed around 127-130lbs. I am loving the food on Whole 30 and feel better eating meats, vegies. and fruits. My bloating has disappeared since I cut out wheat, sugar, and dairy.  I, too, am sleeping better, have more energy, and less joint stiffness as well. Hope you continue to keep us in the loop with your progress. So, the next 30 days will be a bit of a challenge, but it should prove to be well worth the retraining. 
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    MeGA"gardener" reacted to meredithm1 in Over 60 and starting first whole30   
    50 and female here, day 12, and going strong.  haven't weighed, but I think my pants are looser.  That's my husband in the picture - he is roughly the same size he was at 17.  Now I ask you, is that fair???  LOLOL!  :-)  What are your best discoveries and greatest challenges so far?  My greatest discovery is "riced" cauliflower (so filling and fluffy, and I never liked cauliflower before) and my bigest challenge is avoiding chocolate....:-P