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    chenmama got a reaction from roihus in May 1st Whole30   
    I hear you about the fruit. One days 1 through day 3, I ate two scrambled egg-veg-meat cups to start the day and managed to go to lunch without snacking and stick to the plan without feeling deprived. On day 4, I was in a hurry after getting up later on the weekend and not wanting to be late to church, so I grabbed a banana and an RX Bar that had dates in it. I was starving again well before lunch and wanted an afternoon snack too, which was an apple. Even at night I felt hungry after dinner, which had not happened on any of the previous days.  I evaluated last night and wonder if it is the sweet breakfast that sent my hunger out of spiral. I will try to be more careful with fruit in the morning or for snack and see if that really does make a difference. I really enjoyed not feeling so hungry on the first few days, because intense hunger has always been an issue for me in trying to lose weight. 
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    chenmama got a reaction from roihus in May 1st Whole30   
    Hi! I started on May 1st too, and I also signed up for the daily e-mail. It is something to look forward to and motivate me in the morning. I, too, had been on a mostly Paleo diet for several months now, but found rice and some gluten-free foods a real challenge to give up. So far on Whole 30, so good, but I am going to be going to an Asian restaurant tonight and expect a challenge to stay away from the sushi. I plan to order sashimi and forgo the soy sauce and am hoping there will be something else vegetable-based on the menu. If not, I have an emergency RX Bar in my purse and can eat something healthy when I get home. Good luck on making it through cheat-free this time! My father joined with me, but has already cheated a couple times. I hope to make it through clean! 
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    chenmama got a reaction from roihus in May 1st Whole30   
    Sounds like a delicious meal! And very filling. 
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    chenmama reacted to GFChris in 95% gluten free and Paleoish already and starting Whole 30   
    I had been gluten-free for 6+ years when I did my first Whole30 in 2013.  I chose to go on a Whole30 because I wanted to consume more vegetables more frequently and stop unhealthy snacking habits (too many M&Ms, cheese, and corn chips). 
    It has changed the way I eat and my wine consumption. Specifically:
    - for me, the meal template is genius. It's how I design all my meals now.  
    - I now don't keep any grains, dairy or legumes in my house, and will eat non-gluten grains, dairy or legumes infrequently while dining out or at someone's house only if it's unique and special.
    - I've substantially decreased my wine consumption.
    - For a treat, I only eat quality dark chocolate sporadically. I don't keep it in the house - only buy it for company.

    All these changes, eating primarily Whole30-ish since then, and doing another Whole30 earlier this year, I'm down about 20 lbs from where I was 2 years ago this month. I'm happy to stay at this weight and shape for the long-term: recently tailored 2 suits to fit my new shape, as the pants were falling off me. 
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    chenmama reacted to drtracyb in Coping with Fibromyalgia: what works for you?   
    My fibromyalgia pain disappeared completely when I went whole30.  When I cheat, I ache the next day enough that I now rarely cheat.  My whole30 has ended up being a lifestyle.  My joint aches used to keep me awake at night.  I haven't tossed and turned since September 2013 when I did my first whole30.
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    chenmama reacted to Valmomy in Coping with Fibromyalgia: what works for you?   
    This is all so encouraging to me. I am Val, and I am determined to start my Whole30 on Wednesday May 1. I will admit, I am scared. I have so many health problems, and food allergies, and I feel overwhelmed by all the information. My issues are medium to bad fibromyalgia, low blood sugar, high bp, bad IBS, food allergies, thyroid replacement, and weight gain. I also have chronic vertigo. After all the reading, I can see that it really is so much about the food, and gut health. And yet I feel scared. I am mostly afraid of low blood sugar problems. I need something in my purse at all times, or else. I am not really sure what to put IN my purse. I was told to try raisins, all natural shredded coconut, and sunflower seeds. I am intending to go to the food store Monday, prep on Tuesday, and then start on Wednesday. I will do more research tomorrow. My cousins have had GREAT success with this. And my fibromyalgia is so bad it is crippling me, so SOMETHING has to give. I am excited, in spite of my nervousness, but could use support. I think I will find it here :-)
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    chenmama reacted to NatPatJen in Coping with Fibromyalgia: what works for you?   
    hey there - i have dealt with mild to medium fibro for a few years after a very difficult injury. until the Whole30, eating Gluten, MSG, and sugar were the fastest routes to fibro pain; avoiding them mostly solved it. I can say that on a clean Whole30 the pain decreases even more; i believe it's the decrease in inflammation (both itself, and inflammed tissues closing in on hyper nerves). going without nightshades (AIP variation) has been relatively easy, but i can't say it's changed my world. being affected by nightshades is definitely an individual issue. and yes, you have to avoid red pepper, paprika, and all chile powders.
    we're about 2 mos post Whole30 and the only foods we've added have been grain-free granola bars to beef up calories. this includes the addition of the only sweeteners we use - maple syrup or dates. we've felt no change in our various issues or negative affects with these additions.
    as for nondietary stuff, i have to keep exercise fairly calm when i'm feeling higher pain levels (walks, gentle yoga, easy bikes rides) and when i feel good i take advantage and work out hard. however, i only work hard when fit. pushing past your limits while dealing with fibro will only stress your system in my opinion. you'll crash. however, zero exercise would be even worse. it's a matter of being cautious and self-aware both before and after exercise. also, check out the pre and post workout eating suggestions from ISWF to help prevent any crashes.
    i seem to need 9 hours of sleep. i can live on 8, but i wake on my own, feeling good, at 9. and i never change my sleep schedule. ever; period.
    you may consider seeing a naturopath to see what supplements will work best for you. magnesium & fish oil for instance.
    finally, and i would tell this to EVERYone...don't skimp on the sweet potatoes and squash. without them, you may deal with low blood pressure (and therefore weakness, dizziness, and fatique) and/or low moods. we need that energy and serotonin! not every1 has issues without these carbs, but if i don't get two full servings a day i get sad or cranky and low BP. i work full time, exercise everyday, and cook constantly. i don't have time for low moods.
    be well!
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    chenmama reacted to paulabirdy in Coping with Fibromyalgia: what works for you?   
    I am wondering if any other fibro sufferers out there can chime in with any bits of advice about what has helped to alleviate your symptoms. I am at day 37 and, to be honest, not feeling that great. I started with the basic Whole30 plus no nightshades and will probably also drop eggs and nuts in the next few weeks. However, since these are pretty big, potentially long-term changes for me that often require that I often eat a separate meal from my family, I am trying to keep things as small-scale as possible.
    So, if you don't mind taking a minute to let me/us know what has helped you, I would be so grateful! I am especially interested in the following:
    -- Did you do the regular Whole30 or the AIP? Either way, how long did it take for you to get relief?
    -- If you avoid nightshades, are you also careful about spices?
    -- Have you been able to add any foods back to your diet after you finished the Whole30?
    -- How much do you feel that exercise helps you?
    -- How much do you need to sleep at night?
    Some other info about me: I have a fairly mild case of fibromyalgia, but since I spend all day taking care of 2 young children I am very keen to get some energy back if nothing else. I think that some aspects of my health (allergies, headaches, blood sugar crashes, skin problems) have improved over course of the Whole30, but off/on pain and exhaustion continue. I felt really terrible the first three weeks of the Whole30 and am finally perking up, but things still aren't great. I do supplement with magnesium, a probiotic, and fermented cold liver oil.
    Honestly, I am so tempted to eat the (good, homemade) food I feed my kids sometimes that I just about lose my mind. I just want to know that this is going to be worth it in the end!
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    chenmama reacted to Hbombdiggity71 in Doing Whole30 to kick Fibromyalgia's butt!!! Day 2!   
    I have a friend who had fibro and would love for her to try W30.  She is not open to the idea...yet.  I'm going to keep working on her.
    I've had such great success I want everyone I know who has a bad relationship with food to try it.  The friends and family that I have successfully introduced to W30 have thanked me for helping them change their lives.
    Be patient, it may take longer than 30 days to change your life.  I've been at it for 6 months but it does get easier with every passing day.
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    chenmama reacted to Helene2310 in Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue   
    Thanks for starting the thread! I've been battling CFS/EBV for about 3 years. I have dipped into whole30 since October and have seen slow progress. I have to admit due to the holidays I haven't been 100% compliant but I am now on day 5 and I am fully committed!
    I am doing the autoimmune protocol to really kick start my body and help heal my body, even though it is strict I can really see a difference with cutting out the extra things. I have been slowly trying to get back into exercise, some days it's just impossible. I would love to hear any suggestions anyone has??
    Here's to healing fibromyalgia/cfs!!
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    chenmama reacted to jmcbn in 95% gluten free and Paleoish already and starting Whole 30   
    I came to whole30 having eaten fairly strict primal for 2-3 years. I hadn't eaten any processed food in at least that length of time, and I removed grains one at a time until I was eating gluten containing grains only for the very odd cheat meal. I avoided sulphites/sulphates & was *aware* of added sugar, but it wasn't a big deal if I ate any. Like kirkor I was fond of hard apple cider, and gin. 

    I didn't really have weight to lose, but I *have* seen my body composition change as the weeks have gone on.

    Like ladyshanny I've completely lost the 'need' to snack and I would have previously snacked on dried fruit & nuts mid morning, pretty much every morning. Now I'm a strict 3 meals a day girl, and I believe eating this way is keeping my moods on an even keel, keeping my blood sugars stable, and generally keeping my body functioning better - apart from one blip two weeks in when I learned about the need (for me) of an early morning preWO meal. I like that I'm now in a position where I can pinpoint foods that cause me digestive distress, and feel empowered with that knowledge to decide what does or what doesn't warrant a reintro.

    Whole30 has made *me* the boss of me  
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    chenmama reacted to kirkor in 95% gluten free and Paleoish already and starting Whole 30   
    Correct, very few obvious changes, just a general sense that I was "running better" (not to stretch the automotive analogies too thin). I've long been fairly lean and active, and so I haven't been looking for any weight changes, either up or down. Any weight I've dropped recently is probably just some incidental water weight that fell off once I went ketogenic on purpose earlier this year.
    Upon further reflection, I want to clarify that I was saying I'm like @melgirl33 in that I came from a 90-95% paleo/gluten free perspective, not a 90-95% W30-compliant perspective ---- I used to do my fair share of rice, oats, hard apple cider, and peanut M&M's. 
    But with each Whole30, I ask myself "Why reintro XYZ?" If an item is worth cutting out for 30 days, even if you follow a proper re-intro and have no ill reaction, at BEST you can say about that food is that it's "not apparently acutely harmful". There's no way any of the non-compliant foods can be categorized as "enhances health". So when the scale runs from "super bad" to "*meh*", why include them at all? It was thoughts like this that prompted my Project X endeavor.
    The negatives of never reintro'ing anything seem to mainly be about boredom and social pressure. These are certainly valid reasons, because W30 as we know is as much about our mental relationship with food as it is the physical. But I think if you come at it from a perspective of optimization rather than restriction, things seem a lot less boring and inconvenient.
    The restriction aspect is one downside of the 30 day approach -- people see the "light at the end of the tunnel", and think about ways to weave back in some of the non-compliant foods after they're "done with the program". The re-intro phase and the ride your own bike messages are awesome ways to downplay this "finish line" mentality, and hopefully helps avoid the yo-yo-ing that @melgirl33 mentions in her OP.
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    chenmama reacted to melgirl33 in 95% gluten free and Paleoish already and starting Whole 30   
    Curious to hear from others who already ate mainly clean food and gluten free and how going onto a Whole 30 changed you? 
    Currently I have days where I eat paleo all day, and days where I will eat things like quinoa, hummus, mary's gone crackers sort of things. Lately I have been having some dairy as well, mainly grass fed cheese, goats cheese. 
    Anyway, I am excited to see the effects of the Whole 30 program. I have never committed to something like this for 30 days. I am guessing doing this yo yo sort of thing isn't good and putting in the 30+ days really makes a difference. 
    I have a chronic case of plantar fasciitis that is 50% better and I want to kick it's butt for good! 
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    chenmama reacted to LivelyLady in May 1st Whole30   
    Welcome! I've done two successful ones, one of which was a Whole55, but recently keep screwing myself up in my attempts. I thought last week was going to be week 1 but I made intentionally bad choices because I'm human. Soooo, today is Day 1 again for me as well. (I like the clean-ness of May 1. ) 
    It's so frustrating that we as humans KNOW how good this is for us but our silly brains talk us out of it sometimes. I'm determined to finish it this time and it sounds like you are too.  
    This is just one personal experience, but I realized I have to do this one without any fruit at all. It sets off my sugar dragon big time and is what led me to then make poor choices later that day. I had a few oranges at night one night last week because I had a sore throat and within an hour I was convincing myself that May 1 was a better start date ... ahem.  I don't know how you do with fruit but it's just food for thought.  
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    chenmama reacted to roihus in May 1st Whole30   
    I've been struggling to get breakfast down! It's hard on the weekends, because we sleep later so I'm not hungry until lunchtime! Today was the first day I chowed down on breakfast, Pulled pork, onion, and kale fritatta with side of green beans, mushrooms, red pepper, and onion.
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    chenmama reacted to roihus in May 1st Whole30   
    This is my third attempt at completeing a Whole30. We mostly eat Paleo but I've gotten off track recently and it's time to get my head back in the game. This is my first time joining the forum and signing up for the Whole30 Daily email. I've got a good support system at home but am excited to officially join the Whole30 community. Let's do this!