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  1. WozniakSue

    Up and down on this diet

    Yes that's what I mean. I digest fish swimmingly . Glad to know that this makes me a good candidate for digestive enzymes. I don't like to take supplements that I don't need. I also have another drink that really helps, prescribed by a naturopath: 1/4 c. unsweetened cranberry juice, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water. This is refreshing, delicious, alkalizing, and really helps my elimination. It's a bit crazy, but the strong acidity somehow has an alkalizing effect digestively. I do use sauerkraut and find that also helps. It just seems to take an awful lot of focus for me to have proper elimination. Thanks
  2. WozniakSue

    Up and down on this diet

    Thanks for your reply. I do take magnesium twice a day, and that does help. I also pay attention to posture, do squats, keep my body upright. I do fine with fish, but don't want to overdo it for either the fish's sake or potential contaminant intake with fish in general. I guess I will try a digestive enzyme for the meat. I wonder, though, if I could strategize when I eat my fruit for this sake. I do feel the enzymes in fruit and sense that that helps. Just don't want to overdo it on that either.
  3. WozniakSue

    Up and down on this diet

    Hello I am feeling a lot better now. So much better that I didn't even know what day I was on! Just checked, and it's day 16 (I think!). I made a few changes to the initial diet, all of which seem like they helped: added more protein to every meal diversified vegetables: I'm now eating more starchy vegetables, witha balance of cooked and raw. I used to eat mostly raw fruit: I thought I had understood that fruit should pretty much not be eaten at all. Then I got the Whole30 book and read the whole thing. Now I know it's okay to eat fruit, so I'm eating about 2 pieces per day. My energy is more consistent and mostly I'm not getting hungry between meals (although sometimes at night still). I sometimes have to add a 4th meal, and I'm sure to include all the elements and the right balance still. The issue I've had more trouble with recently is elmiination in the digestive sense. This diet is not too dissimilar to what I ate previously. I was a pescatarian without dairy, however. The addition of meat, while it gives me more energy, I find takes longer to eliminate. The other change is that I ate granola for breakfast, and that was a really strong digestive aid. I have adapted by starting with a raw vegetable, like half a cucumber, 2 cups of coffee, and sitting down to read the paper. That helps, but it's still not as easy to eliminate as it was with the granola. My system tends towards constipation, so this may be more of an issue for me than most. I wonder, though, if you have thoughts on elimination that could help. Granola is really the only thing that I miss, and for this purpose. These are the things I've done to help: make sure I'm drinking a lot of water between and not with meals, both lukewarm and hot 2-3 cups of coffee a day regular exercise several times a day (having a dog helps!, plus strength training and running) fruit: I do feel the enzymes in fruit help my digestion. I'm not sure that I have gotten down the best timing to eat it for this purpose. I don't feel my body is responding to the sugar in fruit. I'm not craving it in that sense. I appreciate your thoughts. I could certainly write down a day's worth of eating if that helps. Much appreciated!
  4. WozniakSue

    Up and down on this diet

    That sounds great. Oh I also remembered I ate a huge pile of steamed broccoli with sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil. Usually getting enough veggies are not my problem, but protein is probably a bigger one. I noticed that I've gone through half a jar of coconut oil in just a week, so I think I'm doing okay on the oils too. I'll check back in in a week and pay attention to this template. Thanks!
  5. WozniakSue

    Up and down on this diet

    Sounds good. Here was my diet yesterday: Yesterday (hunger day) Breakfast: 2 palmfuls of sauteed shrimp with 2 thumbs coconut oil and red pepper 1 cup spinach wilted on top of shrimp 1/2 of a plantain sauteed with coconut oil 1/2 avocado Lunch: salmon burger (not ingredients off the list, mostly just salmon) 1 cup roasted kale (thought I was full, but this probably wasn't sufficient since I got hungry by 4:00) Dinner: 2 handfuls almonds 1 avocado 1 cup roasted kale 3 nori rolls with nori, raw green onions, carrots, cilantro (yes, pretty empty!) 1/2 apple 1/2 unsweetened cashew milk (Silk, no ingredients off the list) coffee tea `1/3 cucumber with 2 tablespoons almond butter The few days before this were similar, except I had meat chili for lunch and dinner or pork chops one night. I was wanting to get back to fish rather than meat or pork, since I was a vegetarian prior to this. So maybe this is my problem. Maybe I do need the heavier meat still.
  6. WozniakSue

    Up and down on this diet

    Sorry to have used the word "diet". I did not mean it in a weight loss sense. I tend to think of diet as how I eat and behave throughout my life, so I have a much broader definition in my head. Yeah I still think I got my proportions right, I just don't know why I was so dissatisfied and feel like I have gone backwards in my overall feeling of health today. I will definitely keep my meals clumped together. Is it normal, though, to have ups and downs in feelings or hunger, satisfaction, digestion and the rest?
  7. I am on day 8 and mostly doing great! Yesterday I was on top of the world - fabulous energy, digestion, clarity of mind. Then I didn't eat dinner soon enough, got too hungry. I didn't eat anything off the diet for dinner, but ate over several hours rather than all at once (more like snacking). Today I'm back to feeling hungry, foggy, less energy, almost back to how I felt before diet. Ugh! Are these fluctuations normal? Should I really prioritize keeping the meal together? Was that the thing that probably made the difference? I appreciate thoughts from the Whole30 wise. Sue