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  1. mcki0133

    Starting May 1!

    The weekend went well for me --- but, today I seem to be wanting EVERYTHING. I literally took a walk to remove myself from work situations that were tempting....just keep swimming!
  2. mcki0133

    Starting May 1!

    How did everyone do yesterday? I went to grocery store and bought the nutpods for my coffee...surprisingly, they they tasted great! That will be a staple for me -- also purchased some of the primal kitchen dressings that are W30 approved. Good Luck today!
  3. mcki0133

    Starting May 1!

    Happy May Day!!! Good Luck everyone --- we got this! I have the Whole30 Day by Day's awesome. Lots of tips/tricks and ideas on how to be successful. Eggs, broccoli, pico and avocado for breakfast today!
  4. mcki0133

    Starting May 1!

    Is everyone ready to start up tomorrow?! What are you doing today/tonight to prepare? This is my second Whole30 so I'm trying to remember some of the recipes, etc. that I liked from last time. The Whole30 Chili and Shepards Pie is awesome -- I also enjoyed making the mayo and using that as a fat. I also plan to grill my chicken this evening and get my veggies prepped! We got this!
  5. mcki0133

    Starting May 1!

    Hi! I will be starting on May 1st as well -- I did my first Whole30 3 years ago and want to give it another try