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    juliejane68 reacted to murraygold in Day 29 and just a little amazed at myself...   
    When I wrote the original post of my experience as of Day 29, I was upbeat and happy, and glad to share my "success story".   Then I read the reply by Tom Denham, a Moderator for the Whole30 program.   If I had written a response yesterday, it would have been a short two word reply, but I decided to think about it and sleep on it.   I did both and here is my reply to Tom and to others.    Tom, you are implying that I did not complete the Whole 30 program and that I failed because I chose to weigh myself during the 30 days.  You couldn't be more wrong....and you can't take that achievement away from me.   I was 100% faithful to the food rules...let me repeat, 100% faithful. And for doing that, I was rewarded with many positive changes, physically and mentally.   Tom, if you had read my post with an open-heart, you would realize how wrong your statement was when you said that I let the scale guide my behavior...if that was true, I would have stopped the program on Day 7 or 8 when I stopped losing any more weight.    But I didn't stop because of all the other positive things that where happening, as I outlined in my original post.   You may think I was not fully engaged in the program and you are free to have that opinion...but I felt fully engaged and reaped positive rewards for my efforts.   The only negative experience I had during the past 30 days was reading Tom's reply which felt shaming and pious.  
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    juliejane68 reacted to murraygold in Day 29 and just a little amazed at myself...   
    Yes, I've almost completed the Whole30 program...two days left.   And yes, I'm feeling a little amazed at myself that I have done this.   Not one single slip-up on the food...not even sneaking in a bit of french vanilla creamer into my coffee 
    The first week saw an exhilarating drop in blood pressure which was so motivating to stick to the plan.   And here I will do my one confession...the one suggestion that I did not heed was to not step on the scale...that is just not in me to do.   Week 2 my weight stabilized and so did the blood pressure numbers, those even climbed back up a bit...but not to my beginning numbers.    Yet, my motivation stayed strong because three other things were happening...(1) my taste buds were alive and well, delighting in meals of fresh vegetables, crisp fruits, deviled eggs made with my homemade mayonnaise, chicken thighs with homemade marinara.  (2)  Evening snacking came to a halt!   No more listening to that voice in my head telling me it was time to open the refrigerator door and eat something, anything...actually it wasn't a matter of not listening to that voice...there was no voice!   Sugar and carb cravings were simply gone.  (3) And maybe most importantly was my mood shift.   Right now my husband is working out of town and gone for weeks at a time.  Before starting Whole30 I was experiencing some really low moods...who knew (I didn't) that sugar could cause/worsen depression.   I've been happy for the past 29 days...nothing beats that feeling.   
    I was a pretty healthy eater before Whole30 but this experience opened my eyes to the hidden sugars and chemicals in processed foods.   Making homemade mayonnaise and salad dressings will continue.   Even healthy whole grains and legumes and dairy will be incorporated with moderation and forethought...not mindlessly.   Bring on the brussel sprouts slaw, the roasted butternut squash, kale salads and spinach in my smoothies.   
    What a positive experience this has been!