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  1. bmob

    Day 30 - I made it !!!

    Congrats for making it all the way through! Sharing success strengthens us all! I really appreciate it!
  2. bmob

    My Whole30

    Congrats! Sounds like you had a lot of non-scale victories in addition to your impressive scale victory! Keeping doing what you are doing! It is a struggle daily, I know this firsthand. I think reading both books does help alot. I also watched some documentaries on the effect that terrible eating has on us on netflix on a day that was particularly hard for me. Coming here for support is great! Strength in numbers! Nice to get advice from those who have gone before us.
  3. bmob

    So today is day 30...

    I really hope you can figure out what is going on with your chronic swelling and other medical conditions. I really hope that following the autoimmune is a breakthrough for you! Good Luck!
  4. bmob

    Day 31 & a mixed bag of results

    Having only non-scale victories is kinda tough. I think we are so conditioned to feel victory only when the scale moves in a downward direction. I think doing Whole30 with a friend and taking a picture of each meal and describing how you cooked it helps to make sure that you are following whole 30 correctly. Reread the books and see if you have different results with tiger blood during the 2nd round. Good luck!
  5. bmob

    Living "Whole" for a Whole Year

    Congrats!!! Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing.