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  1. Help! I am trying to find the Facebook live recording Melissa did regarding Real Plans. Can anyone help? Thanks, Leora
  2. I am starting tomorrow too! Good luck to you! I love the wristband idea!
  3. SeaSnax Sale on Groupon

    You can find it under "GOODS."
  4. My Whole Start to Success

    I loved ready about your experience. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Sleep vs exercise

    Tom, I'd love to know about your kitchen and shower yoga poses! Thanks!
  6. How Many Whole30's Have You Completed?

    HI! I am finishing my third Whole30. For some reason (probably a complicated set of reasons), I felt best during my second round. Still, I think each time it becomes more about a new lifestyle...so that coming to the end of the 30 days doesn't mean all that much!
  7. So, I've got some frustration in this area too! I am in my 3rd Whole30. The best thing about round 2 was that I became completely regular...once daily like you say. Now, I think I am dealing with constipation and general GI discomfort. I added the magnesium but not magic just yet.
  8. Cast Iron Question?

    Is it a bad idea to season my cast iron pan with (compliant) bacon fat? Thanks!
  9. Reheating Johnny's Meatloaf?

    When I used the microwave, it came out kind of dried out...
  10. Reheating Johnny's Meatloaf?

    I'm wondering if folks have suggestions for reheating Johnny's fabulous meatloaf. I sense that the microwave is not the way to go. Ideas?
  11. First time post, Whole 30 Day 28!!

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
  12. Approved Sweeteners

    So, I have the same question about diet soda. I gave up Diet Coke with my first Whole30 in October. It has been 7 months since I have had diet soda. I no longer crave it. I am wondering if this is something I can reintroduce every once in a while when not doing a Whole30. So far, I haven't. I am wondering what others are doing about this....
  13. Congratulations to you!!!
  14. Just finished ground beef lettuce wraps with sweet potatoes and guacamole. Yum!
  15. Cooking with Olive Oil?

    I know that we are discouraged from using olive oil with high heat. Is that because the high heat makes the oil bad for us (unhealthy)?