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  1. Eetzurbrainzz

    The crazy things people say

    On a much less ranty note, my favorite reaction when people ask about my "diet" is: "Oh, I could never do that." I usually just smile a pained smile and think, "Oh, you definitely just don't want to." I want to tell them not to sell themselves short; they're certainly capable! Another thing I thought was funny was how surprised people were at how much I spend on groceries every week. I got the eyebrow raise, and "What??!! You spend $165 for 2 people??? I spend just over $100 for a family of four..." We tried explaining how we fill our cart with fresh veggies and good proteins. Also when you do the math, it's just under $25 a day, which I really don't think is horrible, especially since we're eating three huge delicious meals every single day. Just priorotize your budget! I also didn't bother mentioning that $165 is actually a cheap week for us...
  2. Eetzurbrainzz

    The crazy things people say

    I just saw an Atkins commercial that really ticked me was advertising "candies" so that people who "missed indulging" on their sweets could satisfy (fall victim to) their cravings. The commercial ended with some stupid slogan like "Cut carbs...lose weight." Really???? I guess it's just after all I've learned about being healthy from Whole30, stuff like this just really gets under my skin. First of all, they're wrong about cutting carbs altogether, but it's also horrible that they're pushing these sugar-alcohol laden, chemically formulated balls of garbage on these poor misguided people. Oh, sure, you'll lose some weight, but you'll be spending some "quality" time with your toilet! Those rotten things wreck your system. I'd rather be pudgy than be sick from eating fake "diet" candy. People need to wake up and educate themselves about what they're doing to their bodies. End rant. Thanks for reading.