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  1. Daryl Mitchell

    Your supplement Laundry list

    Fish oil Vitamin D3 Probiotic BCAA (pill form)
  2. Daryl Mitchell

    Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    I started a Whole "whatever." I have done 3 Whole 30's in the past but want to go longer this time. I turn 40 in March and looking to go till then. I have started cooking my meats for salads/meals, sweet potatos for post wod recovery and gathering a few new recipes here and there. Time to settle in for the long haul.
  3. Daryl Mitchell

    Starting August 1!

    The only disappointment I had was my blood pressure was up this morning at the doctors. I am hoping it is due to stress and perhaps over-training. I am taking today off if not tomorrow as well. The doctor said my lower number (90) was borderline and thought it might be hereditary. He was thinking about meds (I am thinking I am finding a different doc). My last blood pressure, which was when I did my first whole 30 9 months ago was significantly lower. It could also have been the fact that I knew they were drawing blood and though I don't fear needles exactly, I definitely don't look forward to them.
  4. Daryl Mitchell

    Starting August 1!

    It seems my stomach is finally calming down. I am falling asleep quickly but not sure I am sleeping well. Yesterday's WOD was rough on the energy level and I found myself adding in an extra banana as I really felt depeleted. I need to focus more on the healthy fats as much as possible. I think the big win for me this go around is adding new veggies and really focusing on eating as many of them as possible. I have been into roasting brussels sprouts, and also new dishes, other than spanish "rice" using rice'd cauliflower. I also bought an Jicama and have been looking at a few recipes to try with it. At least we are almost 1/2 way done. This is my 3rd Whole 30 and think it is a lot easier in some ways but has been harder in others due to a lot of life related stress that has come up lately.
  5. Daryl Mitchell

    Starting August 1!

    Last week I was under the force of one dragon or another. The family made several comments that I was a bear. I am thinking it was the wine dragon as even a banana didn't seem to take the edge off. At least this is gone now. The two things that have continued is a lot of gas and a lot of really messed up dreams. Maybe the gas is from all of the cauliflower I have been eating as spanish "rice" is one of my normal lunch go-to's or perhaps the brussells sprouts and other things I have been eating more of is causing it. I wouldn't even know where to start with analyzing the dreams I have been having. Energy has been pretty normal, though some of the lifts at Crossfit that I have not had trouble with were a bit more difficult, but think there are some other things at play with this like the tree limb that jumped out and smacked me in the head while mountain biking (thank goodness for helmets).
  6. Daryl Mitchell

    Starting August 1!

    I never start out giving up coffee, but it has been a positive "side-effect" for me in my prior two Whole 30's. I do however try to cut-back from 2 cups of coffee a day to 1 immediately and then transition to decalf for a day or two (blah). By the end of the 2nd week I am back to just water or sometimes tea.
  7. Daryl Mitchell

    Starting August 1!

    I am starting my 3rd Whole 30 tomorrow as well. To many summer drinks and "paleo treats" have me feeling down and out. It is time to get back to feeling great.
  8. Daryl Mitchell

    Breakfast an hour after getting up?

    Breakfast is very difficult for me MWF which is when I am at Crossfit for the morning session. I find that if I eat 7 or 8 Macadamia's and maybe a couple slices of Prosciutto or an egg I am ok. I can onlyl handle one egg else I get indigestion, which is not great when you're hammering out wall balls and kettlebell swings. I then follow up with some chicken tenderloins and sweet potatoes. I am not sure I get 2 cups worth, as that is a bit difficult based on my crunched timeline, but maybe I need to come up with something other than sweet potatoes for my post work-out breakfast.
  9. Daryl Mitchell

    Official 1/1/13 Start Group

    This is also my 2nd go around. I gained a few pounds over the holidays even though I eat primarily eat Paleo. Too many Paleo cookies and some diversion off the road with drinks. My challenge will be to take my best friend out for his bachelor party and stay Whole 30. I can use the excuse of being the designated driver though. I do Crossfit but was having medical issues during that time on my first run and still lost 12lbs. I hope that now that I am back to Crossfit 5 days a week that doing the Whole 30 will greatly improve how I feel and the over-all results, even if it is just losing the holiday weight. I have been working through the pre/post work-out food more this go around and hope to try new recipes. I had too many go-to recipes last go around and it did get a bit boring. I want to liven it up. Good luck everyone!
  10. Daryl Mitchell

    Whole30 and Five Guys

    Now just have to find out about Burgatory
  11. Daryl Mitchell

    First time Crossfit

    My box only has one instructor, and he tries to divide people up by skills, but some classes are multi-level and he usually integrates new people into the beginner or multi-level classes. He will pull new people to the front and keep a closer eye on them and he stresses beginner mechanics and works with scalable exercises for them. He also points out that they should not focus on what the others are doing but what they are doing themselves. With that said, enjoy it. It is quite an experience and once you get going with it, it becomes addictive. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Make sure you have extra in case you need it afterwards. Have a snack such as some chicken cubes, and either sweet potato chunks or maybe some black berries for afterwards. You will need to get some energy in shortly after the work out. Most of all have fun,
  12. Daryl Mitchell

    Monkey Wrench or Driving Reason

    So last Monday I went to the surgeon, and the knot, that my PCP thought was a hernia was almost gone. The surgeon went through a thorough examination and said he didn't find a hernia. He said I did have an unusual amount of scar tissue from where the umbilical healed when I was a child. He noticed that my skin was baggy and asked if I had lost a lot of weight. I told him my story, about Crossfit, etc. The idea is that I now have built up my abs and that my new found muscles were pressing against the scar tissue causing irritation and inflamation . He told me that I was fine and my body would adjust. So I went back to Crossfit the next day, and my energy levels have been great, even today after moving furniture all weekend, I kicked butt on the WOD. I just need to focus in on eating more sweet potatoes after CF to help my energy levels stay focused.
  13. Usually a pear or apple and some macadamia nuts. In my crossfit class, we have discussed how an apple seems to give us a boost in the gym. I have noticed the same things with pears. Blackberries and Strawberries are my 3rd option, or I will grab a banana if that is all I have available. As soon as I get to work, I kill down some boiled eggs to get some protein in.
  14. Daryl Mitchell

    Beef Broth without SUGAR

    So yeast extract is ok? I just ran down to the store and saw yeast and put it back. I finally found something that had various stocks of beef, veggies and veal. It said spices and is all natural, but said nothing of sugar. Worries me about what "spices" mean.
  15. Daryl Mitchell

    Monkey Wrench or Driving Reason

    I was able to find that riding a recumbent bike is ok. 40 minutes on it at what used to be my upper capacity, before I started Crossfit, and I barely broke a sweat. I just don't want to get into the "chronic cardio" ditch either. I am going to try to mix it up the best I can.