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    Flavored Coffee

    Thank you!!!
  2. LAA100606

    Flavored Coffee
  3. LAA100606

    Flavored Coffee

    Thanks!! I do use cinnamon and such to flavor my coffee now... I bought this bag and didn't think about it until after the fact. I won't use it until I know for sure, or until I find out it's not-useable. I will be searching Starbucks!! Thank you!
  4. LAA100606

    Flavored Coffee

    I recently bought a bag of ground Starbucks for use at home, and it is caramel flavored. The only ingredients listed are "coffee" and "natural flavors"... my gut is telling me that it is fine and there is not any sugar substances in it because they would have to label that... however, I wanted to know if anyone had a "TRUE" answer to that. Anyone know? I'm going to do some more internet scouring myself. Thank you in advance for any help you may offer!!