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  1. cranberriez

    Can't find canned sweet potatoes w/out sugar

    Newbie here. I boiled yams as a substitute. Dry! I'll use pumpkin or look for the real deal next time I guess.
  2. cranberriez

    Starting May 20!- Today :)

    I'm happy I found you fellow 520ers. I started on the same day too. So we are on day 13. How are you all doing? My biggest challenge has been preparing foods. But I've been able to do it. I do have better energy levels. My primary goal is for weight loss - I still look 4 months pregnant. The kid is three and a half. So I'm happy that my clothes feel like they fit better now.
  3. cranberriez

    I made a rookie mistake!

    Shannon, the pork was so oily from the clarified butter I cooked it in that I didn't think of adding more. Thanks for the reminder. I will definitely roast some beets and sweet potatoes and add these next time.
  4. cranberriez

    I made a rookie mistake!

    I made it through day 1. I was very full after M1 and M2 and didn't feel like snacking but after M3 I am wanting more food. I had a salad (greens, peppers, grapes, organic apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper) and some minced pork left over from yesterdays lunch. I may need to increase my protein intake at night.
  5. Luckily it was on day 1! Was making M3 when I realized that part of M2 was made with oil containing soybean oil! Back on track tomorrow.
  6. cranberriez

    OMG - did I goof?

    Thanks @GFChris! I did find that my avocado wasn't ripe enough to eat and the apple was too big. So I'm still learning.
  7. cranberriez

    OMG - did I goof?

    I am a newbie and am following the 7 day plan in the Whole 30 book. The quoted statement directly contradicts the book which had me doing a spinach fritatta, side of fruit and avocado. Can someone clarify?
  8. cranberriez

    How to rescue Cauliflower Mash that's runny

    Thanks guys! I will try to cook it down and if that doesn't work I'll add some potatoes.
  9. Hi all, I am on my first day of my first Whole 30. I tried the cauliflower mash recipe from the Whole 30 book and apparently missed the part about adding the liquids gradually. So now I could possibly drink the dish through a straw. Can it be saved? Thanks!