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    edgymama reacted to ladyshanny in Whole30 Approved at Walmart!   
    Haha, good plan!!!!!
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    edgymama reacted to ladyshanny in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    Trying to eat through the fridge before we leave on holidays creates some...er....odd meals.
    Breakfast this morning:
    Bed of spinach
    Leftover grilled peppers & pineapple (note, the pineapple was SO tart when I cut it earlier this week that it was inedible.  Grilling it made it so sweet it was like candy!)
    Chopped up chicken breast tossed in a 50/50 mix of mayo & Frank's Red Hot

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    edgymama reacted to Hannlib in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    Curry for breakfast today! the grilled chicken in curry sauce from the w30 book (oven baked not grilled). With green beans, cauli rice and cocoa toasted cauliflower. All leftovers, all delicious. I'm sad it's gone.
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    edgymama reacted to ShannonM816 in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    I'm not sure if this is breakfast, or more of a brunch, since I slept later than usual, but this is what I had for my first meal today:

    Elvis burger (hamburger patty topped with almond butter, banana, and bacon), collard greens, and sweet potatoes (yes, they were slightly burnt. One of these days I'll learn to set a timer). 
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    edgymama reacted to ladyshanny in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    Oh, fun!  
    As it is currently Eight Billion Degrees here today, I thought I'd start off this morning with a salad.  And yes, I ate it out of a huge tupperware because as we always say, your salad needs to be huge and all my large bowls were busy.  Contained potatoes, olives, pickles, peppers, tomatoes, greens, cucumbers, a hunk of meatloaf and this dressing.

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    edgymama reacted to Rebe_J in The crazy things people say   
    I've had people ask questions out of true curiosity and have tried to answer their questions briefly, then refer them to the books for further information.
    Critics.... I've tried to ignore them. It's been nearly 3 years since my first W30, and I basically do like the others above; ignore them and quietly eat what I eat. And feel really good about it....
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    edgymama got a reaction from GFChris in The crazy things people say   
    "Oh so it's like Atkins" 
    NO. Just No. It's called I am eating real food.
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    edgymama got a reaction from GFChris in The crazy things people say   
    "Oh so it's like Atkins" 
    NO. Just No. It's called I am eating real food.
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    edgymama got a reaction from GFChris in The crazy things people say   
    "Oh so it's like Atkins" 
    NO. Just No. It's called I am eating real food.
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    edgymama reacted to Biba26 in The crazy things people say   
    When I was breastfeeding my 6 month old baby my (overweight) Mother-in-Law was living with us and made so many comments on a daily basis:
    MIL: Don't you need a lot of protein for breastfeeding?
    Me: Well I eat eggs every breakfast and meat with lunch and dinner
    MIL: Eggs have protein?
    *hears baby crying/fussing*
    MIL: She is probably allergic to all the veggies you are eating.
    MIL: Are you sure you're making enough milk? You have no boobs anymore!
    (I am a B cup)
    Pediatrician: You're not feeding her cereal? She needs it to get her iron!
    MIL talking about my toddler: Her tooth enamel is going to erode from eating too much fruit.
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    edgymama reacted to Maureen Boyle in The crazy things people say   
    BF:  What are you eating?
    me: Scrambled eggs, sauerkraut and sweet potatoes
    BF:  Huh.  And you don't even flinch.
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    edgymama reacted to genghiskhym in The crazy things people say   
    co-worker: here, try these hummus chips. 
    me: no thanks.
    co-worker: they're healthy. they're made with garbanzo beans. 
    me: no thanks.
    co-worker: oh yeah, you're trying to be good. 
    Same co-worker started asking questions about my diet and was generally positive about it. She must be a people-pleaser because every time she eats something that's healthy to her she tells me about it. She did have an egg baked in an avocado -- with black beans though. This morning was funny:
    co-worker: I went out for chinese last night and if you don't eat the rice it's not that bad. I got the Happy Family with 3 different kinds of meat. Lots of protein! 
    me: i wonder what kind of oil they use.
    co-worker: oh yeah. it's probably peanut oil.
    I'm thinking soy sauce, flour and/or cornstarch, MSG, but I didn't say anything else. 
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    edgymama reacted to jviher in The crazy things people say   
    "But you're so skinny! You don't need to go on a diet!!"
    This made me very uncomfortable in the beginning, but those who cared enough to ask good questions quickly changed their tune. 
    "So how's your 'dinosaur diet' going?!"
    I guess Whole30 = paleo = cavemen = ... dinosaurs?
    "Oh! I once did a two week juice cleanse!"
    Does this sound possibly dangerous/counterintuitive to anyone else? lol
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    edgymama reacted to kirkor in The crazy things people say   
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    edgymama reacted to MrsPefy13 in The crazy things people say   
    I overheard my coworkers talking about weight loss today and I just HAD to share this gem:
    "Well, you know women are only supposed to have 1200 - 1500 calories per day"

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    edgymama reacted to Rebe_J in The crazy things people say   
    Being the smart-a$$ that I am, I like to ask these people this question. "Have you priced a heart attack lately? How about a stroke? The daily rate in ICU?"
    Husband and I have had NO medical bills (other than preventative & exams) since 2008. We take no prescription medicines. I'm 62 and he's 71. A big part is genetic, I know, but IMO, lifestyle often trumps genes.
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    edgymama reacted to Physibeth in The crazy things people say   
    LOL! I really hope you looked at this friend and said with a straight face something like "tasty tasty animals". 
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    edgymama reacted to ghennessy in The crazy things people say   
    friend: "do you eat cheese"
    me: no
    friend: "how do you get protein??"
    ...i cant
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    edgymama reacted to SugarcubeOD in The crazy things people say   
    I find it hilarious when people tout that they 'only' spend $100 a week for a family of four... I hear that all the time and the next question I ask is 'do you count all the money from eating out in that $100?' The answer is always, well no, you said 'groceries'. And I say, yes well everything that goes into my mouth, including beverages, is made out of INGREDIENTS in my kitchen... so it's not really fair to compare your $100 for a family of four, plus eating out to my '$100/week'. Duh!
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    edgymama reacted to JulieP757 in The crazy things people say   
    Good food is my #1 expense.  It is about priorities  I don't eat out much, so there are savings there.
    My aunt "But Special K is good for you".  Um - no it's not.
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    edgymama reacted to Eetzurbrainzz in The crazy things people say   
    On a much less ranty note, my favorite reaction when people ask about my "diet" is: "Oh, I could never do that."  I usually just smile a pained smile and think, "Oh, you definitely could...you just don't want to."  I want to tell them not to sell themselves short; they're certainly capable!
    Another thing I thought was funny was how surprised people were at how much I spend on groceries every week.  I got the eyebrow raise, and "What??!! You spend $165 for 2 people??? I spend just over $100 for a family of four..." We tried explaining how we fill our cart with fresh veggies and good proteins.  Also when you do the math, it's just under $25 a day, which I really don't think is horrible, especially since we're eating three huge delicious meals every single day.  Just priorotize your budget!
    I also didn't bother mentioning that $165 is actually a cheap week for us...
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    edgymama reacted to ladyshanny in The crazy things people say   
    They also paint all humans with the same brush (cut carbs, lose weight) and they forget to mention "Cut carbs, lose your mother effing mind for 2 weeks a month, nearly get divorced, have high anxiety, lose focus, wicked headache, oh we're sorry, women actually need carbs but screw your physical needs, LOSE WEIGHT."
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    edgymama reacted to Carlaccini in The crazy things people say   
    This was a couple of years ago where I went to a restaurant (I believe they are a chain of restaurants in Western Canada) where they specify that they have a gluten free menu options.
    So I ordered a bunless burger and a salad which had a variety of nuts, seeds etc. added to the salad.  The waitress then argued with me that if I was gluten and dairy sensitive I should order the salad without the nuts.  I told her that unless the nuts and seeds were coated with flour, that they should be fine.  She looked at me strange at that point - like I didn't know what I was talking about.
    I had no real issue with the waitress herself - after all not everyone is aware of what a gluten sensitivity is.  However, I was slightly appalled that a restaurant that market's itself  as GF - doesn't take the time to explain to the staff what GF actually is.....
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    edgymama reacted to Physibeth in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    I am! I think one more would tip the ship. I remember reading in something Melissa posted that Dallas can hold more eggs when he is very hungry though.