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  1. missmichelle82_

    would like to know tips for clarifying my own butter

    Yay, I'm glad I found this thread! I bought 2 blocks of unsalted kerrygold over the weekend and plan on following the recipe for ghee in Nom Nom Paleo. I'm so excited. I LOVE ghee! I never thought I would like butter so much. I'm a big fan of OMghee but thought I'd try to save some money and see if I could make it myself.
  2. missmichelle82_

    tikka masala

    Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna give this a shot. I love chicken tikka masala and haven't had it in so long because of the heavy cream!
  3. missmichelle82_

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    I've made the faux pho - so good!
  4. missmichelle82_

    Things to do with Tessemae's Whole30 products

    Oh I LOVE Tessemae's! I use it as a salad dressing and to marinade meats before grilling or pan frying.
  5. missmichelle82_

    April Whole 30 group

    Sorry, I was just trying to help. I'm actually a breakfast hater too but mostly because I can't stand cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, and other traditional foods. Really any combination of protein and veggies will do. It can be a salad, something random like hardboiled eggs with a side of carrot sticks and beets, egg "muffins" with massaged kale, a light scramble with spinach, etc etc
  6. missmichelle82_


    ^^ I've totally brought a bottle of coconut aminos with me to a sushi restaurant! I'll get the avocado salad (it's usually just avocado and lettuce), sashimi, then eat them together with a little drizzle of coconut aminos. So good!
  7. missmichelle82_


    Easy peasy I hosted a party during my last whole30 and had plenty of compliant snacks and finger foods and no one care that it was whole30. - tuna salad from Well Fed served over cucumber slices (pic, though my mom overstuffed the slices, haha ) - deviled eggs (pic ) - fruit skewers (bonus if it looks like a rainbow) other ideas: - chicken wings - guac and veggies - fruit salad - mixed nuts Also not everything needs to be compliant so don't be afraid to pick up other treats for everyone else. I included cookies and macarons.
  8. missmichelle82_

    arnica for joint pain? any thoughts

    It's also great for treating bruises! I bruise a lot. Haha!
  9. missmichelle82_

    Salad dressings?

    Before Whole30 I would always use cream dressings - ranch, blue cheese, caesar, etc. Now I've learned to love just olive oil and Trader Joe's 21 Season Salute! Fresh herbs and garlics and OO taste great too. I've seen Tessamae's at WF. I'll have to check it out!
  10. missmichelle82_

    April Whole 30 group

    Don't be afraid to embrace non-traditional breakfast foods. I get pretty tired of eggs so most times I just eat leftovers. Ain't nothing wrong with that! Oh no! Hope you feel better soon.
  11. missmichelle82_

    April Whole 30 group

    Don't be afraid to embrace non-traditional breakfast foods. I get pretty tired of eggs so most times I just eat leftovers. Ain't nothing wrong with that! Oh no! Hope you feel better soon.
  12. missmichelle82_

    What to Do With Ripe Bananas?

    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. CarolinaJ85 - banana curry sauce? I'm intrigued!
  13. missmichelle82_

    April Whole 30 group

    I'm in for April 1st as well! This will be my third Whole30. The first one back in October was incomplete as I had a "cheat day" for my friend's wedding and also only did a whole25 (or something like that). I was totally compliant the second time in January and it felt so easy! I thought I'd do one this month since it seemed a good idea to do it quarterly. I've found it's really easy for me being on Whole30 then when I'm "off my training wheels." Since my 2nd w30, even though I was eating well most of the time, my old binging feelings would creep in every now and then. Over time I was able to squash those feelings a little better each time but I know I felt my best whenever I was doing Whole30. So here I am! I'm looking forward to motivating each other!
  14. Hi friends! So usually, outside of Whole30, when I have ripe bananas I'll throw them into a smoothie, make pancakes or muffins out of them, etc. What are some good ideas for Whole30 compliant foods that I can use my ripe bananas for? Thanks in advance michelle
  15. missmichelle82_

    Excited for Friends!

    Yea, I didn't set forth to convince people to try Whole30 (okay maybe I sort of was hoping I could with all my pics) so it was really surprising for me to see that friends were actually intrigued enough to try it for themselves. Not just "oh, I'll try it." They actually told me they were already underway! I hear ya on listening to other friends about their crazy diets. I try to stay open minded when friends post what they eat but when they talk about how they're eating "fat free" or "light" foods, eating super teeny tiny portions of things that have no real nutritional value, etc. I soo want to shake them and say "come see the light! The way I eat is so good for you and you won't feel deprived!" But I've learned, and this was true for myself, that you can't really convince someone to make healthier strides unless they see it themselves.