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  1. My whole 30 ended June 30. Since then I have remained largely compliant, while reintroducing dairy (so far no problem). I want a cup of coffee. This is complicated by the fact that when I went into my Whole30 I was drinking several cups of coffee laced liberally (very liberally) with French vanilla creamer. Days 1-4 of my Whole30 were hellish getting off caffeine/sugar. I don't ever want to go through that again. At the same time, I want a cup of coffee. I don't drink it black, and historically I've added sugar. I'm warring with myself. "Can you have a small cup of coffee with a serving of half and half and enjoy it? If you can, you can have it. If you can't enjoy it without sugar or a cup of half and half, you need to refrain from coffee". I'd like to be able to have a cup of coffee occasionally....but I don't want it to rule my life either. Thoughts appreciated.
  2. Just wanted to share how it went. I took precooked meals that I usually eat (protein veg stir fry). In hind sight, since there were no microwaves, I would take precooked pretein and vegetables separate. Some of the veggies got soggier faster. Much less appetizing, but if you're hungry it will do I discovered. I ordered from the casino restaurant(s) one meal a day. Nightmare. They excel at crap food, but their healthy choices were cooked to death - veggies so mushy I could hardly choke them down, meat over done or just tasteless. At one point, late to return to my post, I asked if a chicken item was plain - no breading. I said, I have a gluten intolerance (I do) and I can't have any flour. Waitress: Yep , it's plain! I waited 40 minutes for it, literally had to ran across the complex to get to my post on time, opened the box and found.....breaded chicken I couldn't eat. I was tired, I was hungry and I about lost my cool right there. Thankfully, another participant had brought her cooler with her and had cooked meat from home that was compliant and shared with me. I did remain compliant throughout the entire weekend and I'm now on day 18 and going strong!!
  3. sahara64

    Keeping your cool in the heat....

    Thanks all for your suggestions. Lady M - you hit upon exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks so much for your time in answering!
  4. Day 9. I don't know you are, but where I am it's hot. Been in the high '90s to 100's. Last night the house was so hot and I was wanting a Diet Coke sooo bad. Grateful to say I've maintained compliance, but wondering if anyone has any favorites for cool/refreshing options besides "gazpacho" or cold soup (blech, lol)? Appreciate any creative ideas!
  5. Andria - see, that's why I wanted people who know what their doing to look at my plan!! THANK YOU!
  6. sahara64

    Sugar withdrawl

    Kaypentz...There is a part in the book where they say something along this line: "The amount of suck you are experiencing is directly related to how bad your diet was". After 7 days, i have come to the same realization I have been horribly addicted to sugar. Days 1-4 were absolute hell, no exaggeration. I couldn't think, I was EXHAUSTED, I was emotional - crying, angry, depressed. But I did it. prewhole 30 I was not willing to go without my drug - sugar. I drank several cups of sugary coffee a day, followed by diet coke. I hit the office candy jar, filled with fun size candy bars, 2 or 3 times a day. I had ice cream every night, sometimes eating an entire pint. I couldn't have cookies in the house because I would eat ALL of them. I couldn't have any form of chocolate in the houe, because I would eat all of it.. Once I tasted it, I could not stop. I hid candy. i ate candy/ice cream in secret. So when I say I'm addicted and the first four days were hard? I wasn't kidding. yeah, I'd "done paleo before" ...continuing to drink my sugary coffee and eat ice cream. LOL. Until you are ready to give it up it seems impossible. Do I think about it? um, pardon my french but hell YES I think about it. There was a forlorn M&M under my desk this week, and I had a mind/body connection with it. I finally threw it in the garbage, but the rest of the day? I literally had thoughts of eating it. OUT OF THE GARBAGE. That's addiction. so....I've white knuckled it through I did realize early in the week, this was NOT the week to walk the 5 K I'd planned, heck not the week to work out. i was too tired, too miserable. But days 6 and 7 have been so much better. I feel like myself, but without sugar. I can't even think about day 31. I've already decided I can not go back to sugary creamer - it's food with no brakes for me. Luckily I have 23 more days of following th rules to get strong and figure things out . You can do this. If I can do it? YOU CAN DO IT!
  7. Let me preface this with yes, I have read the travel article in the book and I've perused through the topics in this forum as much as time has allowed. I am just a little nervous and would appreciate seasoned travelers taking a glance at my plan and offering suggetions if they have any. This trip will be days 12-15 for me. I'm pretty used now to eating a big plate of stir fry veggies and a protein with sometimes a sweet potato thrown in. That's what I eat now 3x a day. This will be VERY different. I'm going to a yearly event held at a Casino. Lunches will be completely on the run (typically we continue with our tasks and lunch is brought in to you - none of which is whole 30 complliant besides maybe some iceberg lettuce, LOL), so I will have to have my lunch with me, ready to go, no time to go back to the room. I am pretty confident having been there before I can get a plain meat choice and steamed veggies at dinner, so I'm just looking at breakfast and lunch. I am sadly allergic to eggs. Plan: (we;re driving, it's about 4 hours) Pack cooler (no fridges/microwaves in rooms sadly) with ghee if I have a baked potato at dinner, prepped jicama, guac, carrot and celery sticks, if I can find any compliant jerky locally I'll add that. A couple apples and some almond butter, cooked chicken, nuts. bring a gallon of unsweet tea. Stop at grocery store Friday afternoon (20 miles from casino is nearest store) and pick up: A couple of avocado Compliant deli meat for variety. A canteloupe or some kind of melon suggesions appreciated!
  8. More great suggestions, thanks all!
  9. Thanks for the link and comments! I went yesterday and came away with very little, simply because it is so.freaking.expensive. Sigh.
  10. heading to Whole Foods this afternoon. I haven't shopped there much in the past due to budget constraints. Have a little set aside for this so....your favorite things from there that are compliant? GO!
  11. Really needed this thread today! Thanks for the great suggestions!
  12. sahara64

    Sugar withdrawl

    Hi Rhiannon.gale! My coffee is caffeinated...tho...I'm not enjoying it with coconut milk so much so I'm only getting about half a cup. I'm used to 3 or 4 cups of sugary caffeine a day, so this is a biiiig change. I have never drank ANYTHING that wasn't sweet! Sweet tea, soda, etc. So it's a lot to get used to. I did have some peach tea bags and made some iced tea with was tolerable (probably because there weren't any other choices, it was that or water!).
  13. Hmmm GFCHRIS - you made me think there. I have realized I've gotten in the habit of eating because I'm tired. Eating and/or drinking sugary coffee to get through the work day. I felt tired on my break, so I ate. Was I hungry? hmm. I don't think I know! Now I will think about that the next time my break comes around and I think I need to eat. Yes the coffee is caffeinated. I was drinking 3-4 cups a day, filled with creamer. The switch to coconut milk has been....unpleasant. So I've been having one or less cups in the morning. Thank you for the suggestions! I'm embarrassed, I did read the Whole 30 book LOL! Just seems to be a lot of info I've not got the hang of yet!
  14. Okay meals (I'm egg free because of my eczema): Yesterday (Day 1) was not a great day, I was compliant, but I realized late in the day I didn't eat enough and that I had eaten too much fruit. I tried to do my old way of breakfast (a small banana and a handful of almonds) and lunch (small salad) and I was starving all day long: Meal 1: cup of coffee with coconut milk. Small banana, almonds. Snack Apple and 2 tbsp. almond butter Meal 2: Smaller salad with salmon and small avocado. Meal 3: ( I was STARVING) chicken breast and two small thighs, small baked sweet potato with a small spoonful of ghee, about a cup of pineapple. Today, meal 1: cup of coffee with coconut milk, about 2 cups baby summer squash, some onion/mushrooms and a serving of ground chicken all cooked up in coconut oil, and a small banana. Snack - Small nectarine and cupped palm of cashews Meal 2: Large salad with chicken breast, about a quarter of an apple chopped up in it, a large avocado (half chopped, half blended with lemon juice and spices to make a dressing), a couple tablespoons of walnuts. I've had a lot (for me) of water and a glass of herbal iced tea.
  15. Holy cow I'm tired. I'm sooooo tired it's ridiculous. Typically I walk 10 min to work, home for lunch, back for work and then home again. To work wasn't too bad, I noticed I felt tired, but just now? To lunch and then back? I felt like my arms and legs weighed about 100 pounds each. I was huffing and puffing and I broke out in a sweat! I've been walking to work for several weeks now, this is not new. I feel worse than when I first started! I'm pretty sure I already know the answer: In the past, I was fueled up with sugar. Now, I'm not eating sugar and my body is having to adapt to burning other things for fuel. My "no big deal walk" has turned into a grueling battle of endurance - it's only 10 minutes for pete's sake! I'd give just about anything to crawl under my desk and take a nap I'm so tired.... I was supposed to go to a 90 min dance class tonight....typically, they pretty much kill me. I cancelled! There is no WAY I can make it through that class tonight. No way.. Trying to drink plenty of water, eating bigger meals than I did yesterday to stave off feeling perpetually hungry...besides giving it time, anything else I should be doing differently?