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    Meltriana got a reaction from MeGA"gardener" in Start date June 1   
    Today is the day!!!! good luck to you all! what has everyone eaten so far? looking for some ideas!
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    Meltriana got a reaction from HealthyAnnie in Start date June 1   
    Me and my fiancée are starting June 1st too! So excited yet petrified at the same time lol
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    Meltriana got a reaction from HealthyAnnie in Start date June 1   
    Me and my fiancée are starting June 1st too! So excited yet petrified at the same time lol
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    Meltriana reacted to sahara64 in June 1, 2015 Start Date   
    Hi, I'm Lisa.....and I'm miserable.
    I looked at Whole30 a while ago...and when i saw no gluten and no sugar? Well....I thought "I can't do that" and I kept on keeping on.
 mild dry itchy patches of skin became aggravated...then blistered and sooo itchy. One small patch on my arm morphed into more patches on my neck, my face....finally in my ears! Miserable...i went to the doctor. I've been to the doctor for help with inability to lose weight...excessive periods....anxiety...asthma....diverticulitis...  I always hear "Lose weight". I tried. I went to Weight Watchers. I tried Jenny Craig. I did a medically supervised fast. I'd lose about 20 pounds....and it would stop. For weeks, no loss or it would start coming back. They said I wasn't trying hard enough.
    They had no idea how hard I tried. i gave up on losing weight. I'm now 51-years-old, 5 feet tall and weigh my highest ever - 255. i figured I'd just be fat. i couldn't bear trying any more.
    Then...the skin thing got worse. A lot worse. My arms, my face, my neck....I look like I have some horrible disease - people stare sometimes and it's embarrassing. I went to a dermatologist who biopsied it and said "you have dermatitis - use this steroid ointment, $200 please". I asked what was causing this...." have really dry skin". I said, well, I've noticed when I give up gluten, it gets better. "oh, well, you had skin testing done, you aren't allergic to any foods..." and that was the end of her interest.
    I quit gluten and eggs earlier in the month - and things did start to improve dramatically. I could wear makeup again! I wasn't scrathing constantly. Then last week, a trip across the country and I ate what I wanted for four days. A week later...I'm rashed out like crazy, clawing at my skin in my sleep....and miserable.
    I never thought I could have my coffee black (french vanilla creamer addict) and no all? Not happening.'s happening. i can't live like this any more.
    So...I'm doing it. June 1. I'm sorta terrified to be honest, but I'm doing it!

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    Meltriana reacted to Potterkab21 in Start date June 1   
    My husband, 3 1/2 year old, 1 year old and I are also starting on June 1st. I'm so excited about beginning this program, I'm reallying striving to lead by example and show my children how to make healthy food choices. I've made not so healthy choices for most of my life, and I'm SO ready to jump off that bandwagon!
    I am a little nervous about finding meals that my kids will enjoy as well, so I will be on this site a lot over the next week and a half.
    Can't wait to see those results!
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    Meltriana reacted to Elissa W in Start date June 1   
    This is my first time to ever take this challenge. I am excited and nervous. Anyone else starting June 1?