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  1. ashleyodle

    I gained weight on Whole30, What to do now?

    Thanks MeadowLily! I think so too. I know I ate too many nuts (especially coming from Weight Watchers where point values for nuts were SO high, so I think I took a bit advantage of it during Whole30) I would just like to get down to my pre-Whole30 and maintain that going forward.
  2. ashleyodle

    I gained weight on Whole30, What to do now?

    Hi Missmary, Thanks for the feedback. I think I just expected to maintain or lose a little when I did it, so when I actually gained it was a bit shocking to me. I worked really hard to lose 20 pounds on Weight Watchers before starting, so to see a little gain I was surprised. You are completely right. My husband put it a good way and said even if the scale said 140 and you still look the way you do, would you be happier? My point is I want to start a second round tomorrow and if eliminating nuts and making sure I eat my 3 meals is the way to get me back down to my pre whole30 weight then I would like to try it. I just don't want to continue with a second round and gain even more if there are some small tweaks that I can do to not let that happen
  3. ashleyodle

    I gained weight on Whole30, What to do now?

    I am definitely going to cut out the nuts this round, I think I fell into a bad habit of eating them just because I could which caused me to overeat them especially the cashew butter (so addicting!) My clothes definitely fit differently. I am buying all XS or S shirts and dropped at least a pant size (if not more in some stores) so my body definitely changed even if the scale didn't. I suppose I was just discouraged, I follow a lot of Whole30 people on instagram and everyone dropped some good weight so to see the scale jump up for me I was very surprised. The 30 days were honestly a breeze and flew by, now that I have one round under my belt I am going to make some small tweaks and hopefully I just won't gain anymore weight
  4. ashleyodle

    I gained weight on Whole30, What to do now?

    Thanks Chris! My typical meals look something like this M1: two eggs, a generous serving of butternut squash or sweet potato, coffee with coconut milk and a banana with cashew butter M2: either compliant sausage, grilled chicken, pulled pork with a veggie (squash, broccoli, etc.) M3: was usually my smallest since I was rarely actually hungry for M3. It would usually be eggs with sausage or some other left over meat and a veggie if I had it on hand I caught myself eating dates and raisins A LOT in the beginning, so I threw those out because I couldn't be trusted with them, definitely a trigger food for me. I never ate pre work out or post work out meals. I always did PiYo in the evenings after work, so M3 would follow PiYO (if I was hungry) sometimes I would just have a handful of nuts for dinner because I truly did not want anything to eat and nothing sounded good to me (and I LOVE eating so this feeling was new for me) I always ate M1 within an hour of waking, it was always my favorite and biggest meal. I was always hungry for breakfast (about the only meal of the day that I was actually hungry) My water intake is great, I drink it all day at work and constantly at home. I sleep a minimum of 8 hours per night and the PiYo exercises were 35 minutes max and that was the longest workout.
  5. I completed my first Whole30 on May 19th, I loved every second of the program. I felt fantastic the entire time, had endless energy and just felt GOOD, it is a feeling that is hard to explain. I did not do this just for weight loss, but when I stepped on the scale I went from 147 pounds at day 1 to 151 pounds. I followed the program to the T but have been going back and forth in my head all of the possible reasons I may have gained. Maybe my body was not comfortable at 147 pounds (I was following Weight Watchers up until the start of Whole30) and the 150 mark is where my body just naturally falls? Maybe I put too much cashew butter on my morning banana? I was never hungry and sometimes skipped meals, could that have done it? I was doing PiYO, could it be just muscle weight? I actually finished out last week on Whole30 (so a total of 33 days) and then had some wine and some legumes, corn and cheese this weekend and it did not sit well with me, I felt very sick yesterday so I am back to my beloved Whole30 foods today. Question is, should I do another round of Whole30 and see where I am then? I guess I am just a bit confused since I have personally never seen anyone gain weight (I thought if anything I would maintain my weight) My husband did it with me, we ate about 90% of the same foods and he lost 10 pounds. Again this is not 100% weight loss for me, the other benefits of the program FAR outweigh a few pounds (I never have that gross full feeling, I wake up ready to go without an alarm, I have so much energy!) I just don't want to keep doing what I am doing and gain even more if I do a second round starting tomorrow. Any tips, advice would be appreciated!