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  1. I have completed 5 rounds of Whole30 over the past 3 years, the most recent one completed end of January. I'm feeling great and have accrued a lot of NSVs and a bit of weight loss, which is a good thing too! I have been eating mostly a Whole30 approach since ending the round. I had some blood tests run last week and was somewhat bummed to learn that my total cholesterol is still elevated - it's come down from where it was a year ago, which is great but it is over 200. My HDL cholesterol and triglycerides are totally in the normal range but the LDL cholesterol is elevated. If I do another Whole30 round, are there foods I can focus on or foods to further avoid that can support my efforts to lower my cholesterol without having to go on medication?
  2. Hi - I'm in my first week of the Whole30 and I have probably spent almost 10 hours in just the first four days doing food shopping, food prep, and cooking - and this is just a fraction of what food I need to prepare for me and my family. My husband asked me if the food I prepared was available to him (he's not following Whole30) and I couldn't say no but was also secretly thinking that this program is going keep me shackled to the kitchen if I have to cook for both of us! Any thoughts from those of you who are more experienced in food planning/prep/cooking and have to contend with the food needs of your family (I also have a 6 year old)? Thanks!
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    Starting May 27th!

    I'm starting the Whole30 tomorrow, May 27th! I'm excited and nervous - would love any advice or feedback on getting started that you wish you knew before you started. If anyone is also starting on the 27th, let me know! I've love to have someone to check in with. Thanks! LTmommy