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  1. Starting Jan. 2

    Good Morning Day 31'ers!! I am pretty pleased with this Whole 30. Things took a bit longer to fall back in line (sleep, bathroom issues, etc.) but I think I have them just about sorted out. The 30 days flew by for me. I am happy to be back on the water drinking wagon. I tend to forget otherwise and then feel crappy. My skin is looking pretty fab and yesterday I put on a pair of pants from the back of my closet that are a size smaller than I usually wear and didn't even realize it until I got home from work! I plan to stick pretty close to whole 30 just because I like it and it is simple. I do plan to add in some exercise starting next week because I need some more upper body strength now that I work in the ER (lots of lifting). Anyway, the only thing I wanted to try this morning was a little sugar in my coffee. I had been telling myself that that was the one thing that I had missed. Well wouldn't you know? I only added a 1/2 tsp and I didn't like it! I poured half of the mug down the drain. Apparently my brain was just telling me I missed it. Lol. Well, I hope all of you post your positives! I can't wait to read them!
  2. Starting Jan. 2

    I was just thinking about this and caffeine is a stimulant. It is possible that you have a colon that has slower, less frequent haustral contractions than is optimal and caffeine was helping with that. When waste moves through the colon at a slower than normal pace too much water is reabsorbed and the waste becomes very compact and even harder for the colon to move forward this leads to constipation. Just a thought but maybe you could reintro some high quality coffee either black or with some coconut milk for a few days to see what happens? Hope you can get this sorted, I know digestive issues are miserable.
  3. One thing I noticed that I haven't seen anyone else touch on is your water intake. 20-30 ounces is not nearly enough even when you are not on a Whole 30. I used to be so poor about getting my water in and I was exhausted, nauseous, head achey, you name it. I once thought I was having a stroke and ended up in the ER. I was so dehydrated, they gave me some IV fluids and I was MUCH better. Now when I start to feel less than stellar, I think about how much water I have had that day and the answer is usually not enough. Just a thought. Weirdly enough, warm water is easier for me to drink than cold and I find it relaxing. Try it out.
  4. Slow cooker chicken from NOM NOM paleo

    I just saw this and pinned it! Adding it to my menu for the week!
  5. 8 days into the program

    I just made and sliced a meatloaf for my breakfasts for the week. Just sear in a pan with greens and breakfast is ready!
  6. Easy Egg Salad - in bulk

    My success was mixed. 6 peeled great and 6 not great. My search continues...
  7. Starting Jan. 2

    Welcome!! I know that there are posts everyday here. Maybe try reloading the page and checking again. There should be 16 pages of replies. Looking forward to hearing more from you!
  8. Facebook Rudeness - a Rant

    I am shocked they bothered to say anything. Making an effort to be rude? Get a life. Remember what parents used to say? "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." It seems the internet really emboldens people.
  9. Feeling warm/hot

    Same here! Normally my feet and hands are so cold they hurt!
  10. Starting Jan. 2

    I slept great the first 4 nights but nights 5 and 6 had a lot of muscle aches and tossing and turning...hopefully this is just another detox side effect and it will pass soon. I am on day 7 today and right on track with the timeline. Soooooo sleepy.
  11. Emergency Dining Out

    Good for you! That was some quick thinking. Thanks for the good idea. I have a birthday brunch to attend and your breakfast sounds perfect.
  12. Carrageenan in my almond milk????

    You could make your own almond milk. There are instructions all over the internet. Pick an easy small batch one to see if you like it.
  13. Easy Egg Salad - in bulk

    Hmm. Just so happens that I am about to boil some eggs. i will report back with results.
  14. Fat/carb/protein ratios?

    Amy, I love your answers!
  15. Day 6 troubles

    Did you eat anything yesterday that you haven't eaten yet in your 6 days or that you do not eat normally? Maybe you have a sensitivity? Or it is possible you have a little stomach bug. Either way, pure peppermint tea is good for sipping to settle the stomach. Hope you feel better soon!