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    Rebecca30 reacted to Judy Villano in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    I'm glad I saw this topic. I am on Day 3 and started my period today. It's on time, but not as heavy as it usually is and I'm not having any cramps or pain.
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    Rebecca30 reacted to Kirsteen in The crazy things people say   
    My short and simple answer is "I've found they don't agree with me". Well they don't
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    Rebecca30 reacted to Tom Denham in Coffee Creamer?   
    Personally, I think the coconut milk-coconut oil-egg coffee creamer is a Whole30 fail! It is classic sex with your pants on. You are using compliant ingredients to make a version of something to which you are addicted. The Whole30 is a time to grow in your relationship to food, not to hold on to your past as closely as possible. It makes me sad to see so much energy devoted to recreating the coffee experience of an unhealthy past rather than exploring the broad vistas of healthy eating.
    The problem with heavy cream is the milk solids/proteins. They are removed from ghee. Ghee is allowed during a Whole30 because it is almost entirely fat.
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    Rebecca30 reacted to MJam in Soybean Oil - Start over?   
    My personal answer is yes...but I am in the meany all-or-nothing-100%-compliance-means-100% camp. I believe that the Whole30 is about consciousness and every time your hand with food in it goes to your mouth you should be asking questions (what is in this? Am I really hungry? etc.)
    I have more issue the chips...sweet potatoes are compliant but paleo-ified treats are completely NOT in the spirit of Whole30. I also have a dislike of compliant Lara bars for the same reason...those things are crowding out REAL food.
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    Rebecca30 reacted to Breanna Smith in The crazy things people say   
    Yesterday, I went to a Christmas lunch party at my boyfriend's work. I wasn't expecting to get to eat anything, but they had bbq, so I just had brisket with no sauce.
    My boyfriend's coworkers, who I'm also friends with, said, "Awww, I'm sorry you can't have dessert."
    Me: "That's okay, I'd feel like crap if I ate it anyway."
    My boyfriend, who is very supportive, said: "Before you get too down on her diet, Cristina (coworker), you should know she had ribs for breakfast." I made them in my crockpot. Delicious. Thanks, PaleOMG!
    Cristina replied, "Oh, so you fatten up around Christmas too, just in a different way, right? *chuckle*"
    Me: "Haha, Actually, I've lost about 10 pounds in the past two weeks."
    Her face:
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    Rebecca30 reacted to Fenderbender in Significant Weightloss on Whole30??   
    Difwiz..... So glad you decided to join.... This lifestyle really really works if you want it to.... And the main thing is you become more and more healthy as time goes on ( natural side effect is that the pounds drop off)
    My advice.... This is a marathon, not a sprint, don't expect miraculous weight loss overnight... In fact if I were you I would not get on a scale for months and break the " dieting mentality". Limit any foods that trigger you even if they are complient, use fruits and nuts SPARINGLY, vegetables are your friend and eat a ton of them, slowly start to exercise daily and increase as you are able and comfortable....
    I have been eating " paleo" for 7 months now.... And in the middle of a whole 90 .... I feel the best I have in my entire life!!!! My reasons are different than yours ..... But you can do this!!! Once in, you should see that it's the most natural thing for tour body to do...
    Best of luck and keep us posted....
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    Rebecca30 reacted to Alana in Canada in Significant Weightloss on Whole30??   
    I am conflicted about responding to this thread. Weight loss is different for all of us. Losing a lot of bloat will translate into losing a lot of pounds: but there not really "fat" loss pounds, kwim?
    Secondly, we all start from different places of excess fat and weight. The whole 30 will affect us differently given where we started from--and how "clean" our diets were in the first plce.
    Thirdly, are the pounds really "lost" when they come back again? What I want is sustainable fat loss--I'd rather keep the pounds than lose them and then "find| them again.
    Lastly, there are some who gain on the whole30 and that's an option, too, a good one especially for those who need it.
    That said, I am thrilled beyond belief that after my whole60, I have lost 10% of my body weight--or 25 lbs. I plan to continue to use this program as a weight loss protocol after the new year.
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    Rebecca30 reacted to jennrider in The crazy things people say   
    My husband (on learning I wanted to make my own bacon): "Bacon: The new health food. I love it!"
    Too bad I make him eat veggies with said bacon.
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    Rebecca30 reacted to Adagio in The crazy things people say   
    The other one is: "Why should I deprive myself?"
    My answer: "Why do you eat food that does not nourish your body?"
    Their answer: "Because it tastes good!"
    My reply: "If your car's gas tank had taste buds and demanded lemonade instead of gasoline, would you comply?"
    Their answer: "Of course not! Cars cannot run on lemonade!"
    My reply: "Exactly. Your body cannot run on frankenfood. One of these days, it's going to crap out."
    Their answer: "My mother ate (insert crappy food here) and she lived to be 90."
    My reply: "Good for her. You are not her."
    Their answer: "Whatever."
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    Rebecca30 reacted to Derval in The crazy things people say   
    "Oh , I couldn't give up x, y, z"
    Well, d'uh you could, you just don't want to.
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    Rebecca30 reacted to Jessica in The crazy things people say   
    After I finish explaining briefly what paleo/Whole30 is: "So you're doing Atkins?"