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  1. imullmau

    HELP! my mayo is green

    My first mayo attempt was a flop. I had to throw it out along with the ranch dressing I made with it. Next time I used an immersion blender, light tasting olive oil, made sure my egg was a room temperature and it came out super creamy and delicious. Good luck. It gets easier as you go along. I just completed day 11 and I'm slowly getting in to the groove.
  2. Is there a restaurant forum? Have other members posted their favorite restaurants from different areas of the country? That would be helpful for those of us who travel or who have to go out to eat with clients. Thanks.
  3. Can you keep a jar of raw nuts in your drawer for emergencies? Trader Joes sells prepackaged almonds in small serving sizes. I'm on day 9 and needed this once last week.
  4. imullmau

    Starting June 8! Who's with me?

    Good luck! I just completed my first week and have never eaten so well. For me, it's all about being prepared and prepped. That has been the hardest part. I started June 1, but love hearing how everyone else is supporting others or struggling and needing support.
  5. Thanks, Lori. I had a doctor appointment today and it didn't go great. I'm trying to delay the next two fusions and I'm hoping an anti-inflammatory diet will help with the degenerative discs and my arthritic spine. I rode my bike today 20 miles and hiked yesterday 7 miles. I've always been active but my spine is taking me down. The doctor said I was doing better then 95% or her patients, but that didn't help me psychologically. I wish I didn't have to be at the doctors in the first place. I'm hoping the w30 helps, though. I completed day 4 and it was hard, but I completed it. I'm hoping it helps. It can't hurt, that's for sure. As a side note: my youngest son flew in for the week from San Francisco. He had friends over tonight and we all cooked together in the kitchen. I gave them a lesson on opening a young coconut, draining out the water and blending it with the meat to make coconut milk and cream. ( The book talked about how easy this was, so I tried it last weekend. It is so easy!) They had fun and we made curry together. I love the 25 -35 year olds. They are so open minded and appreciate cooking whole foods. Well, I hope you have a successful next couple of days.
  6. imullmau

    Are purple potatoes whole30 approved?

    Whew! Thanks for clearing that up. I just finished reading the w30 and thought I misread potato allowance.
  7. I've had 6 spinal fusions over the past 3.5 years and I'm currently fighting the fact that I need two more (it is why I started the whole30 and today is my first day!). My L4-L5-S1 anterior and posterior spinal fusions had bone cadaver placed in-between the vertebrate. The bone cadaver pieces were imbibed in bone morphogenic protein that aided in bone growth. Did your doctors mention this? I also had C3-C4-C5-C6-C7 fused but in the neck they don't use bone morphogenic protein in the cadaver discs. It can become constrictive. From my experience, eating healthy is the best medicine and my surgeons never mentioned calcium. Exercise, a healthy diet, and a positive attitude was all they were concerned about. Good luck in your recovery. I hope you get your question answered and it sounds like you're doing great. It's not easy.