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    Am I doing this right?

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    Ooh, and for extra crazy points, add: "I have pictures here, want to see?" -- and reach for your phone. Betcha they sidle away and never bother you again.
    (Yeah, I'm a five year old.)
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    Oh, holiday meals with relatives ...
    "I don't think we need to have a vegetable today, because we're having one tomorrow."
           Heaven forbid you eat vegetables two days in a row. And the next day's "vegetable" was green bean casserole. 
    "I wouldn't trust a turkey raised on some farm. Factories are able to keep meat in ideal conditions, so it's safer."
           Yup, "factories" are known for their ideal conditions. Whereas, raising poultry on farms ... who does that?
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    You guys. Are you ready for the best story ever? ARE YOU?
    Tonight boyfriend I went over to a friend's house for dinner. This friend knows I am doing Whole 30 and is bemused by it, but has been supportive. She made a dish served over couscous, but made sure she cooked everything else with nothing I couldn't have, and I just brought cauliflower rice to go on mine.
    Friend has a four year old daughter. This is relevant.
    So we're all chatting before dinner, and me doing the Whole 30 comes up, and friend's husband is giving me grief about it, and like a million times in the conversation, "whole wheat" comes up with reference to the couscous. He's saying things like "but it's whole wheat," and "whole wheat is good for you," and whole wheat whole wheat whole wheat ad nauseum.
    So we sit down to dinner, and the four year old takes one look at the couscous and starts to cry. Husband shoots me this dirty look and I'm like DUDE I didn't say anything to your kid, I would never, and so he says, "Baby, the couscous is so good, it's whole wheat."
    Kidlet cries harder. Dad says, "Why don't you want to eat the good whole wheat, is it because Miss Ali isn't eating it?"
    "NO," sobs the kidlet, "THAT'S WHAT GOES IN THE KITTY POTTY."
    They use this:
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    Overheard at work
    coworker 1: "I just ate two donuts and here I am getting more food"
    coworker 2: "yeah but that's not Real food, it doesn't count"
    coworker 1: true. it's not filling. Wonder if they have pizza left?" (at the commisery)
    coworker 2: I'm getting a grinder, need some veggies" (veggies = 1 leaf lettuce, & maybe some tomato/green pepper smothered in spaghetti sauce)
    And then they both come back with pop, potato chips and candy. Nothing else.
    Me-just reaffirms why I'm doing this....I Refuse to become a "typical" state worker
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    DonnaB reacted to juju in The crazy things people say   
    "salad is not a food!"
    wha-what? I still wonder what they think salad is.
    One of my favorites was a vegetarian co-worker who was drinking a Diet coke and eating Fritos and a hostess cupcake told me that the grassfed steak on my salad would give me colon cancer. I looked at her lunch and then at mine and said "that is a risk I am willing to take."
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    DonnaB reacted to Flynn in The crazy things people say   
    "Fruit will make you fat" - a fat coworker who doesn't eat fruit.
    "I could never eat as much as you" - a fat coworker who eats lean cuisine every day
    "How do you eat so much chocolate and stay so fit?" - random coworker
    and my favorite..."that's the biggest salad I've ever seen"