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  1. Nikki_7

    FODMAP and avocado for fat

    Tom, I thought I read something in the Whole 30 book about still adding fat even though one may be consuming a fatty meat at the same meal. So what do you normally do in that instance?
  2. I meant Kweeky...sorry. I'm doing this from my phone and I guess it autocorrected lol.
  3. Merely, I made the Magic Mushrrom Seasoning today and used it on our PWO meal. So. Good. Thank you for the link!!!
  4. Thank you so much for this! I'm gonna go look for porcini mushrooms today!
  5. Am I not counting the fat in the whole eggs as part of my fat also? I was looking at the yolks, the fat in the chicken sausage, the small amount of fat from the avo, and the addition of fat to my coffee (granted, I'm only adding probably 1 1/2 teaspoons total) and that seemed like a good amount to me? And my veggies take up about 2 cups that I try to shove into my omellete lol. I have to cook my zucchini down to make it fit Do you say to add another egg bc of the added protein or added fat? I never know what to consider an egg as when I'm pairing it with meat. I mean, do people eat eggs sometimes as a fat? Gosh, I hope that question doesn't sound as stupid to you as it does to me...And my morning veggies equal about 2 cups. Trust me, this girl can eat some veggies. And funny thing is, as I've been prepping for this Whole 30 for about 2 weeks now (just easing into dropping some artificial sweetener habits, nightly sweet snack habit-regardless of whether I'm hungry or not) and cutting back on my whiskey and diet coke habit at night while waiting on my hubby to join me officially on Monday) I havent been hungry at all. It's especially hard at work bc I have to go eat when someone comes to break me for lunch or supper ( I work 12 hour shifts) and if I don't eat, I don't know when I'll get another chance to and that always makes me nervous, so I'll go ahead and eat even though I'm not hungry. I eat breakfast arounf 5:45 AM and devour my huge ass omellete with ease, but even by 11:30 I'm not "hungry". I guess I'm getting off track, but do you have any thoughts about that?
  6. My husband and I are about to officially start our Whole 30 and I was wondering if adding ghee and coconut oil IN ADDITION to a protein+fat breakfast would end up being too much fat? I usually have an omellete made up of 2 eggs, 1/2 cup egg whites, a chicken sausage with 13g of fat, shredded zucchini, diced bell peppers, and 1/8 avocado (I have to eat low fodmap, hence the small amount of avocado). I cook the omellete in about 1 tsp of ghee. Sometimes I'll drizzle a small amount of buffalo sauce (from the whole 30 book) over the omellete. So would adding ghee and/or coconut oil to my coffee end up being too much fat? If not, how much would you suggest that I add if It accompanied a meal of this size?
  7. ok, so I wasn't sure if infused oils were ok to use, so that's good to know. I can do garlic infused oil And that's a good idea about putting some in a mister!!! Thanks! And I love ginger, so I'll be adding that to my list of seasonings for sausage! Thanks!
  8. Thank you so much for the rec's! I can't do shallots bc they are basically onions and my intestines will explode lol The viniagrette with rosemary and basil sounds divine! Thank you!!!
  9. Thank you for those suggestions! I already use the peppers and cumin and just recently discovered a Spicy chipotle spice blend recipe from Practical Paleo that I canNOT get enough of lol! I'm gonna have to look for that sea salt rec...I've never seen it, but am def intrigued!
  10. I can do garlic infused oils. I wasn't sure if they were whole 30 compliant tho? So I guess infused oils are ok?
  11. Nikki_7

    Is eggplant a starchy vegatable?

    Oh whoops! OK! And yea, we had sliced beef with the salad (forgot to type that part lol). And a 1/8 of an avocado is is tolerated by most people who are sensitive to the polyols. I do fine with that amount, but not if I eat that same amount multiple times a day. Also, I've been treating my post workout meal, for the most part, as a meal...not an extra source of food. I've done that for a couple of reasons: 1. If I eat something post workout then I've found that I'm not hungry for supper, even though it may have just been an egg white omelete stuffed with pumpkin and cinnamon. 2. I have an irrational fear sometimes of gaining fat. I know it's stupid...and it all started when 5 years ago I decided I wanted to gain muscle to compete in a figure competition and hired a nutrition/training coach and started tracking macros. I became obsessed with tracking all of my food, comparing my body to others, avoiding social situations that involved food, cleaning my plate even if I wasn't hungry so that I could report accurate results to my coach in my progress updates. I would have to eat until I was so stuffed because my calories were super high, but I was miserable!I went to bed every night feeling and looking pregnant I've since discovered that I was so miserable bc I was eating all the wrong foods for my IBS. I had SO. MUCH. BLOAT and inflammation it was ridiculous!!!!! I kept complaining to my coach but of course he wasnt helpful. Anyway, I've been doing much much better since October bc I stopped tracking my foods, I fired my coach, and I discovered (on my own I might add) about fodmaps and how to eat to heal my body. But there's a mean little voice in my head that creeps up sometimes that tries to tell me to restrict sometimes. I just have to keep reminding it that the types of foods I'm eating now won't make me look 5 months pregnant
  12. Nikki_7

    Is eggplant a starchy vegatable?

    Thanks for the input! I really appreciate it. I wasn't sure if there was some hard and fast rule or if people just sort of figured it out as they went along. I;ll think we'll try it that way.
  13. Nikki_7

    Is eggplant a starchy vegatable?

    Thank you! I thought that pre workout was protein/fat though? I haven't started my Whole 30 yet (waiting on the hubby to do it with me in a couple weeks), but we're gearing up for it and "practicing" lol. Today we had a late lunch and were gonna go to the gym afterwards so we had a salad with green leaf lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and onions for him, avocado for me (I'm low fodmap so no onions and I don't like olives), and topped with red palm oil. So since our lunch was so late, it was also our pre workout. Then, when we got home we had sweet potato and ground turkey breast mixed with a can of Rotel tomatoes and chills. Is that ok?
  14. Nikki_7

    Is eggplant a starchy vegatable?

    So I'm getting prepared to begin my whole 30 in a couple weeks and have a question about "starchy" carbs. I haven't noticed this as a standard in any meal templates I've seen or anything, but was curious about whether there is a general consensus about when starchy carbs are best eaten. I know after a workout along with a lean protein, but could they be eaten with every single meal or are they needing to be limited in some way?
  15. Nikki_7

    Protein Powder??

    Can't we use liquid egg whites? Wouldn't that be a suitable "fast" source of post workout protein? I asked in another forum today and the moderator said that cartoned egg whites are approved. I think a great post workout meal would be something like a scrambled eggwhite/sweet potato/red pepper hash if one is concerned with getting protein in their body in a faster way instead of chewing and trying to digest meat What do you think…anyone?