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  1. Also - I didn't do a whole30 with my kids for my own reasons but I did improve their diet quite a bit. For example, we only buy whole plain yogurt (no sweetened stuff unless it's a special occasion), they eat eggs for breakfast quite a bit and we just do pancakes, waffles, other sweet bready things on special occasions, we do sprouted bread, we increased vegetables by quite a bit, even including them for most breakfasts and lunches. Just food for thought since you asked about not doing a whole30. Good luck
  2. My kids don't eat Whole30, so I'm not the best advice giver... but, I do believe that SWYPO foods are considered okay for kids... so, ants on a log (with almond butter and compliant raisons), 'pancakes' with eggs/bananas and maybe other treats that I'm not aware of would be things you could consider. Also, my kids tend to eat more veggies when I roast them and give them a dip to use - we've done tons of different homemade mayos for them... my husband is fantastic at adding spices to our mayo to make it taste different but I know there are also recipes out there to make compliant ranch and oth