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  1. jburth7

    ALL Tessemae or Just Some?

    All the above is true and it's definitely good to read the labels... but, I just ordered this pack of sauces myself recently and unless they've changed something, the two you listed are compliant
  2. jburth7

    Loose stools every day, day 24

    Maybe the coffee? Pre-Whole30 I could drink coffee without any problems, now it gives me the jitters and loose stools pretty much every single time I indulge in it. Now, for me I do have a small bit of steamed milk in my coffee so it could be the dairy as well, but with how much milk I use and what I know milk does to me otherwise, I think it's the coffee.
  3. jburth7

    peanut butter and jelly is all they want

    Also - I didn't do a whole30 with my kids for my own reasons but I did improve their diet quite a bit. For example, we only buy whole plain yogurt (no sweetened stuff unless it's a special occasion), they eat eggs for breakfast quite a bit and we just do pancakes, waffles, other sweet bready things on special occasions, we do sprouted bread, we increased vegetables by quite a bit, even including them for most breakfasts and lunches. Just food for thought since you asked about not doing a whole30. Good luck
  4. jburth7

    peanut butter and jelly is all they want

    My kids don't eat Whole30, so I'm not the best advice giver... but, I do believe that SWYPO foods are considered okay for kids... so, ants on a log (with almond butter and compliant raisons), 'pancakes' with eggs/bananas and maybe other treats that I'm not aware of would be things you could consider. Also, my kids tend to eat more veggies when I roast them and give them a dip to use - we've done tons of different homemade mayos for them... my husband is fantastic at adding spices to our mayo to make it taste different but I know there are also recipes out there to make compliant ranch and other dressing type things.
  5. jburth7

    Approved sausage?

    My local Target has some under the Simply Balanced brand as does my TJ's.
  6. Sugar gives me a headache- a small amount I can handle but give me a bowl of ice cream and I've got a massive headache that won't go away with anything. On the lines of dairy- that gives me bloating and gas. Gluten doesn't do much to me except I feel hungrier when I consume bread products so I still avoid it.