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  1. Rachel Nicole, Do you need a pre and or post workout meal? I don't. Sometimes I run first thing in the morning. Sometimes right after I get off work. I actually prefer the first in the morning empty stomach runs. Some people say they "have to" eat something before they run. I don't. I am tired of letting other people dictate my food needs. Try it out, see for yourself. If I run after work I'll eat lunch between 12:00-12:30 and run at 4:00. As long as you are eating enough at your meals you may find you do ok with 3 meals still. For the record I am currently running 5-9 miles 3
  2. Yes, pressing on! I actually scheduled an appointment with a naturopath who does nutrition counseling (put a friend of mine on a whole 30!) for day 32, so I have even more motivation to stay the course. It actually hasn't been hard this time. I guess I'm resolved to find real answers and healing and that more easily outweighs junk food. My problem area with food would be sweets and when I cut out sugar completely I get over my cravings pretty quickly. I also really enjoy fruit and instead of waking the sugar dragon it actually keeps me from going there. I did try a couple of flavors of r
  3. I started April 26. A little behind you, but there aren't a lot of threads going for sure. How are you doing? Still plugging along? I did my first whole 30 back in 2016 maybe? I've been mostly gluten free since, but I am having some skin issues and want to have a fresh clean slate to start doing some testing with. I'm going to see a naturopath who recommended whole 30 to a friend right after the 30 days, and follow her lead on reintroduction and testing and establishing a health record beyond the traditional doctor. That is added momentum to push forward as I have already scheduled the