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    vozelle reacted to Crimsann in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    I think I speak for us all that Cynthia is now on the "must check in again list"!  My sister is down there near you right now, though far enough inland that she hasn't been in any of it so far...not sure what traveling home will be like but I think she flies out of Dallas maybe.  Is that near Fort Worth?  I'm horrible at geography but I think "near" is somewhat relative in Texas anyway right?!
    She had to do a two week orientation for her CRNA program and that meant leaving the babies which is killing her.  She hasn't been away from her girls overnight yet and jumping straight into two weeks of it was pretty bad.  
    I think I would be the same way, canoeing my way back up the street if I had to in order to check in on things.  Stay safe!!!!  
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    vozelle reacted to NancyW in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Oh good! Because I'd have continued to check anyway...  And I agree about continuing something than starting again. I've found that to be true so many times.
    I'm still in my less-than-stellar living arrangement, with no word from the 55+ complex that there's anything coming up. I've considered some other places, two of them within a little more than a mile of work. Trouble is, when a place does open at the 55+ place, then I'll have a lease to contend with. I really need my own space again, not because we see that much of each other here, but because the stuff that I need on a day-to-day basis is making me  feel SO claustrophobic because there's nowhere to go with it. I think what I'll have to do is put a time limit on the waiting. I know I'm in the next batch of people to get a call when something opens, but there's no way to know how long that will be. So maybe I'll talk to my friend (landlady) and see what she thinks.
    Paleo and fasting will start again in earnest after the holiday weekend. I've been a bit sloppy lately, and eating too much carb-y stuff, so the fasting is on the back burner. I'm coming up with some more ideas that don't take a lot of time in the kitchen, or that I can put together at work. 
    Ok, time to work on clearing out some crap. The more I get rid of, the less I have to pay someone to move...eventually. Take care, all!
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    vozelle reacted to Crimsann in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    I'm happy to check in, and I do secretly hope we all still will on occasion...I refuse to say goodbye, so there.  We have all taken some different forks in the road though so it's understandable that the group would be a bit disconnected on what we share.
    As for me, it's been a crazy summer...how is it that even being down to just one job, the drama has doubled?  I won't go into a lot of detail because the details don't really matter and I do think one of the reasons it is hitting me harder is because in the past I always had a very clear second option when things started to get nasty.  It's not as if that's not still true, I have contacts enough to land on my feet, and I'm not really being threatened myself anyway in what is going on but the atmosphere is pretty toxic right now and it's frustrating me.  Not a good time to be totally off my eating game and it's shown.  You will remember me not being a stress eater but a stress starver?  That's still true, but when I do eat...and it isn't coffee...it's definitely not salad. 
    So I'm still floundering a bit and trying to get myself shored up.  I've pretty much decided not to renew my cupcake contract, lol...that just isn't helping at all and this summer, during the worst of it, even I lost my interest in baking and that's saying something.  Interestingly enough it's not that I have such a hard time resisting eating them, it's just doing them week after week after week these last few months when so many of the birthdays were clustered together...I simply can't face doing anything else in the kitchen or making one more run to the grocery and THAT I had not predicted or accounted for.  So it's not that I'm face first in cake, but not cooking for myself then that is the problem.  Overall it has been fun, and I know they have been absolutely enjoyed and appreciated but it just doesn't fit with how I want to spend my time.  They are trying to talk me into a once a month option for next year but I'm not sure I want to take on even that.  I still really want to do a full year on my plan and that means taking time for myself.  I still feel like what I had mapped out is where I want to head, but I also know without a doubt that I have to start with some kind of 100% reset first.  Not doing that sunk me before I even started.  I also have some opportunities to do a Whole30 this fall/winter starting mid November...maybe taking a break for two weeks around Christmas and then picking up again in January...and I think I'm going to take advantage of that.  I also have a mini plan for September which is mostly just a combination of getting back to eating three times a day, better hydration, and stepping up my workout just a little bit.  I also want to lay out some menus for the two weeks I will be off in October when I have a chance to do a bit more in the way of a cook up.  I want to take that time to make some really good meals and savor the season. 
    So much still to come this year, it's hard to believe it's as far gone as it is. 
    On the upside, despite my food woes, workout wise I'm still plowing through...I finished up early this morning so I would have the rest of the day "off" and that marked Day 224 straight on meeting my Move goal.  Unfortunately, I still sort of hate doing it.  The difference is, I'm not letting that stop me.  I will say though, without question, eating poorly has had an impact.  I meet my goal, but I'm rarely really pushing myself to exceed it.  I think as long as I don't throw in the towel, I can still climb back out of this.  For one thing, seeing how even working out every day is not keeping my belt loose is again a real wakeup call about how I need a holistic solution.  I think the triangle for me is Exercise/Whole Foods/Stress Management.  I know what to do, I know how to do it, I know it works...it's just clearing away the obstacles again and getting started.  I do a lot better continuing something than just getting it going sometimes.  Which it's funny that I say that because for some reason all week I've been thinking about New Year resolutions...oh come ooooonnnn guys, it's me of course I'm thinking about January plans in September you know this by now.  I think one of them I'm just going to start today.  That way, come the first of the year, I will only have to resolve to keep doing it.  LOL!
    See, just talking to you guys still inspires me.  I'm off to go toss laundry in the dryer and start a diary. 
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    vozelle reacted to NancyW in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    @misslindy Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm so glad BLE is working for you. 
    I'm in my first week of intermittent fasting with paleo eating. So far so good. It's much easier than I thought it would be. Who knew I could go without food for 24 hours and not feel like I was starving? 
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    vozelle reacted to misslindy in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Hi All,
    I can't believe I am still weighing less on the scale every week. Love this way of eating, and she has lots of free information if you are interested. brightlineeating.com, lots and lots of interesting information and the latest research on brain responses etc. So I am a Bright Liner for as long as it takes, it is about so much more than food and I have never felt this peaceful or in control in my life. 
    Hope you are all happy and doing what you like, Happy Belated birthday, Nancy. Sounds like you had a marvellous time wtih your family. Vozelle hope your tests come back perfect--huge advantage eliminating sugar and flour (I have realized they will be gone forever from my life and am happy with that). You sound busy as ever Crimsann. Hope you are doing well Cynthia. Think of you all so fondly, we have had a massive journey together.
    Take care.
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    vozelle reacted to NancyW in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Hiya! Back to work, and happy to knock another month off the retirement count. Down to 78 now. Ha! It'll be over in no time...
    @vozelle Hopefully your issues will be all cleared up when you test. Fingers crossed!
    @Crimsann Even though I have a plan now, my eating is "shamble-ized" as well... 
    I talked to my doctor on Wednesday, and he is totally on board with the intermittent fasting. The catch is, no refined carbs or sugar, because fasting while being a sugar-burner will have a negative effect on my blood sugar and I could likely find myself passed out. Not good. So after a few days without those, I'll be a fat-burner again and will start the fasting. I might start with a week of 8 hours eating/16 hours fasting. I'd be eating lunch and dinner, and then fasting till lunch the next day. Then if that goes well, I'll be doing two 24 hour fasts a week, and eating paleo style. We're also doing a blood test for my thyroid, and possibly an at-home sleep study to check for sleep apnea. I'm so damn tired I can hardly stand it! Plus terrible brain fog and my memory is non-existent. <sigh> Aside from that, I'm totally rockin' this 60 thing!
    I did go back once and look at my food diary post from my first W30 effort. Gosh, was it BORING! I was putting all my effort into just eating compliant food, and none into cooking creatively at all. I guess that's natural when there's such a steep learning curve. I'm glad I'm better prepared now to make more interesting meals!
    Take care, ladies, will catch up with you soon!
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    vozelle reacted to Crimsann in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Hey guys sorry for my long absence, we had a new employee start and I've been in training mode for weeks.  What I do isn't super complicated, exactly, it just involves a trillion variables so trying to train someone completely from the outside sort of saps all my attention. 
    In a nutshell?  My workout plan is going rock solid, just passed Day 175 earlier this week.  My food plan is in complete shambles.  Sigh.  I sort of know where things veered off, and while I still think my plan was solid it obviously needs more attention.  I want to do a full reboot W30, but with the cupcake project there is no good time now until October.  I think I mentioned before that the cupcakes are sort of clustered together, I have one per week now until the end of September!  After which, I have only three total for about a six month stretch.  So I'm going to work on getting my act back together, but I know it's going to be more of a struggle than it should be.  I'm still determined to do a year long stretch, but I'm going to have to restart that clock and I'm not sure when.  I don't want to just say January because that leaves too long a gap where my head would say "woohoo, no plan!"  It may end up being January, but I need some better structure now. 
    Part of where I stumbled was lack of meal plans, something I'm usually pretty good at, but I think that's always been where my brain turned when I was doing those mindless tasks each day...and without those moments in my day every Friday crept up on me and I was hitting the grocery like a lost soul.  No real excuse, heaven knows I know what should go in my cart, but I've never been that good at putting it together on the fly.  And I don't love crowds.  So get me in the grocery with no list and I will grab whatever is in a free aisle and bolt for the door. 
    I also realized that while this time last year, a "do the closest you can" on a restaurant menu when you need to eat out with friends/family would have been a rare exception because I hardly ever went out to eat with friends or family....but that was mostly due to working so much.  With more free time, I found that I was using that exception nearly every weekend and sometimes more than once and that was a lot further off plan that I had anticipated which then left me in a fog going into the next week.  Compounding interest. 
    So I've got some input for myself anyway.  Sadly, staying on track with exercise has only helped me stay out of deep water weight wise, just more proof it really isn't enough on it's own.  And the worse food makes me feel the less I push myself.  I may meet my goal, but I'm hardly killing it.  I haven't thrown in the towel on it though, despite being rather inspired to do just that lately. 
    Anyone else kind of curious to go back a year now and see what they were up to in July 2016?!  Kind of fun to think of us having over a year of history now.  I only haven't read mine because I know I was gearing up to go on vacation which won't be happening this year.  LOL!  No sense rubbing my own nose in it. 
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    vozelle got a reaction from misslindy in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Hello ladies! Happy belated birthday to you @NancyW! Good luck you BLE-ers... would like to hear more about that. I peeked at the book on Amazon, but haven't delved further. @Crimsann, despite the food challenges, you totally are rocking the exercise thing, very inspiring. Let's see.... a year ago at this time I was eating pureed foods after gum surgery. But more importantly, I was getting ready to give up sugar. Can't believe it's been almost a year!!!! My grandma turned 98 yesterday and she had ALL the cake. No flour and no sugar for me still... perhaps I am BLE-ing after all?
    I just finished the 60-day SIBO treatment (Candibactin AR and BR, plus a buncha other stuff). I will be re-testing in a few weeks. Wish me luck! I was sooooooo tired of taking pills (36 a day) and tracking my supplement schedule, it was kinda exhausting and made travel a real pain. But that's all done now, and I'm looking forward to retesting to see what's up. These days I am generally sticking to a Paleo template diet, with occasional added homemade yogurt, soaked lentils, plus rare small servings of grain (millet, quinoa) and hard cheeses for variety. I am also still eating honey here and there. My MD approves.  : )
    Will check in after my tests come back.
    Best to all, V
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    vozelle reacted to NancyW in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Hello! I've been off work for 1.5 weeks, and had all kinds of fun things going on. That translates to lots of eating and drinking. I don't feel too bad, all things considered, but I'm ready to buckle down. More reading...The Obesity Code. This is the book that puts together the W30 style eating, adds in some grains/beans, and includes some intermittent fasting. The fasting part would help with my insulin resistance, and with visceral fat--both problems that I have. So when I see my doctor next week, I'm going to ask his blessing in giving this a shot. I also will not likely add grains, but maybe beans. Will see what he has to say. He's already agreed that a low carb approach seems to work better for me. I'm not sure about doing another W30. We'll see how things go with a paleo approach with some fasting. It's not terribly intense, just going from supper one day till supper the next. It's a 3-meals-a-day thing too, which I know works when there is enough fat in the meals. 
    Part of what I've been doing is spending time with my family while my sister was here from GA. Today is my 60th birthday (how the hell did that happen???) and they had a surprise party for me last week with my whole family and a couple of friends. Such a fun evening! We also went to Summerfest (biggest music festival in the world, also our annual sister day), had a chance to try a couple of new restaurants, and spent time on the deck just enjoying each others' company. 
    @misslindy I'm glad the BLE program is working for you! 
    @Crimsann & @C_Cezeaux, I hope you are doing well! 
    Now off to get ready for bed. I haven't really been sleeping in while I've been off, but I also haven't had to get right up out of bed and get out the door at 5:30am. Should be an interesting morning. My mostly W30 meals are in the fridge ready to go, so it might not be too bad! Take care, all.
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    vozelle reacted to misslindy in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing well. I am loving Bright Line Eating and will keep going with that--finally something that is working and I am feeling so well, calmer, happier than I have been for a long long time. As I said before, many W30 foods are fine and of course I will continue to eat non-processed whole foods and with 20 oz vegetables a day, 12oz fruit (which can be switched for vegetable) and 12 oz protein, I know I am eating what I need and the proportions I need. So will be sticking to this long term. 
    Hope you are all well and happy. 
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    vozelle reacted to NancyW in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    I bought BLE as well, but I am not in a place right now to follow it. Vacation starts Saturday, my sister is coming in from GA, and we have a full calendar of stuff. I'm not sure how well I'd do with it even with nothing going on, but honestly, I KNOW what I need to do. I just about finished Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat, and it makes it clear to me that the carbs have to go. So why is it so hard to do? 
    Hope everyone is enjoying summer (or winter, as it were...). 
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    vozelle reacted to C_Cezeaux in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Middling! I meant to get on earlier and tell you I bought Bright Line Eating after reading what you said about it. To my absolute amazement,  it is working for me as well. I am just starting my 2nd week, down 5 in week one. :-) I'm keeping to W30 foods with the exception of Greek yogurt, it seems the portions and the planning what I will eat the day before are what I need. Fabulous! 
    I had to give up my exercise for that week because I was so tired, but I will pick itt up again thos week, at least the toning parts. Still working on learning those Latin dance moves, lol.
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    vozelle reacted to misslindy in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Hello All
    I have been doing Bright Line Eating now for a full five weeks and am down 21 pounds! Can hardly believe it. As I say it is in some ways similar to W30 but no sugar no flour and quantities are important. But for me it is working brilliantly.
    I have been wondering how you are all doing and will check in from time to time but my main focus will be BLE for the next while.  There is a lot of new research on exercise and brain function with weight loss, it does make sense to me and is working.
    Hope you are all well. 
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    vozelle reacted to Crimsann in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    So I discovered a down side to doing yoga outside.  Well, two down sides if you also count my mother surreptitiously taking photographs and sharing them with her friends as "cute!", which what am I two still?!? 
    The other down side happened on Sunday.  This is my ideal day for outdoor yoga because most of my neighbors are out for the day and I can be assured of a little more privacy than usual.  I was in a position that had my head on roughly the same plane as my feet, not quite upside down but as near to it as I get at this point, when all of a sudden my Apple watch started doing it's little vibrate thing but in an odd series of three thumps repeated three times.  That isn't any kind of alert I am aware of, so without breaking the pose I was in, I twisted my wrist around just enough to read the face of the watch and to my horror.....it was dialing 911 for me.
    And of course my phone was clear over on the patio, plus I'm standing with my head on the ground, so by the time I got myself off my face and across the lawn the call had just started to connect as I slammed down the hang up button.  I was not quick enough though because sure enough several seconds later my phone is ringing and it doesn't take three guesses to figure out who it is.  So I'm standing there trying to get my headphones disconnected and my phone unpaired from them since they don't have a mic and I can't respond to the operators question about "what is the nature of your emergency"...finally I get through to her and babble something about "my watch dialed you while I was working out" but I'm totally out of breath and maybe somewhat lacking in credibility?  My best guess is, this wasn't the first time it had happened because she actually accepted that my watch could dial emergency services, and we parted on reasonably friendly terms. 
    Some quick research later, because let's be honest...the Zen Zone was GONE at that point...I discovered that there is a feature where if you press the side stem in for long enough it will assume it's an SOS and connect to your phone and dial 911 which is actually sort of cool.  Well, would be cool if I thought for a second that in a true emergency I would remember this detail in time to use it.  Needless to say I disabled that feature promptly.  I suppose this now means I can be mugged with impunity as I no longer have that handy ability to call for back up.  This is the price I must pay for a good workout.  I'm pretty sure I'm still flaming with embarrassment, but at least there was an explanation and it wasn't like my first fear which was that my watch somehow sensed I was going to need an EMT any moment there based on my breathing and/or heart rate.   
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    vozelle reacted to Crimsann in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    @NancyW  Did you find anything on the no-cook meals?  I ended up doing my version of that for lunches this week since it was a short week anyway.  Basically tuna salad, a fruit salad, and (though I realize these are now illegal on a W30) some "compliant" potato chips.  It's something I rotate in every now and then, I don't really like tuna salad...but I can and will eat it...and it's an easy way to swap to fish as a protein source on occasion.  I'm also okay with having chips this way, given they are all compliant ingredients, because it has the built in portion control of being packed...I can't just reach for more even if the temptation hits.  
    Moved the balsamic chicken and broccoli salad idea to the coming weeks menu plan instead.  I am in a sort of weird rut with chicken though, not that it doesn't sound good...but that nothing else sounds good.  I'm kind of okay with doing the same few things for my evening meal, easy and tasty is all I care about that point in the day and even if I have "all the eats to choose from" I tend to do the same couple things so this isn't any different than my pre-Whole30 style just with different dishes.  Still I want to keep some variety coming in so I need to get a bit more creative there.  I have a feeling it's going to be bacon/eggs/spinach though...it's a tasty rut to be in I guess.  I like this meal because I can cook it all on my electric griddle.  I start with a pile of pre-cooked potatoes in shreds on one side since they will take the longest to cook and then two strips of bacon on the other side.  I move the bacon around a little when I flip it and add two hands full of spinach where the bacon was so the greens cook down/wilt in the bacon grease.  Slide the potatoes onto my plate, top with the spinach, then crack two eggs and let that go until just cooked with a runny yolk still...pile them on top of the spinach and I'm good to go.  Quick enough I could do this in the morning too if it weren't for the still insurmountable "getting out of bed on time" deal.  
    I'm really hoping to get to a better place with mornings.  I can feel it starting to happen now but that's partly this time of year as much as anything.  I'm hitting a natural wake up point of just before 7:00, the problem is I don't actually have to get up until 8:00 and without anything making me do so I mostly just fall back to sleep and by 8:00 it's torture getting up.  Maybe if I were just a bit more aware at 7:00, enough to rationalize this all with myself like I can now...or if I could ever really wake up hungry enough to want to get out of bed...sigh.  Progress there too though, I'm often very hungry by lunchtime rather than just stopping because it's time to.  
    Did yoga outside for the first time this past weekend...felt like the troll exiting the cave.  Of course, despite using sunscreen, I also got a tinge of sunburn too so it does recall to me why I stay in my cave most of the time.  I'm going to step that up to doing it outdoors over the weekends to start with, probably to the vast entertainment of my neighbors.  It's a good way to get in some of that sun exposure I actually need.  In my dream world I would start every morning that way, but even when I was on vacation and had nowhere to go I found I didn't enjoy working out in the morning.  It felt like it took twice as long and made me seriously impatient rather than unwinding me so I don't think that is the answer for me even if it sounds nice.  
    Nothing much new to report, I didn't do a weigh in this week...actually just forgot to but again I'm trying to keep my focus on the NSV's right now because I know the scale is going to be behind the times on reporting actual progress.  I hit Day 135 on my workout streak so still going strong there, clothes are fitting better maybe not 100% back to my lowest size but I no longer have to pick and choose so much between my pants as they are all viable options, LOL!  Skin is clearing more again, starting to notice my cheekbones...that's a weird one guys, but for some reason even small ticks up or down I still notice in my face first.  Energy is up I'm sure only because I DON'T notice it.  I tend not to clue into when I have energy but really notice it when I don't.  
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    vozelle reacted to NancyW in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    @Crimsann Oh boy, this made me laugh harder than it should have!
    @misslindy Naturally, my first instinct was to hop quickly over to Amazon and order the book! 
    So here's where I am... As has happened twice before, I find that it takes about 6 weeks post-W30 to find myself steeped in all of my bad eating habits once again. Can you say "slow learner?" I'm not sure what's next, although I will be reading Bright Lines to see what that is about. It's got a 5 star rating from almost 900 people, plus misslindy's recommendation, so that says it's worth a try. I've started working with a trainer, and I love her! She's 58 (almost as old as I am!) and had anorexia in her 30s, so she knows what it's like to struggle with food. At yesterday's session, we walked for the first 35 minutes and just talked through all kinds of things. Very helpful! And since her sessions are 90 minutes, she still had time to cause some delayed muscle pain. Fun times!
    I'd like to do another W30, but I'm not in my own kitchen yet. I seem to have a bit of perfectionism going on (a BIT?? LOL) so I'm afraid it will be hard to commit to less than that. It hasn't worked so far to create my own rules, but that might have to be it right now. Maybe if I write things down, even if it's not totally compliant, I can make it work. Things have been, for the most part, pretty peaceful around here, so I'd like to keep them that way. I guess I'll google some no-cook W30 meals and see what comes up. 
    Wishing you both continued success!!
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    vozelle reacted to misslindy in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Sounds like you are motoring along beautifully. I can't believe the helmet with a tiara--LOVE IT! Hope you both have great times on the trails. xxx
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    vozelle reacted to Crimsann in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    @misslindy Yup, it's definitely time for our annual trade-off of summer.  I looked at the forecast for the week this morning and thought "finally, that's more like it!"  I wish we could both have nice weather all the time though.  Happy to hear you found something that helped budge the scales.  When I'm on the plan I do usually lose though each time it gets a bit slower as I get closer to my perfect weight and I'm trying to stay patient with that.  Only about one month in to doing this for a solid year so I can keep my expectations low for awhile yet.  But I know if I got to April of next year and felt like I hadn't made any progress on the weight front I would be really frustrated.
    Early days I'm keeping my eyes on NSV's for now.  Last night I had one of those with yoga, in one of the positions achieving the full pose would have my forehead touching my knee and I sort of bumped my head for a second and realized that for the first time I had enough flexibility to bend that far.  I'm really trying to work in as many days doing the full workout, cardio+yoga but without making that one of the rules.  I don't want to burn out on it just when I'm getting some real progress.  That also lets me take a day of down time when I've already met my Move goal just by being more active than days when I sit all morning.  So far, so good.  
    On the other hand, I had this thought last night.  I wear a sports bra to do yoga these days so things stay where they should, but more and more I think I may have to keep doing yoga just to be able to keeping getting in and out of one.  This may be the definition of a vicious circle?
    Lunch this week is a struggle.  I was so excited about that pork roast recipe and it ended up being colossally blah.  I can't for the life of me figure out how!  All that flavor in the marinade where did it go?!?  It's totally edible, just almost entirely tasteless.  Can't win them all I guess.  I'm going to do another batch of balsamic chicken for next week I think, I haven't made that since my first Whole30 so I hope it's as good as I remembered.  I might try a version of broccoli salad with it.  You can tell I'm not in love with this week's menu when I have next weeks all worked out and it's barely Tuesday.  
    My niece bought her first bike this week.  Yes, bought it herself out of her piggy bank, mostly in ones and with ever so much pride.  I did a double-take when I saw the picture though.  Her bike helmet has a tiara on it.  The neighborhood is so not ready for this.  But it did have Tt looking for a bike too, after all I can't let her hit the trails alone!  Let's hope it really is true what they say about riding a bike.  Not sure how long I could claim I was only using training wheels in solidarity.
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    vozelle reacted to misslindy in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Well I haven't been around for a while and here's why. I was so low about not moving anywhere weight wise and not willing to go another 'diet', had enough of that for twelve lifetimes, but didn't know what to do. Of course, as it happens information crossed my path and I have been reading about Bright Line Eating, the ebook is on amazon.com for $1.99 until the end of May. It makes a lot of sense to me and is based on very very current research. I have been following it for a couple weeks and have actually lost weight for the first time in over a couple years. Not hugely different from this but we weigh our food, eat three meals a day and two major rules: no sugar, no flour. I didn't realize almond flour is actually flour and that the process of making into flour creates the same problem as sugar. Popcorn is considered flour as well! So I was using almond flour in my meatloaf. But doesn't matter now am not using any flour and of course no sugar, sweetener etc and etc and I am finally losing weight. Early days, but I am hopeful. You may want to investigate.
    Freezing cold here and I have to keep moving to keep warm. Hope you are all well.
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    vozelle reacted to misslindy in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Hard way to go but good outcome. Hope you are feeling better daily.
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    @vozelle I don't want to go as far as to say I envy you because that would just be sort of ridiculous given what all you've gone through to treat this but I can totally see the silver lining in having to spend so much time being conscious of what you eat.  It's sort of what I'm hoping to accomplish by setting myself the year long challenge with what I hope are some reasonable modifications.  Hoping it forces me even further out of my comfort zone to try and discover more real food options.  I know the more recipes I have starred in my notes that I really want to make again...not just things I could live on...the more likely I am to be eating the way I want to eat on the routine rather than it being some exception.  And for all it's ups and downs I do want something like this as my "ever after" diet.  
    Working on my meal plan for next week, I'm pulling out one of those recipes from the Instagram feed I mentioned a few weeks ago.  This one is a pretty simple roast pork loin, done in a slow cooker which is my favorite lazy cookup day option...but with some interesting flavors:  cilantro, orange juice, coriander, lime.  I'm thinking I will see what I come up with and either do some zoodles or some spaghetti squash "noodles" under it.  This week I've been doing another chicken salad, prepped similar to the peanut chicken I did last week but with a chimichurri sauce instead.  I also tried a homemade ranch dressing recipe that was compliant but this was kind of never going to be a win I think.  The problem is, I make a killer ranch dressing....like people lick plates it's so good...and my version takes buttermilk.  I got excited because this version called for adding a little vinegar to coconut milk and the common sub for real buttermilk is milk with vinegar so I thought this might make a really close approximation....and it's okay, but it's definitely not as good as the original.  I will probably make the compliant version again over the next year and tweak the proportions around, but I suspect that down the road that might be one of my "it's worth it" uses for real dairy.
    My plan for next week contains all compliant ingredients this time, but my breakfast recipe will be using some of them in a non-compliant blueberry muffin sort of way.  I feel like so far, four weeks in planning wise at least, I've got a decent balance going of being on my plan without letting the exceptions drown out the Whole30 core.  
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    Hi everyone, I'm still here… Good to catch up on what's going on with each of you. Sorry to hear about the various struggles, wishing you all well.  And good luck with the new challenges/goals!  Crimsann, WOW. 
    I am  now on Phase 2 (of 3) of treatment for my kinda stubborn SIBO,  I'll be on this regimen of supplements and careful eating for 60 days. Then hoping to retest and see where things are at.  In a weird way, I'm now almost grateful to have had this medical issue to keep me making healthy choices all this time. That "forced compliance" over the looooooong haul has really transformed my lifestyle in what feels like a permanent way. And honestly, after the EXPENSE of treating this gut dysbiosis, I have a very strong financial incentive to stay healthy once the condition is healed!
    Blessings to you all, V
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    vozelle got a reaction from Crimsann in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Hi everyone, I'm still here… Good to catch up on what's going on with each of you. Sorry to hear about the various struggles, wishing you all well.  And good luck with the new challenges/goals!  Crimsann, WOW. 
    I am  now on Phase 2 (of 3) of treatment for my kinda stubborn SIBO,  I'll be on this regimen of supplements and careful eating for 60 days. Then hoping to retest and see where things are at.  In a weird way, I'm now almost grateful to have had this medical issue to keep me making healthy choices all this time. That "forced compliance" over the looooooong haul has really transformed my lifestyle in what feels like a permanent way. And honestly, after the EXPENSE of treating this gut dysbiosis, I have a very strong financial incentive to stay healthy once the condition is healed!
    Blessings to you all, V
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    vozelle got a reaction from Crimsann in Tigers and Turtles - 2016   
    Hi everyone, I'm still here… Good to catch up on what's going on with each of you. Sorry to hear about the various struggles, wishing you all well.  And good luck with the new challenges/goals!  Crimsann, WOW. 
    I am  now on Phase 2 (of 3) of treatment for my kinda stubborn SIBO,  I'll be on this regimen of supplements and careful eating for 60 days. Then hoping to retest and see where things are at.  In a weird way, I'm now almost grateful to have had this medical issue to keep me making healthy choices all this time. That "forced compliance" over the looooooong haul has really transformed my lifestyle in what feels like a permanent way. And honestly, after the EXPENSE of treating this gut dysbiosis, I have a very strong financial incentive to stay healthy once the condition is healed!
    Blessings to you all, V
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    Now one of these trips Nancy, we are going to have to plan a meet-up you know.  It kills me to think of you drifting so close and not being able to say "hi!"  Maybe if I promise to bring the entertainment in the form of my two nieces?  LOL!
    On the zoodles, what I did this time was sprinkle salt on each pile of them when I got to the end of a zucchini so I knew the whole container was well salted, then covered them with paper towel and waited probably half an hour.  This timing wasn't intentional, I just had other things to prepare and it took me that long to get back to them.  The towel was soaked and I strained out a good bit of water, pressing lightly into a colander.  It was interesting because they looked wilted compared to the crisp hard "noodles" I usually have.  They almost looked cooked, which could make sense since there are cooking techniques where you do use salt alone to "cook" something.  I did warm up some olive oil and sort of tossed them a few times on each side then before packaging them up in individual glass containers with some meatballs and sauce for lunches.  I don't know if it was all that method or partly because the sauce I used cooked down with the meatballs so that there wasn't a lot left.  Each meatball had a visible coating of sauce and there was maybe one large serving spoon of sauce besides so the combination of drier noodles and less extra sauce?  Mmm, it was so good though.
    My week 1 was a tad shaky, I found out mid-week that one of the things I was eating wasn't as compliant as I had thought.  Just a silly mistake on my part, I had read something about that brand being compliant but has misread which item and didn't double-check by reading the label when I bought them because at the time I was not doing Whole30.  It was only when I went to open the second bag about Wednesday night that I realized.  I think all things considered this is something I would be okay with having in my Food Freedom plan and I didn't get all the way to 10 on my allowed exceptions list so I added them.  Sort of covering my backside after the fact for sure, but I seemed to do just fine with them all week. 
    No signs of a horrible headache or a desire to maim everyone around me, so again a pretty seamless bounce back though of course my menu wasn't 100% compliant.  I did notice some fatigue most days, crashed earlier at night than usual and slept deeply.  I also backed off my workouts just a bit, not enough to break my streak but I only did the cardio AND yoga maybe twice all week.  Towards the end of the week I also added a small side salad at dinner because I found one of the newer Tessemae's dressings at my local grocery and wanted to try it.  It contains honey which is on my allowed list as long as it's in either a sauce, condiment, or dressing and is used sparingly and not routinely.  It was nice for a change of pace from so many savory dressings lately but all in all I found it too sweet and not that satisfying.  I may try it again another time maybe to make something like a traditional broccoli salad, but I found I prefer the more herbal dressings at this point. 
    I am using honey again this week, as well as a no sugar added peanut butter.  I tried another version of that Peanut Chicken Salad I think I mentioned a few weeks ago.  Fingers crossed I like it better than the last version.  I think I will though unless the flavors change a lot as it melds.  Those are the only two non-compliant items on menu though, everything else toes the line. 
    I ended up with a pet fish this week, which is partly why I haven't checked in sooner...I've been in full stress/research mode.  It was a sort of accidental acquirement and I wasn't prepared to take on tending anything finicky which it apparently can be.  It's a betta which are about equal parts hardy and diva from what I've read so far, few things that can be agreed upon either which tells me they vary some.  I named him Siam Spade since I learned the fish originated in Thailand, which does sort of beg the question why they are also called Japanese Fighting Fish but I haven't run across the answer to that yet.  I did get him moved into a home last night and after close monitoring I think it's going to suit.  He seems energetic enough and curious about everything which seem like good signs.  We took the girls to an aquarium store yesterday and on the advice of one of the posts I had read I got a Ghost Shrimp to keep him company but more importantly to help keep the tank clean.  The girls batted eyelashes at their Mom and sweet talked her into getting them a small tank for a few pink Tetra's.  Luckily their father approved of this and actually wants to go back because he was left out with no fish of his own to name.  I can only imagine what will go with Posie (my sisters choice), Sassy (the best we can figure out from Maddie who is only talking a little so far) and....wait for it...Pinky Pie Balloon (named, you won't be surprised to hear, by Eliana the older niece.)  I also bought a piece of rock while I was there, just an interesting shape with some holes and such out of a bin of rock. 
    I got home and setup the tank, made sure the water that I had been warming in the room all day was the right temp, got all the decorations and plants in place and the pump humming along and had no more than introduced the shrimp who was scooting along happily when I noticed a tiny movement on the rock.  OMG.  Snails.  First one which was sort of cute, though how it had lived through who knows how long of a dry spell I don't know, but then more.  At last count I had six.  This lead to a moral dilemma.  The thing is, a snail or two or maybe three can help keep the tank clean and they were tiny things....but the wrong combination of snails with amorous intentions on each other and you can very quickly wind up with more snails than water.  In the end I did the evil thing and divested myself of all but one of them. 
    So we will see.  Alas the shrimp did not survive his first day.  I actually don't know what happened.  Siam is inordinately curious and had been seen sneaking close to take a peek but I hadn't caught any territorial or aggressive moves.  It is possible he acts up behind my back though.  He has a rather pronounced air of innocence at times for a fish.  It's also possible that the shrimp got ahold of some of his food.  I didn't realize at the time that it contains some copper sulfate and copper is a problem for the shrimp.  If that's the case it would have happened eventually because part of his function was to clean up after things.  I may give it a week or so, read up some more on potential betta companions and foods that would work for both and try again.  I have also caught him nose to shell with the snail, again no sign of nibbling, just intense scrutiny and I think he would do with some sort of play mate if I can find something he won't threaten. 
    And that was my week. 
    P.S.  Huge hurrah for some measurable results there @C_Cezeaux very inspirational.  Here is to another solid week!