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    Thanks, ladyshanny. I'm totally on board with the health bank account concept—looking back, I can absolutely see all the withdrawals that got me into this mess.
    Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like I'm really good at the things I can control. Sleep, food, hydration, movement, etc. I'm even getting better at how I react to the stress around me. Without going into a lot of personal details in a public forum, I got hit with some rough stuff yesterday and I handled it with grace and general awesomeness. But the stuff just keeps coming!
    I guess rather than lament the fact that I can't just push "pause" on the stress and Heal All The Things really fast (my current fantasy), I can have compassion for myself, and appreciate how hard my body is working to heal—it really is! It's trying SO HARD—and do everything I can to support it.